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Jun 22, 2016 misspiggy commented on Savage Love.
Isn't the key to Spike's situation that his coworkers know his name is related to a fetish? If Spike had kept quiet about being a puppy and just presented coworkers with a new name, there would be no issue. But that's not what happened. If the married woman changed her name and explained it was also her slave name, everyone in the office would recoil because TMI.

But if someone changed gender identity and launched a new name, it would be wrong not to honour that name. Neither puppy play nor BDSM nor gender transition are necessarily about sex acts, so that's not the source of the squickiness. What is making me go 'eww, no,' about calling someone Spike 'cos he's a puppy, compared with him just changing his name and leaving his coworkers in blissful ignorance?
Jun 22, 2016 misspiggy commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Target Engaged.
I think Corydon @5 and EricaP@15 have it. As far as the mortgage payment goes, can't they set up a legal agreement setting out their rights? This is normal in the UK if people aren't married. They need to be clear whether she would pay rent to him, or whether she would be purchasing a proportion of the property's value, that he would buy back if he kicked her out (in either case, she'd probably develop tenant's rights just by living there a while).

If he's willing to involve her in a property that he is buying, and has thought through the implications, that is a much bigger commitment than getting engaged. She may want to reflect on that.
Jun 21, 2016 misspiggy commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: New Father Wants a Threesome Right Now.
In a year or so, when the wife comes out of the fog of exhaustion and upheaval of new motherhood and thinks for a minute about what just happened, she is going to be seriously pissed off.

Pre-empt that now, FATHER, by apologising to her in the most grovelling way possible. Explain that the pressures of new fatherhood may have brought on a ridiculous attack of age-related panic. But you've woken up and you feel like an idiot. Say that although you would still like a threesome at some point, she and your baby are more important than anything and you can't believe you came close to jeopardising her security in this new family.

If you can't make a heartfelt commitment to those statements, get some counselling, or some sleep, and think about the dead marriage or bitter divorce that are now much bigger possibilities.
Jun 8, 2016 misspiggy commented on Savage Love.
TINY needs to have a very serious conversation with his fiancée. It should be possible for him to explain that his kink and his earlier anxieties are two sides of the same coin. But he has to say he's just putting his cards on the table, and has zero expectations of her. If she doesn't want to engage with his kink, no problem. If she's happy for him to outsource it, great. If not, also no problem - he'll content himself with fantasy and the occasional website (not camming, if she's not happy with outsourcing). And an enormous apology for not being honest with himself earlier.

All this assumes TINY can be happy if his fiancée doesn't want to be involved with his kink, and doesn't want him to outsource it. He needs to do some very clear thinking before the big conversation. He should not be marrying her if he needs to make their marriage all about his penis, because she's probably pretty tired of that already.
May 24, 2016 misspiggy commented on Savage Love.
@4: yes, indeed. But it's hard to tell from the letter whether the LW's friends are assholes, or whether Dan's snark is justified and the LW is a snob. Having cis het male friends doesn't mean having to put up with being talked over or patronised - if most of the boyfriend's friends are like that, the LW has an asshole problem (and perhaps a boyfriend problem).

On the other hand, I side-eye the LW's implication that the women freeze her out because she loves equality so much. Could it be that the ladies see she's making unfounded assumptions about them, and resent it? Been there, on both sides. Making a bit more of an effort would be advisable before she gives up completely.
May 11, 2016 misspiggy commented on Savage Love.
LW1 wants the kind of sex you have to put imagination and effort into, or he doesn't want any. He clearly isn't as tired as his wife. Fix that first - arrange things so that she's less tired and you're more tired - and see whether things improve.

But don't be so daft as to continue married without having sex, when you have a choice. The physical intimacy you get from sex is vital for helping you get through the rest of life without wanting to tear each other's heads off.

Alternatively, maybe having vanilla sex with his wife is an awful experience for LW1, rather than just boring. In which case the marriage has serious problems, and it needs to be opened or ended kindly and respectfully.
May 3, 2016 misspiggy commented on Savage Love.
Accidental buttsecks happens to me quite a lot, but never for so long or with so much force that it hurts. Using a buttplug could be avoided by the boyfriend learning better control. Or avoiding that position. If the LW's boyfriend has been telling her these two other options aren't feasible, I'd move straight to the thumbtack.
May 3, 2016 misspiggy commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Soft Serve.
Adding my voice to the chorus saying, 'arrgghh, no, do not mention jerking off'. Don't create that image of you in her head. Just keep it sweet and explain you were so delighted to be with her that it made you a little nervous. Ask for another date soon. This happens all the time (at least, in my experience) and it's unlikely to be a problem.
Feb 2, 2016 misspiggy commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Crying Game.
This is an awful situation. By stating that the nine month old baby in the house is competition for his fetish, the husband is revealing, as others have said, that this is not just a sexytimes thing. This seems to be about wanting to ditch all responsibility and be the baby. I can't imagine much worse from a partner when there are three children needing care.

Pursue divorce with him taking custody of the older children? Sounds like a practical solution, but would he accept that, given his apparent desire to avoid caring responsibilities? If he earns a lot of money, accepting custody and plenty of cash could be sensible, particularly if that cash is enough to cover a lot of professional childcare. But if vast sums of money aren't there it would be tough at first. Accept an open marriage? That could quickly become a resentful, toxic setup, particularly if he's off with various mommies while she can't date because childcare. I think Dan's advice is the least worst option - pursue a divorce which at least supports the LW's financial interests, and gives her the chance of finding someone equally lovable who doesn't bring all this hassle to the relationship.
Jan 30, 2016 misspiggy commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Sexless, Nearly Sexless, and Formerly Sexless Marriages, Ad Infinitum.
CIBC's partner seems to be under the mistaken impression that sex can only happen when he has a boner. She should do her best to correct that. They may find that if she's getting more fun times in the evenings, she'll be keener on morning sex. My hubby and I are on similarly incompatible cycles, but if he keeps me happy in the evening, I'm more revved up in the morning to cater to his needs.