May 3, 2012 soldia commented on Michele Bachmann to Endorse Mitt Romney.
Paul said: "I just wish that these purity candidates would stand up for what they supposedly believe in when their ideology crosses traditional Republican party lines. At least then I could respect them for that."

Paul, that's not exactly true, because liberals mock Ron Paul for saying the exact same thing every time. His ideology crosses Republican party lines and he doesn't care. He just keeps asying it. But rather than respect him for it, you think he's just the crazy guy who talks about gold standards all the time.

Frankly, Republicans and Democrats are all just big jokes. They are both janus.
May 2, 2012 soldia commented on What's the Last Song You Want to Hear Before You Die?.
James Taylor, "Fire and Rain". Perhaps it's too obvious, but I truly thought I'd see you again.
Mar 21, 2012 soldia commented on Savage Love.
Having sex on your period? Use a blue towel! Lay down on it, don't get too crazy, and there's no mess except on the towel. Put it into a washer with cold water soon after sex and it's clean. Get blood on the sheets? Pour hydrogen peroxide over it immediately after you notice and there is no stain. Same goes for the blue towel. Also, keep a damp washcloth nearby if you need to clean up mid-coitus.

Regarding the sub -- Dan missed the boat on that one. There are some people for whom their kink can/does become a sexual orientation. I am thinking of D/s situations that exist outside the bedroom. If the letter writer is one of those -- if he needs a dominant woman outside the bedroom in order to be turned on inside the bedroom -- this does often mean explaining to friends and loved ones that he is in a consensual, loving relationship, and not an abusive one. This can be a big problem for sub-females whose families think they are being abused (against their wills) or their Dom-male partners who can be mistakenly accused of abuse. I've seen this happen when the Dom-male ordered his sub-lady make him a sandwich in front of the wrong person (her overzealous feminazi friend, for example, or her father).
Feb 28, 2012 soldia commented on What Is a Hick?.
@ 9 & 10, there are as many types of white people who grew up in the country as there are white people who didn't grow up in the country.

I can think of a lot of generalizations about Africans. But heaven forbid I say any of them out loud.
Jan 23, 2012 soldia commented on Live-Slogging Ron Paul's Speech.
Ron Paul is the perfect candidate because he isn't a mainstream Republican, and he isn't a waffler, and he DOES have a legitimate plan. He also believes in (and has a voting record to back it up) similar things that many left-leaning liberals believe in (and I consider myself a liberal). Things like internet freedom, personal freedom, and constitutional rights. He didn't campaign hard in South Carolina because it is a winner-take-all state that doesn't offer enough delegates to matter in the long run. As he says, it's a marathon not a sprint. I work at a very liberal university in California - and there are Ron Paul stickers on bumbers all over this campus. Go Ron Paul rEVOLution!
Dec 22, 2011 soldia commented on Why Don't You Goyim Stay the Fuck Home with Your Family on Christmas Anymore, So that We Jews Can Enjoy an Uncrowded Matinee?.
This is incredibly racist. But since you're one of the "chosen people" I guess the liberal Slog lets you say whatever you want.

I'm not a Christian. I don't celebrate Christmas. But I'm not a Jew either. I can do whatever the fuck I want on December 25, just like you. Quit whiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnning.
Nov 30, 2011 soldia commented on Herman Cain Sends E-Mail Denying Relationship with Ginger White.
Those are some big words in that there press release, considering this is the "leader, not a reader" candidate. Promulgate? Fabricated? Unsubstantiated?

If Cain had really written this it would have said: "That dum ho is lyin'!"

In other news, why aren't we still talking about Newt Gingrich's many, many substantiated affairs????
Nov 22, 2011 soldia commented on SL Letter of the Day: Sex and the Demanding Boyfriend.
My husband was like this at age 16 (according to his high school girlfriend), and at age 30 when he and I first started sleeping together. My husband is 45. He still has this kind of libido. Four times a day? Yep, if he can get it. I can so totally relate to the girlfriend. I have learned to give good-quick head, and make myself available when cooking dinner, getting ready for work, taking a shower, changing into pajamas, flossing my teeth. Whatever.

Some guys are just like this I guess. I consider myself lucky because 9 times out of 10, Hubby does his best to get me off too - and over the years he's learned how to do that well and quickly. So we turned what could have been a tricky, exhausting situation into a win-win.

Here's how I was able to cope and save my "hole" as Dan so eloquently puts it: It was my idea to become polyamorous. We now have another woman in the house and I now get a good night's sleep every other night. This is our "mature marriage" win-win. If the couple in the letter have the ability to share, its a solution that works for me. (And I get help making dinner!)
Oct 19, 2011 soldia commented on Savage Love.
I think Dan was on his period when he wrote this crap this week. "Shitting eggs" is an unnecessarily aggressive way to describe ovulation. His use of the words "fuckers" and "assholes" to talk about the gay bride and groom also came off as unusually aggressive to me.

Perhaps he's not on his period, but simply hasn't been able to shit enough sperm lately and that's why he's so damn grumpy.
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