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May 29 nanoboy commented on Teen Pregnancy Falls to Historic Low.
Yeah, I don't think that conservatives are conspiring to get girls pregnant. I grew up around religious conservatives, and generally, they honestly believe that unmarried young people need to stay abstinent and that offering birth control and birth control information will encourage them to stray. The thinking is that teen pregnancy should act as a disincentive to underage sex and that birth control for unmarried kids will condone unmarried sex.

It's stupid and unhelpful, but it's not a conspiracy. After all, pregnant teens are evidence of moral failure, and that hurts Jesus (since He bears our sins.) We have to reject that thinking, of course, but you can't ascribe malice where it doesn't really exist. It just makes your own position seem crazed and unreasonable.
May 15 nanoboy commented on UCLA Study: Horny People Hornier Than Less Horny People.
We might not have known it scientifically. It is interesting that the horniness issue relates more to a threshold of what's sexy than any sort of responsiveness degree.
May 12 nanoboy commented on SL Letter of the Day: No Spank You.
That really seems like something you can ratchet up over time. Maybe he can't spank hard enough without feeling disturbed now, but maybe he can get halfway there now and eventually get the heavier spank going in the future.
May 6 nanoboy commented on SL Letter of the Day: New To Topping.
@3: My wife and I both agree that being able to blame each other for things when in the presence of other parties is rather useful. It's most useful when you're only dealing with customer service or something, but you can slide yourself past unnecessary obstacles with the trick on occasion.
May 4 nanoboy commented on This Gave Me Nightmares.
It's a dumb commercial, sure, but it's not scary in the least. Dan, if you want creepy fetish-bate commercials, check out marrionette DirecTV ads (hat tip to msanonymous).
Apr 30 nanoboy commented on Alan Cumming on His Career, His Sexuality and His Crazy Hairy Pits.
I just like to be able to actually see the vulva.
Apr 9 nanoboy commented on Eighty-Six Sixty Nine!.
Eh, I'm with the author on this one, at least in conclusion. Maybe it's just the pairing, but my long torso combined with my wife's shorter torso makes the position too awkward to work. I figure this is likely true of many, if not most, heterosexual couples. I have no idea about homosexual pairings, but my particular issue with the position is probably less apparent in them.
Apr 7 nanoboy commented on Maybe Tom Daley Didn't Say He Was Gay?.
@6: I agree with the sentiment, but I don't think that we as a society are to the point that we can just let everyone's sexuality be their own thing and only worry about it when it personally intersects with our own lives. There is a long way to go before people accept alternative sexualities in others and themselves. In the future, it will hopefully be nothing major, but for now, it's really important.
Apr 2 nanoboy commented on Savage Love.
@31, in short, yes. I'm not saying that I would hate the person, and it's certainly not the biggest transgression in the world, but yes. I am not the right person for her, and someone else is.
Apr 2 nanoboy commented on Savage Love.
Oh for fuck's sake, who you are physically/intimately attracted to has nothing to do with whatever degree of bigotry you might hold. I'm perfectly fine being friends with, working for, hiring, supporting, living with, etc., gay people, trans-people, bisexual people, pansexual people, asexual people, etc. I am tolerant, supportive, and accepting. I will go to bat for sexual minorities when it's called for. I think that there is nothing immoral about people who identify in those ways. I am just not interested in having a sexual or romantic relationship with someone who is not a cis-gendered woman. I am not a bigot. I'm just a straight dude with that particular taste.

If you cannot understand that some people have a sexuality like mine or feel that such sexual predilections are immoral, then I have to ask if you are indeed the bigot. I don't mean that in the stupid conservative you're-bigoted-against-bigots way. I mean that in that you disrespect people's legitimate sexual feelings and instincts.

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