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Jan 12, 2015 CbytheSea commented on Seahawks Insufferably Close to Second Straight Super Bowl After Taming Panthers.
@Theodore, I'm not gonna waste my time explaining this to you. You seem to be the kinda guy that relies on national sports media sports narratives and traditional stats for evaluation. I'd imagine you probably think Jack Morris is a Hall of Famer.

Which is fine, sports are entertainment and people can enjoy it anyway they want but based on your evaluation methods I'd stay away from betting.

But I will say you claiming you don't wish for 'Cheat Carroll' to fail is as silly as SeatlleBlues denying his homophobia.
Jan 12, 2015 CbytheSea commented on Seahawks Insufferably Close to Second Straight Super Bowl After Taming Panthers.
@10 I agree they'll probably make the leap illegal pretty soon. It's really cool but really dangerous and NFL already is too dangerous.

But on to the salary cap. This where you clearly don't pay that much attention to the new era Seahawks. They churn through players like no ome's business. If fact only have of the starting players from 2012 are on this squad. Essentially the team is built around defense (no duh, right?), defense contracts tend to be pretty undervalued. And due to the way they use Wilson they really don't need to spend money on WRs (the most overvalued postion in football).

They'll be able to retain most of the team for 2015 while giving Wilson that monster contract. If you're really waiting for their downfall, it won't be due to salary cap issues. It'll be finding Lynch's replacement in 2016. RBs are his caliber are rare, I know you're a sucker for traditional stats but look into his weighted stats and the dude is truly above and beyond.

What you're seeing is Moneyball NFL addition. If you are interested in further reading about how clever they are with their pay roll and taking advantage of the market inefficiencies produced by the current CBA, I highly recommend checking out David Hsu. Neat stuff.
Jan 11, 2015 CbytheSea commented on Mitt Romney Reportedly Just Told Supporters He's "Considering a Run" for President in 2016.
@42 as a straight man I find it super strange that you're so obsessed with homosexuality. It seems like the kind of thing you'd spend a lot time thinking about, if you were, you know, gay.

I'm just saying this as a straight guy who hangs out with a lot of other straight guys, and the subject never comes up. You on the other hand can't seem to join a comment thread without bringing it up. It just really doesn't match up to what straight dudes are actually thinking about.
Jan 8, 2015 CbytheSea commented on Charlie Hebdo and Piss Christ: On Fear and Self-Censorship and the AP's Dangerous New Precedent.
Though I believe artists should be able to create whatever they wish (barring kooky things like killing). But I do think if you want to make the situation better. Mock the terrorists, mock the deluded imams, mock the hypocrisy they use to kill.
Crude cartoons mocking their prophet only shows society doesn't care about them. Society does, it just hates the hateful and should be the target of mockery.
Jan 8, 2015 CbytheSea commented on John Kerry Addresses the French People.
@34 lechyd da! (Cheers!). Funniest fact of Welsh (Irish and other Celtic languages too) doesn't have a word for yes or no. Verbs are expressed in tense and in positive or negative form.
Jan 8, 2015 CbytheSea commented on John Kerry Addresses the French People.
@31 Welsh is as phonetic as Spanish. Just remember becuase all letters are consistent, you need to add some vowels, hence y and w are vowels. Ll and dd are their own letters as well.

The only tricky thing with Welsh is modifying words happens in the beggining of a word, which makes it look like there's ten versions of the same word. Grammar is also super weird in Welsh.

Apologies for the lecture but as probably one of only people raised in a Welsh/English speaking household in Seattle I rarely get to flex the Cymru.
Jan 2, 2015 CbytheSea commented on Wait. What? Mayor Murray Dreams of a Fourth Tunnel. (For Transit.).
I'm all for a light rail connecting west Seattle to Ballard. I don't understand why you'd need another tunnel when you could travel along west Seattle bridge then connect to the existing link light rail at the SoDo station then once it gets past Westlake it goes elevated through interbay onwards to Ballard.

It's pretty common in light rail networks to have some overlap, and it would avoid tearing up more of downtown. Plus the downtown stations are huge and can easily handle more rail traffic.
Dec 29, 2014 CbytheSea commented on Seahawks Win Football Game, Receive Insufferably Meaningless Awards From Local Writer.
@28 so let me help you here. At the moment you can't determine if they're the greatest yet. If they win 3 Super Bowls in a row, there'll certainly be little doubt. But let's be smart about using stats in a objective and contextual manner.

First off, don't use counting stats, those tell you how a team did in context of its opponent. You need to isolate it. Rate stats throughout a season will give you a much clearer idea.

Lastly, you need them weighted by the season they were in. Football outsiders is a great webpage to get stats like that for football.

I will readily admit I'm a baseball guy, but this 'greatest' is a debate that SABR writers have put a lot effort into objectively understanding.

The stats you're quoting are garbage espn shit. If you're gonna lecture doug, at least be the smartest guy in the room about it.

Drop the counting stats. Last year I agrued with some Bronco dip shit that kept pointing out total yards, etc. I simply said rate stats are more predictive. The prediction shows the seahawks would crush them. Lo and behold. Crushed.

Sorry if this seems like piling but that Silver article was pretty nifty last week and you just shit the bed with your analysis. Same to you vemonlash.
Nov 29, 2014 CbytheSea commented on Faces in the Crowd at Last Night's #BlackLivesMatterFriday Protest.
Oh and Seattleblues, we'll be watching the Apple Cup at the Iron Bull in Wallingford - I know you're probably scared of that overcrowded slum (your own words) but you're welcome to discuss this fantasy world world you live in. The one without a constitution, lawyers and a police department that doesn't need to waste time in their already intensely busy schedule.
I'm wearing a tacoma Rainiers hat and he's got a purple UW hat. I'll even buy you a beer.
Nov 29, 2014 CbytheSea commented on Faces in the Crowd at Last Night's #BlackLivesMatterFriday Protest.
@55 you really don't understand how crowd control works. I just showed your comment to my buddy who is an officer for SPD and your naivety made him laugh out loud.

Seriously dude, you need to grow up and realize that dealing with protestors is an insanely complex issue that clearly you aren't capable of understanding.