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Apr 25, 2014 gator bait commented on Ryan Lewis Shares Amazing Family Story, Launches Global Health Initiative.
Ryan Lewis: Making Seattle (and his mom!) oh so very proud.
Apr 24, 2014 gator bait commented on King County Metro Boss: Defensive, Defeated, and Laying Out the Service Cuts.
That's not Kevin Desmond. That's former Seattle School Board President Steve Sundquist. I knew he wanted to keep a civic job despite being tossed out of office.
Apr 24, 2014 gator bait commented on Sawant Says Mayor's Committee Is "Done"; Mayor's Office Says No One Gets Off the Committee That Easy.
He doesn't need to hit the Marriage Equality speakers junket. He just needs to take his natural born place as a Portlandia cast member.

He'd probably benefit most if Sawant acts as his agent. Lord knows he's not up to his own negotiations.
Apr 4, 2014 gator bait commented on The Man Seattle Police Killed Yesterday: 26-Year-Old Chef Cody Spafford.
So the guy had cross-dressed as a disguise to rob a bank and subsequently crashed his car. Obviously he was a bit desperate about something. BUT - he only had a knife and was hiding in a friggin bush -surrounded by police.

Where was the mental health check? Where was the de-escalation training? Why did the police gunshot have to be a killer gunshot? Why can't we marry police intervention with patience and compassion? Why could there be no chance for Cody? Everyone deserves a chance.

And where is the statement by police and/or Mayor Murray on a day that the SPD was getting a public review on its reform efforts? The duck and cover from the Mayor and the SPD is both farcical and tragic. What a waste ---Cody's life, the police action and the city's response all.
Mar 14, 2014 gator bait commented on The Illusion of Free Time, Crimea, and "The Boy at the Edge of Everything" at Seattle Children's Theater (Spoiler Alert: You Are Not Free).
Best SCT play ever. You don't need a kid in tow to go. Beyond the clever slam of the yoga culture, what stems from the Vishna-tank's use are a hella sparks for existential late night ponderings.
Mar 13, 2014 gator bait commented on Dominic Holden Is Being Promoted to Associate Editor of The Stranger.
It's so cute how you (sort of) grew a moustache to complement your Big Boy job.
Mar 13, 2014 gator bait commented on The City Council Is Trying to Kill Pedestrians.
After the city gets around to providing sidewalks north of 85th I'll get excited about rallying to the cause of those inconvenienced by their temporary lack of infrastructure.
Feb 26, 2014 gator bait commented on Mayor Freezes SPD Misconduct Settlements, City Can't Find Paperwork to Back Up Claims of Mayor and Chief.
Aaaaannnnnnd....My color commentary on the flips and twists in the Olympic dive by Murray is now breaking news: "Recovery Operation" at Bottom of the (cess)Pool.

To quote the immortally quotable Pulp Fiction: Ed's Dead Baby...Ed's Dead....
Feb 25, 2014 gator bait commented on Chief Bailey Lets More Cops Off the Hook.
As I said yesterday, Murray is taking an Olympic-size dive into an Olympic-size hole on this one. How can a guy who campaigned as being the "adult" who would fix McGinn's "adolescent" leadership jump so fast and so publicly into the abyss?

Astonishing feat. Tryouts for 2018 begin now.
Feb 24, 2014 gator bait commented on Mayor, Chief Say They Were Wrong to Remove Cop's Misconduct Verdict.
Murray might be going down faster on this than McGinn went down on his early-term tunnel turnabout.

Very impressive dive velocity...especially combined with the flips and twists, Team Murray!