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@5 um, I don't think you understand the immune system. You are not immune after "riding out" a bacterial infection. You're thinking a virus, and even then it depends on the virus, the person's immune system, etc.

@6 +1. Clinton Foundation is a charity that does amazing things. Clintons got HUGE donations for just showing up at parties. If Trump did deals that HUGE... The hypocrisy / double standard / bullshit against the Clintons from left and right (esp. right wing) and main stream media was / is sickening.
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@5 +1. LW2 - Have you thought of moving to a lower-cost-of-living mid-size city in a state with easy in-state residency requirements and low cost in-state tuition, if you can get admitted to a state university? Financial aid (loans) can cover living expenses and you won't have to work full time, and can go to school full time and live by yourself (dorm).

A tall order to find all of the above but a 2nd city in a middle size state with fair in-state tuition might fit the bill for you without taking on bankrupting debt! If the 'rents are giving you a fully free ride, that's a big headstart in life and maybe worth the suffering, but if you're borrowing for school anyway... maybe borrow a tiny bit more and live in a dorm and eat ramen? Good luck!
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@3 I noticed this too. I think it's because the answer is pretty much the same for the asexual question's Dan's been getting latey: If you want a relationship and you're asexual, date another asexual!

And if you're asexual and aromantic, cool! Embrace not having any romantic partners. And if you're romantic but asexual, be open about that / let a companionate sexual partner have sex elsewhere if they want.

Note: actually doing all this & being asexual might not be easy, but the "what to do" seems pretty straightforward. Plus it seems like the asexuals who've been writing in to Dan aren't assholes. A lot of the sexuals who write in are entitled D-bags.
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Title and Dan says LW is a pharmacist but the LW never said this, just said he works in a pharmacy. Maybe he's an hourly sales clerk?
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Google image search herpetic whitlow, but warning: it may make you take a vow of celibacy, as even hand jobs aren't safe any more.

(having said that, i know guys who've jacked off 1000s of other guys and never gotten a herpetic whitlow; or is that an herpetic whitlow?)
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@10 +1. @1's comment is troll-like but the link is an interesting and rational article.

@30 +1. Exactly right. LW doesn't realize it's not just emotionally difficult but logistically requires SIGNIFICANT financial means to move to another country, unless one qualifies because of parents or similar birth right.

Requires half a million to multiple millions US$ (creating jobs, investing in a business, in addition to what you need to live on and get a home). Even if you're skilled hard to get a work visa, years to get permanent residency. Canadian universities and government agencies, for example, have to prove a non-Canadian hire is a superstar otherwise they have to hire Canadian. There are a few high need areas but most jobs aren't in those.

It ain't like a tourist visa. (Even tourism is difficult if you're trying to travel FROM a developing economy.)
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@6 in your apparently polyamorous case, a double-hoo-haw (or a treble-hoo-haw if you're female bodied).
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@29 there's a fancy Latin term for what you're doing, and I don't know what it is.

So let's call it BS.

You make a false comparison: Hilary was pretty good as Secretary of State, the world is a fucked up place. I *did* hold Hilary to task for the foreign policy issues you speak about, and concluded that she would be far better than Trump.

There isn't a single thing I can think of Trump being "better" on except if you're a heartless billionaire, he'll cut your taxes and get rid of the inheritance estate tax. Democrats serve the oligarchs but much less than Republicans. D: Estate tax R: no estate tax. D: increase in marginal tax rate on rich, more health care. R: decrease in tax rates on rich, less health care.

You can be a progressive and still conclude Ds aren't perfect but are pretty good (and light years ahead of Rs).
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Now if you'll excuse me, I've got this terrible pain in all the diodes down my left hand side....
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@27 @36, it looks like we're both wrong!

A little more digging and wikipedia says that you are right, Belgium was in the 3rd book in the USA edition only and never in the 1st HHG book.

However, I was right that the use of Belgium as the worst expletive ever in the 3rd book was lifted from the original radio series, which preceeded the books and for a true scifi nerd is the holiest of holies in the HHG universe, Adams at his purest. :)