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Jul 2, 2012 Digitocalypse commented on The Book That Can't Wait.

I've been looking for Agrippa for a decade! Thank you!
Jun 27, 2012 Digitocalypse commented on The Future Is Now.
Here is the youtube video of the original film:


It is indeed 2015
Jun 27, 2012 Digitocalypse commented on SL Letter of the Day: Something's Going On—Can I Smell Yo Face?.
When passing judgement on this we must consider these variables:

A) Does she know what other pussy actually smells like?

Sure there is a distinct odor to individuals but in all honesty a wide range of olfactory stimuli en masse. I am sure she has smelled her own, but our association with our own bodies is a lot more tempered (rather, we think we smell better than we actually do most of the time.) So what she MIGHT think HER pussy smells like, in fact, is akin to prosciutto.

B) How often does he wash his beard? This will get technical but a few days worth of saliva, flesh, hair, and food particles can pretty easily make a scent that is eerily close to a labia.

C) (Which I would put money on) It could be a case of super psycho cold-feet, creating a bizarre scenario with her fiance to play victim when everyone finds out that she DTMFA.
May 23, 2012 Digitocalypse commented on The Caretaker.
If there is anything I have learned from years in the music industry it is this: The moment you say something is dead, it comes raging back like a trend zombie. Trend Zombies can be seen in many shapes and forms. Have you considered the idea of a Libyan Riot Girl Three Piece? Maybe the US won't lead the march on Rock anymore (after all, we have decided that since we all can't be rockstars, we must destroy them or turn them into a video game)

The "death" of rock and roll is symmetrically correlated with the death of the rock mentality. We just don't have it here right now.
Apr 12, 2012 Digitocalypse commented on Mitt Romney Suddenly Plagued by Rumors of Public Masturbation.
Annnnnnnnnddd now there's a hashtag... #MASTURBATINGMITT

Mar 1, 2012 Digitocalypse commented on Andrew Breitbart.
"Natural Causes?"

Never fuck with Janeane Garofalo.....
Feb 24, 2012 Digitocalypse commented on The Joy of Dead Palestinian Children.

That doesn't make any sense in this context at all. Yes, Bush was elected, and when he did outrageous things that made critics speak out in dissent, were those critics then forced to justify Bush's position?

This whole "need to balance" any critique actually stifles important dialogue that needs to take place in an honestly very significant issue.

(Ok I realized I have been over-posting here)

Feb 24, 2012 Digitocalypse commented on The Joy of Dead Palestinian Children.
@23 Agreed.

What also distorts the problem is the myth that Judaism is both "Religion & Nationality," which transitively suggests that any critique of Israel's (very dangerous) foreign policy is also a critique of the Jewish faith.

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