Jun 28 Alec commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Old Dirty Pics Piss Off Sex-Starved Spouse.
This comments section used to be all about self-referential pontificating, but that's given way almost entirely to LW lynchings.

Jun 21 Alec commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: New Father Wants a Threesome Right Now.
#23 is correct, and this letter is unmistakably in Michelle Obama's writing style. We have only one hope: that everyone reading this will stockpile guns, pump out patriotic children for the coming culture war, and fuck the shit out of their spouses like George and Martha Washington bundled up at Valley Forge. I heard George had like 30 goddamn dicks.
Feb 8 Alec commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Tall Order.
They can have threesomes where the asexual one doesn't participate.
Dec 14, 2015 Alec commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: My Boyfriend's Condition.
Say what you will: taking very silly but progressive-sounding positions like the LW's boyfriend will get you a lot of positive attention from women in certain circles, such as any American college or university campus over the past 30 years. (Whether it actually gets you laid depends on what you look like and whether she thinks you will impress her friends.)
Nov 19, 2015 Alec commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Clone A Husband.
I tried this kit with a girlfriend a few years back. We measured the powder and water very carefully just as instructed, but it didn't set. I stuck my hard-on into near-scalding goop through multiple attempts, and then we were out of powder. Wouldn't try again.
Oct 7, 2015 Alec commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: She Can't Unread That.
Whichever one I identify with more is completely in the right, and the other one is a horrible person.
Jun 4, 2015 Alec commented on Savage Love.
Maybe FACTS is bragging about his ability to get laid with beautiful women because he felt horribly rejected by a wife who didn't want to have sex with him, and it feels good to affirm that in fact not all women feel that way about him. And because he doesn't want the chorus of sententious scolds out in the world to say it must have been because he's not attractive, or doesn't know how to please a woman, or any of the other things they might say.

Dan's advice for him is good, though FACTS is right to wonder why other cheaters don't want to see him again. People are self-centered, and cheaters don't want to date other cheaters seriously despite the obvious double standard. Toxically jealous people often are cheaters themselves. The explanation shouldn't be "I cheated," but "I was deprived of sex for four years and finally cheated to save my sanity, and that ended the marriage."
May 20, 2015 Alec commented on Savage Love.
If genitals are irrelevant to gender, I challenge Dan Savage to spend half an hour eating Buck Angel's pussy.
May 20, 2015 Alec commented on Savage Love.
I really don't see how "I'm not looking for a trans woman" is in any way equivalent to "no uglies," "no fatties," "no short guys," "no small dicks," etc. Trans woman is a gender category, not an aesthetic one.

What would you think of a straight man who felt insulted when a lesbian didn't want to date him? What you call that lesbian "narrow minded"? She'd be pointing out a category mismatch, not calling the man ugly. If a trans woman is a category mismatch for the her, how is that any different?

If dating within a single gender really is "narrow minded," then dating sites shouldn't list Orientation" or "Gender." But those are obviously important things to know...Because dating sites are supposed to help people match up well, not to conceal the most basic incompatibilities.

Obviously, there's no need for anyone to be insulting in a dating profile. But neither is there anything gained by moving the revelation of incompatibility from a profile to a mismatched coffee date. And if there's nothing wrong with dating within a single gender category, there's nothing wrong with making that clear up front. Indeed, that's considerate behavior.
Apr 27, 2015 Alec commented on SL Letter of the Day: Shapes and Sizes.
Like Dan said, you can't win when your partner is insecure. Doesn't have to have anything to do with porn. My parallel: a college girlfriend was of Indian descent and very slender. She chronically believed that 1) I was actually attracted to big, busty blondes and 2) I had a fetish for Indian girls. She was strongly encouraged in these contradictory beliefs by her friend, a big, busty blonde (who was not at all attractive, BTW). I asked my girlfriend why one was supposedly an attraction and the other was a fetish, and she couldn't answer, but she was never over it while I knew her.