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@24 @25 policies of modern right wing are hateful and malicious in effects even when "nice" conservatives are pushing them.

Social and economic conservatives both! Gays can't get married, adolescents can't get sex ed or contraceptives, people who aren't rich get bankrupted by random illness as private sector healthcare costs double or triple some kind of single payer or more regulated system (per capita and % of GDP).

Limited unemployment and unlucky people become homeless even if wanting to work. No unions and millions of jobs pay less than a living wage.

Conservative policies are inherently hateful and malicious in outcome even if the people advocating them aren't personally assholes.
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@4, @8, @22 gueralinda - you say you've read many books on full legalization and have never heard pro-legalization talk about sex trafficking. Are you reading impaired?

In @22 you use the analogy of legalizing drugs without addressing addiction. Glad you raised drugs because the comparison is very apt.

This is exactly the argument otherwise progressive people use to keep drugs illegal -- oh, but they will still addict people. Well, duh. Sex trafficking and drug addiction are HAPPENING NOW in areas where sex work and drug buying are illegal. They will STILL BE HAPPENING after legalization. Unfortunate, sad, but reality sucks. The question is, which results in the LOWER levels of harm? Legalization!

We've tried (we = all countries in the world) criminalizing drugs. And criminalizing sex work. It just makes for big profits for dealers and shattered lives. This experiment has been run.

Sure, in European areas with legalized sex work there is still trafficking. But not more trafficking. Especially if you substract out the sex tourism effect due to "islands" of legalization. If you've read books on this, you'll know that pro-legalization advocates carefully address these issues.

Legalization of sex and drugs (and sex workers and drug selling) is not a panacea, but it will permit lower levels of human harm. And in the case of sex work, harmless sex work in most cases: a legal market destigmatizes sex work and greatly decreases the "illegal" market profit, increases the supply of voluntary sex work. Police resources that formerly were directed against customers and workers can be exclusively directed against the few remaining traffickers.
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There are hundreds of worthy sex+ causes a portion of HUMP! ticket sales *could* go to, but none is more stigmatized in the USA, more criminalized, and less well funded with less mainstream visibility than the legalization of sex work (or more accurately, decriminalization).
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A couple of times when I bought tickets to the HUMP! tour film festival I suggested that a portion of the proceeds to go my *local* city's sex worker support project. It was ignored.

I'm hoping Stranger Staff read this and convince Dan and the producers of HUMP! to make this a regular part of the festival tour every year -- give a cut from ticket sales to the sex workers' rights group from that city.

And at each venue / city, prominently mention the name of the sex worker's rights group getting the donations in all the local HUMP! publicity info, posters, press releases, and interviews...

Most cities have just one organization of sex workers and it's seriously underfunded and rarely reported on in the local press. Visibility and money is needed most as these movements start at the grass roots, city and state level.

This will really help.

In NYC, the Red Umbrella Project does great work, and even though people think NYC and NY are sex positive they have really repressive policing policies against sex workers just like Seattle does.
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OK SLOGgers, take a look at Huma's smiling around 0:45-0:50 in this video. It doesn't look like she's mad or embarrassed (this was after the mayor's race that he lost, second sext scandal), looks to me like she's just bemused:…

If she was cool with it (and him), why didn't they just say that? No more security risk, no more pretending to be "forgiven" for "mistakes." If it was by agreement, just be honest and tell the american public to get the fuck over it and focus on the issues. I wish that was the outcome here.
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And in other columns Dan has said he knows 2 friends who ONLY sucked cock unprotected, NEVER anal unprotected NEVER broken condoms and they did get HIV from oral. It's considered less than one in a million odds I think, but then again winning the lottery is 1 in 153 million, and every year someone buys just one ticket once and wins.

Here's hoping every faithful SLOGger wins the lottery lotto, and doesn't lose the cock sucking lotto.

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@ myself -- I believe the antigen testing (blood titer) sensitivity for HSV (herpes, 1 and 2) is only 90%. So 10% of the time, you've been infected and it misses it. Specificity is much better (if it says you have antibodies -- you've been infected, you have.)…

Sensitivity for the test that measures tissue from a potential sore is even worse though. HIV tests have gotten really, really high, like 99.9% or better sensitivity AND specificity. That is really difficult from a medical standpoint, a real breakthrough in testing.
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OK, @5, first, I had to look up lorgnette. I love how educated most SLOGgers are. Cool word! Then, I had to go back to the original letter to see "swing the other way" in context. But I still don't get it -- what's the connection between him swinging the other way and "swinging" the handle of some old style opera glasses over your nose and squinting?

@2 right on @4 both +1. Low risk, but nonzero, and hard to test for. Also HSV blood titers are low accuracy (not like HIV tests which are really, really accurate these days).
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@14 +1, *because* he pretended to be over it and stopped, and because it was still going on, and because he was just interviewed in NYT 2 weeks ago and once again pretended it was past him -- it is a national security risk.

His wife works for the future President (I hope Hilary becomes President and Huma still works for her). So, yes, this whole sordid sad affair is a valid matter for public discourse. I believe most politicians deserve privacy if they are not hypocrites, but in this case, it's different.

And +1 to whoever said above (can't find it -- maybe another site?) maybe his kink is getting humiliated and shamed in the global press with pics of his cock going planetwide. Sure seems like it! If this *is* his kink, and *if* Huma agreed (which I doubt), then more power to him for pulling a fast one on all of us!
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Dan and Weiner apologists: you are so wrong on this. The kid is not a baby, he is almost 5. That is definitely old enough for him to see what his dad is doing and remember it if he wakes up. You do not have sex in front of your sleeping 5 year old, you do not sext in front of your sleeping 5 year old.

I feel bad for Huma. But not for Weiner, not anymore.

The first time out, Weiner lied instead of owning it. If he'd admitted and owned it, I would have been with Dan, he wasn't a sex phobic hypocrite as a lawmaker, give him a break.

But every time he's gotten caught, he HAS chosen to sex shame everyone who does like to sext consensually, saying what he did was deeply wrong, flawed, etc. He has been living a lie and repeatedly lying to his wife, saying in public he is recovered, saying it's evil to sext outside of your marriage.

There is nothing wrong if you have an open relationship and an agreement sexting adults outside of your relationship (when your kids are not within view of the phone). Or you can say "none of your business" even if you're a politician. But Weiner kept trying to "repent" in public, to play the role of poor me, pretending it was over him. And to run for office. HE BECAME A SEX SHAMING HYPOCRITE.

And just 2 weeks ago yet again there was a profile in the New York Times, a Q&A, like he was planning another run for public office (NYT did that *last* time he tried to run). Gee, NYT, there are so many ethical, honest sex positive Dems (and boring vanilla ones too). Back some of them for a change. And Mr. Weiner, if you ever read this, why not own your behavior? Be in a relationship with someone where you can have an honest agreement and permission, and sext away to your heart's content, and if you're caught again, say "what's the big deal."