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Oct 21, 2013 Catastrophe commented on One Time I Cried While Watching Gavin Rossdale Sing "Glycerine".
I saw Milli Vanilli in concert. Supposedly. I mean, I had a ticket and went to the venue, but I must've got black out drunk before they even came on stage. I do recall that the opening act was the dude who did "Bust a Move".
Aug 21, 2013 Catastrophe commented on Hugely Stupid Op-Ed in Today's NYT.
Wow, NYTimes, who would have figured that an assistant professor at a Catholic university would be unsympathetic to this boycott? Dress it up in historical terms all you like, he's still saying sit down and shut up.
Aug 7, 2013 Catastrophe commented on My Boyfriend Boils His Balls for Me.
I too love doing without condoms in an LTR but gee whiz, just let the dude wrap up already. The boiling sounds like torture and I don't even have that kind of genitalia.
Jul 25, 2013 Catastrophe commented on Chicago's Biggest Gay Bar Dumps Stoli.
Where I live (PA), we have Lukoil gas stations. I buy more gas than vodka so that will be my boycott. And it stinks because they're the closest gas station to my house!
Jul 23, 2013 Catastrophe commented on What Year Is This, Again?.
@8 Yep, I just cashed a check for $50 today from my health insurance company - oops, they took in more money than they needed, so I got some back. Tomorrow I'm going to pick up my no-cost contraceptives at the pharmacy. I sure do hate Obamacare.
Apr 16, 2013 Catastrophe commented on Today's Dinosaur News.
Mar 19, 2013 Catastrophe commented on The Natural Stupidity of Children and Seattle's Public Transportation System.
I know Mudede gets a lot of flack in the comments, but I have to say that posts like these make my day. No one else would say this stuff out loud. Also, I suspect no one else thinks busses aren't inherently stupid.
Mar 14, 2013 Catastrophe commented on Child Rape, Inc..
@7 it isn't simply the number of predators/child rapists among the priesthood that makes the Catholic Church so worthy of scorn. It's the number of enablers, right up to (at least until two weeks ago) the very highest level of the organization. I know if a teacher at my local public school was accused of one incident of child rape, the superintendent wouldn't be covering it up, making excuses, or allowing him within 10 feet of a classroom from that day forward. That's how decent people respond. Too few decent people among the bishops, cardinals and Popes.
Mar 5, 2013 Catastrophe commented on Here Is a Thing That Exists (Needy Ferret Edition).
I put $2000 into an injured stray cat. After her ordeal, she turned out to be a really good pet.

I did not contribute to the bills for my mother's open heart surgery. I felt she pretty much brought that on herself via a lifetime of smoking, eating badly and not exercising. And "not getting around to" purchasing health insurance.

Reading it over, I think this is a pretty good summary of my character. Or lack thereof.
Mar 5, 2013 Catastrophe commented on Swiss Army Knives Will Be Allowed on Planes Next Month: What Do You Think?.
Um, knitting needles are allowed. That is all.