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Apr 17, 2013 alanaeldora commented on New Zealand Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage.
Crying like a baby here.
Feb 1, 2013 alanaeldora commented on The Problem with Polynormativity.
@43 agreed. I think a lot of what she's describing is ethical nonmonogamy rather than polyamory. But either way, why can't we all navigate these waters in the way that works the best for us as individuals and couples? I'm not going to apologize for having a primary parter in my husband. Most of the other people I see have primary partners as well. It works for us. We're happy.
Jan 8, 2013 alanaeldora commented on A Stay Together Ride.
Damn, crying.
Jul 17, 2012 alanaeldora commented on If Laci Green Wasn't Transphobic....
@41, a paragraph break or two would be awesome.
Mar 5, 2012 alanaeldora commented on How John Green Won the Internet.
Welcome to Nerdfightaria, Anna. DFTBA :)
Feb 3, 2012 alanaeldora commented on A Note From Pissed Off Dyke.
Yes! This is the reaction we were all hoping for (the billion emails, not the parents on a bender, although that could be helpful). Dan, you're a superhero. I'm glad you use your powers for good.
Feb 1, 2012 alanaeldora commented on SL Letter of the Day: A Unicorn Offers Advice to Couples Hunting Unicorns.
My hubby and I would probably never hook up with this unicorn because I hate dealing with the online crap (he takes care of it because he's a sweetie/he likes doing it) as much as I love being with a woman. And we almost always do drinks with the women and couples we meet. It's a low-key way to meet people and see if we click without the commitment of dinner or some activity date. If we all like each other, then we might have dinner/see a movie/go fuck each other.

However, I don't have a problem with this woman's list. It works for her and it works for the people she hooks up with. She seem to see herself as the prize a little bit, but maybe she's just that good. I would prefer to be with people who are getting as much out of being with me and my husband as we are getting out of being with them.
Jan 5, 2012 alanaeldora commented on SL Letter of the Day: Monogamish Week.
@50: You're right. It's a bad idea to get frustrated by the trolls.
Jan 4, 2012 alanaeldora commented on SL Letter of the Day: Monogamish Week.
People seem to be under the impression that this guy undervalues himself and that he either has to accept that his girlfriend will cheat or give her up. But he says:

"So when it eventually came out that this gal had a long history of cheating on boyfriends and had a “taste for the forbidden,” I made it clear that I was up for a more serious relationship."

He went for the more serious relationship once he knew about her proclivities. He was seeking someone like her. Sounds like a pretty good situation to me.
Dec 12, 2011 alanaeldora commented on Becoming Nicole.
Gosh, it does my heart good to read about that family. I hope more parents of transgender kids can follow their lead.