Yeah, it's a copy of that.

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Jun 12 deign_to_say commented on Fuck Off, Texas.
@16 They are idiotic, but @7 could very easily live in Seattle, you know.
Jun 12 deign_to_say commented on Fuck Off, Texas.
@10 For some reason, Dan prefers to spell it 'come'. Very confusing. Having an orgasm can be coming, but semen really should be cum.
Jun 5 deign_to_say commented on In Defense of Maureen Dowd Getting Too High and Writing About It.
@16 I'd very much recommend anyone wanting to try pot for the first time to smoke or even better, use a vaporizer.

Why is is not better known that eating is typically a drastically different high than smoking? It is a deeper, way longer-lasting, more physical, and significantly more intense high. It also comes on much slower than smoking (which is pretty much immediate), causing people to eat even more when they think it isn't 'working'.

It is impossible to know how much THC was infused into your purchased edible. Even if 'dosed', unless you've had that specific pot before, and know how much was used for the whole batch, you really have no idea what you're getting.

Just because it seems like a more benign choice doesn't mean I is. I can't dissuade inexperienced users from experimenting with edibles enough.
May 13 deign_to_say commented on How Did Your Cocaine Urine Get in My Drinking Water?.
@12 Read the damn link from @8.
May 9 deign_to_say commented on Cyclists Should Be Able to Roll Through Stop Signs.
@11 There are actually plenty of areas without stop signs or any traffic control on neighborhood side streets. Many, obviously not all, cars treat these intersections the same as green lights because they are used to being told when to stop, or think there won't be other traffic approaching the same intersection.

To others complaining about bikes not stopping at clear intersections: I hope you all are in favor of ticketing every car that does not come to a complete and full standstill at every stop sign. Because then you'd be just a tiny bit of a fucking hypocrite.
May 1 deign_to_say commented on What's A Seattle Small Business With 500 Employees?.
@2 It depends if those employees are actually included as employees of McDonalds or Subway under this plan. I'm not sure about that. They could be considered employees of XYZ Franchise Inc that owns three Subway locations employing a total of 40 people.
Apr 22 deign_to_say commented on Is It Okay to Bring a Big Gulp to a Fancy Restaurant?.
@13 But water has a serious lack of flavor and sugar, I mean come on. I can't even taste water. Gross.
Apr 21 deign_to_say commented on Tunnel Machine Taking a Year Off.
I'm sure it will finish 'on time'. There's no way any additional problems might occur...
Apr 17 deign_to_say commented on Portland To Flush An Entire Reservoir Because Teen Urinated Into It.
This is insane.

I'm sure no animal or bird has ever managed to sneak a little waste into the reservoir.
Apr 9 deign_to_say commented on Maternal Leave and the US.
Nice post, Charles. Thanks for that graphic.

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