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Jan 24, 2013 Tree of Life commented on That's a Whole Lot of Moms.
What about "One million moms against One million moms who are not affiliated with One million moms for gun control"?
Dec 18, 2012 Tree of Life commented on Bushmaster's Wall Street Owners Now Want to Get Rid of the Company.
Bitter irony: the Cerberus founder´s father is a longtime resident of ... Newtown, CT!:…
Dec 17, 2012 Tree of Life commented on What It Was Like Sitting in a Courtroom Last Spring with Mass Murderer Anders Behring Breivik.
Let´s also not forget that Breivik bought 10 30-round magazines for one of his killing machines (semi-automatic assault rifle) from a United States supplier because he could not get them at home
Nov 12, 2012 Tree of Life commented on Interview with a Man Who Got a Romney/Ryan Face Tattoo.
My guess is that in a couple of weeks nobody will remember what the official Romney-campaign logo looked like but the dude will be asked for the rest of his life why he got a stripe of toothpaste tatooed on his face.
Jul 24, 2012 Tree of Life commented on "All of the Jacksons Are Kidnapping One Another".
And all this time we thought Michael was the odd one.
Jul 23, 2012 Tree of Life commented on The Batman Shooting Suspect Has....
Well, some reports from the weekend said that he started acting out after taken into custody: spitting on people and other erratic behaviour. Looks pretty druged to me.
Jul 23, 2012 Tree of Life commented on "Mitt Romney, A Hero in My Mind".
not only that: he´s also the self-proclaimed "Co-Prophet of the Endtimes" and "earned" himself multiple segments on the AC360 Ridiculist and the Colbert Report for his "discovery" of phallus-symbols all over the Denver International Airport. lol

Jul 6, 2012 Tree of Life commented on Brad Pitt's Mother: Not an Obama Fan.
Bet Mama Pitt is also not very thrilled that her first bio-granddaughter prefers a more boyish hair and clothing style. Hopefully, Brangelina don´t let grandma talk like that in front of the kids
Jun 29, 2012 Tree of Life commented on Shaving the Beard.
She finally found out that the hubby and Travolta have the same masseur, didn´t she?
May 29, 2012 Tree of Life commented on Adultery: It's Okay If You're a Republican (That Goes Double If You're a Republican and My Daddy!).
Also hypocritical:
Meghan specifically accuses Karl Rove of being the driving force behind the nasty rumors about her younger adopted sister being Daddy McCain´s secret "mixed-race" love-child during the 2000 Republican primary race.

But today she posted her new Daily-Beast-segment called "Start Raving Meghan" in which she whines that all the "cool" celebrities support Obama whereas the Republicans only have DONALD "The Birther" TRUMP as a "hip" celebrity supporter on their side:…