Nov 6, 2011 boogie commented on This Is What Democracy Looks Like (Well, This Is What Democracy Looks Like at a Porn Festival).
It's funny, Teenage Dream is the only one I did NOT like. It had nothing going for it, no sex, no actual nudity, nothing exciting or original. Just a bunch of gym clones prancing around in their underwear, showing off their shaved pecs, to one of the most overplayed annoying songs of the year. Lame! I wouldn't have even accepted it into the festival. Mythical Proportions was brilliant. The Day at the Beach was the hottest to me by far. The hetero zombie one was kinda hot too in a creepy way. The hetero couple beating up on each other was awesome. Good for them for putting it out there. So many great shorts this year. The knife fucking = my eyes closed. The most outrageous one was the two chicks reattaching dudes' penises, lol
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Sep 15, 2011 boogie commented on Bisexuals.
Dan, I love you. You always say what I'm thinking but much better than I would say it. I used to identify as bi because it felt safer somehow. I wasn't conscious of my internalized homophobia but it certainly felt comforting to feel like I still have one foot in the "normal" heterosexual world as opposed to being a complete and total homo. Now because of my personal experience, I can't help but wonder when a guy tells me he's bi. AND I fucking hate it when bi people bitch about their supposed oppression. Come on, unlike us homos bisexuals have a choice about what kind of life they lead, therefore they can enjoy heterosexual priviledge any time they like. Not to mention most societies through history have been fairly tolerant of discreet bisexuality while terrorizing homosexuals. I would never seriously date a bisexual because I want to be with someone who knows what it's like to be completely gay and completely excluded (for life) from all the things straight people take for granted. A bi guy - whether he's really bi or a gay posing as bi - wouldn't do it for me at all. Let them date other bi guys since there is supposedly more of them anyway.