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Sep 15, 2011 Ian Ep joined My Stranger Face
Sep 15, 2011 Ian Ep commented on Savage Love.
@25 You said "child support shouldn't be optional ... I think it's a selfish, horrible viewpoint to think a man can wash his hands of financial responsibility if he doesn't want a kid. If he's not prepared to have a kid, then he should have a vasectomy plain and simple, and get retested for sperm count." A good friend of mine was dating a girl for a time and she was on the pill. She decided that she wanted his baby without discussing it with him, and secretly went off the pill. After she became pregnant, she let him know her plans and swore that she wouldn't need his support. He was extremely angry - more so because he's a firm believer in ZPG and subsequently got a vasectomy. A year later, she sued him for child support, which he's been paying for the last several years. He's doing his best to be a good dad to the kid while having as little to do with the kid's mom as possible. It's not always so cut and dried.

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