Not enough like Twitter.

Apr 22, 2014 waffle commented on Is It Okay to Bring a Big Gulp to a Fancy Restaurant?.
You want them to drink water?

Like in the toilet?
Mar 30, 2014 waffle commented on The Sunday Morning News.
So to recap: it is offensive for him to disrespect her based on the class she belongs to. (She offers no evidence that he did this, and a white guy saying the same thing on a talk show would get "talked over" too.) But it is also offensive for him to disrespect her based on the content of her speech ("stupid").

Meanwhile, it is not offensive for her to disrespect him based solely and openly on the class he belongs to.

Somebody better tell Mark Twain that we're not going to stop racism using humor so he can knock that shit off.
Mar 14, 2014 waffle commented on Plane vs. Ocean.
This guys math is wrong. He's scaling the length of the plane by the change in area of the search region. But the plane also has area - he needs to scale length by change in length or area by change in area.

The way he's doing it vastly exaggerates the difficulty of the search.
Mar 3, 2014 waffle commented on Today's Dinosaur News.
They did not make fsn for the movie -- it was one of the geewhiz graphics demos that came stock on every SGI workstation sold. There was also a bouncing jello cube and a flight simulator. No real person would ever have actually tried to use it as a file browser though.
Jan 20, 2014 waffle commented on The Humans of Shinjuku Station.
@5 shot at hi speed from a moving train, played back in slomo. probably an express train not stopping at this station, to be going as fast as it is. the ~4Hz flickering you see everywhere is the fluorescent lights pulsing with the alternating current at ~100Hz, which says this was slowed by 20-50x.
Jan 16, 2014 waffle commented on SL Letter of the Day: To Be Trans, Kinky, and Bi.
What #5 said. Welcome to being a dude, U. Remember that unlike most of us, you asked for it!
Jan 2, 2014 waffle commented on The Canadian Dollar.
Mudede @17: "who was talking about a recovery?"

Mudede in the original post: "I had no idea the US dollar had recovered a considerable part of the ground it lost to the Canadian dollar in the Bush years."

You were talking about a recovery. @14 pointed out that no such recovery seems to be in progress. So again, what are you talking about?
Dec 27, 2013 waffle commented on Top 10 New Things Tried.
put them in order, lazy. snowshoeing is obviously better than marriage. now you just have 8 more.
Dec 27, 2013 waffle commented on Next: Drone Cargo Ships.
Hm, this sounds fishy to me. Container ships already have gigantic economies of scale between their megaton cargo and the minimal facilities for a small crew. Optimizing the crew out entirely ought to be a severely diminished return ...
Dec 24, 2013 waffle commented on Goodbye, 60-Watt Lightbulb.
@12 ... Ok, then tax the power and let me decide what I want to turn off to keep myself cost-neutral. As-is, some asshole can buy a hummer and more than cancel what I save by turning my house ugly. And at no penalty.

And please stop saying how "the new fluorescents are so much better!" We have seen them. They are still ugly as shit. There's a reason that any place that spends to create a nice environment (eg restaurants, theaters, movie sets) still uses incandescents.


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