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Apr 16, 2013 Catastrophe commented on Today's Dinosaur News.
Mar 19, 2013 Catastrophe commented on The Natural Stupidity of Children and Seattle's Public Transportation System.
I know Mudede gets a lot of flack in the comments, but I have to say that posts like these make my day. No one else would say this stuff out loud. Also, I suspect no one else thinks busses aren't inherently stupid.
Mar 14, 2013 Catastrophe commented on Child Rape, Inc..
@7 it isn't simply the number of predators/child rapists among the priesthood that makes the Catholic Church so worthy of scorn. It's the number of enablers, right up to (at least until two weeks ago) the very highest level of the organization. I know if a teacher at my local public school was accused of one incident of child rape, the superintendent wouldn't be covering it up, making excuses, or allowing him within 10 feet of a classroom from that day forward. That's how decent people respond. Too few decent people among the bishops, cardinals and Popes.
Mar 5, 2013 Catastrophe commented on Here Is a Thing That Exists (Needy Ferret Edition).
I put $2000 into an injured stray cat. After her ordeal, she turned out to be a really good pet.

I did not contribute to the bills for my mother's open heart surgery. I felt she pretty much brought that on herself via a lifetime of smoking, eating badly and not exercising. And "not getting around to" purchasing health insurance.

Reading it over, I think this is a pretty good summary of my character. Or lack thereof.
Mar 5, 2013 Catastrophe commented on Swiss Army Knives Will Be Allowed on Planes Next Month: What Do You Think?.
Um, knitting needles are allowed. That is all.
Feb 26, 2013 Catastrophe commented on "Why does he have boobs?".
I don't understand why the machine cares if a person has breasts or not. I guess I don't understand how the scanner works - I thought it was looking for things that aren't flesh and our bodies were incidental to the process. How would a woman with a double mastectomy fare?
Feb 19, 2013 Catastrophe commented on Chinese Water Torture for Your Ears.
That's bad. But I used to date a guy (charming, educated, beautiful eyes) who would FLOSS in public. WTF was I thinking?
Jan 28, 2013 Catastrophe commented on Well-Regulated Militia Accidentally Shoots Fiancé at Gun Range.
Are guns really so poorly made? They always seem to be "accidentally firing" themselves. Articles so rarely say "the person holding the gun absentmindedly pulled the trigger while negligently pointing the weapon at their friend/fiancé/child/dog."
Oct 25, 2012 Catastrophe commented on Pennsylvania Republicans Write Bill Punishing Newborns, Rape Victims.
She has to report her abuser's identity? So, this only applies to acquaintance rape? Oh wait I forgot the Akin Rule: stranger rape = legitimate rape = no pregnancy.
Oct 24, 2012 Catastrophe commented on Not Everyone Disagreed With My Advice for LIFE.
I think the simplest solution is, if you are a pro-choice, pro-contraceptives, pro-women's rights, heterosexual woman... don't have sex with a man who doesn't also support those things. On a practical level, it saves you from having tedious arguments and on an emotional level it punishes him for being an asshole.

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