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Nov 20 GhostDog commented on Self-Checkout Machines and the Existential Status of the Worker.

Thanks. And I do agree that your solutions would help greatly but I think they would only put off resolving the root cause of the issue which is this.

If you did an equation where P1 is how many people we have and P2 is how many people we need to produce enough food, shelter, and leisure for those people to survive it would look something like this.

P1 < 2P2.
Nov 20 GhostDog commented on Self-Checkout Machines and the Existential Status of the Worker.
Oh, btw.

My recommendation for how we fix this is TONS of basic research. Finding a "next big thing" will create enough jobs to restart the engine of technology and all will be well-ish again.

Unfortunately there is a huge challenge in that the problems left for basic research are stupendously hard and there isn't appetite for it because there isn't really a sure payoff.
Nov 20 GhostDog commented on Self-Checkout Machines and the Existential Status of the Worker.

Holy crap that is a big part of what I was going to say.

However, I would say that it isn't as much that we have too many people(though that is true, that isn't fully the point here) as much as that the engine of technology has stalled.

Basically in the past when technology has made jobs obsolete the nature of the technology replaced those jobs with other jobs.

For example, when the car was invented horse buggy whip makers went out of business but the industry of car maintenance was created.

In those cases where there wasn't a perfect match then the market was expanded so that more stuff was made and sold overall.

The problem is twofold.

1. The technology we are using eliminates jobs but doesn't create jobs in the same number. It doesn't take as many people to create/maintain self check out machines as are made obsolete by them.

2. We are reaching production saturation. It doesn't matter how many things we can produce if people won't buy those things.

The end result is that a whole lot of people either don't have jobs at all or don't have jobs that we value enough as a society to pay a living wage. And by "a whole lot" I mean that the people who are unemployed and part time but want to work full time is around 30 million people.
Nov 20 GhostDog commented on Marriage Equality Comes to Kansas, South Carolina, Montana.
TL;DR: Because politics is messy, painful, and scarring, I think that once gay marriage is legal in all 50 states the people who pushed for it will retire from political involvement.

I'm going to be interested to see if people's political involvement decrease after gay marriage is the law of the land.

My feeling is that once marriage equality is legal in the entire US that a whole lot of people will become non-political again.

They are interested in their one issue, they got their one issue resolved, and that's pretty much that. Maybe a small minority will move on to other very important issues within their community(such as gay homelessness) but for the most part they'll take their money, influence, and marriage partner, move into somewhere nice and expensive and try to forget the unmitigated horror that was their time in politics.

I also predict the same thing will happen when cannabis is legal in most of the US.
Nov 18 GhostDog commented on Now That They're Back in Power, Republicans Are Arguing About Shutting the Government Down Again.
I look forward to the day when the Republicans are no longer so strongly influced by anarcho-capitalists. Seriously, we need people who want to actually govern as opposed to shut down everything that doesn't benefit them directly(and some things that actually do benefit them!).
Nov 17 GhostDog commented on Talking About H.P. Lovecraft's Racism with Professional Annotator Leslie Klinger.
I like Lovecraft because he was racist. His writings are a window into the mind of someone who just wasn't able to cope with the changes that the world was undergoing at the time. Very interesting stuff.
Nov 5 GhostDog commented on SL Letter of the Day: A Butt Plug Blooms in Pennsylvania, Readers Respond to Jonathan, Jonathan Responds to Readers.
@16 The ironic part to me is that being stuck with babysitting mixed with available birth control is much more of a threat to the "traditional family" than anything Dan has ever talked about.

Or; my girlfriend listened to a child scream continuously for 45 minutes straight which reiterated why we don't want kids.
Nov 5 GhostDog commented on The Bowler Hat Is the New Fedora.
I have worn fedoras since the late 90's. My current fedora I got in a small shop in Copenhagen and it goes well with the scarf and jacket I got in Reykjavik. If I don't wear my fedora I wear a knitted cap with skulls on it.

Oddly enough, because my current girlfriend hates things with skulls on them and has a borderline fetish for Indiana Jones if I'm wearing my fedora I am actually being MORE considerate of the women in my life by wearing the fedora than if I'm wearing my "skull cap".

With that said, I would consider it odd if someone thought I was a brogrammer or anything like that. However, if someone accused me of being an Reykjavik 101 hipster(can you spot the joke?) the accusation wouldn't be without merit.
Oct 16 GhostDog commented on Savage Love.
After reading letters like these I remember why I am so happy that I'm not poly anymore.
Aug 7 GhostDog commented on Monsoon's New Room Is for Adults Only.
Yeah, if I'm able to make the Seattle R&R half I'll give this place a visit.

Here's the thing. I have a hard time with kids. When they scream I have a full on panic attack(raising my little brother was very hard) Massive chest pain, whole 9. Therefore a place where kids are not allowed is a blessing for me as someone for whom kids are literally painful to be around.

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