Follow the light inside your head and you'll be alright, kid.

Apr 10, 2014 espato commented on The Morning News: Peacekeeping in Africa, Sriracha Problems, and Where's the 911?.
somehow sriracha became hipster condiment of choice. weird, I agree, it is not exceptional.

haha we are supposed to blame russia for the Boston Marathon bombing? sounds like it was a failure of our own intelligence, since Russia did direct us to the young man. can't blame them for not wanting to share ALL their info…lord knows our country's intelligence is largely conducted in secret.
Mar 31, 2014 espato commented on Man Who Raped Three-Year-Old Daughter Sentenced to Probation.
@6 most child porn cases are federal while most child rape are state. Feds have the draconian man mins that often force even the best-represented defendants to plea or risk consequences that are much worse. and, possession of child porn is pretty hard to defend...
Mar 14, 2014 espato commented on Plane vs. Ocean.
I am mystified that this could happen in 2014.
Mar 7, 2014 espato commented on Domestic Violence Gun Bill Passes Washington State Senate.
@8, so you are saying that a family court commissioner has no authority to order surrender of firearms based only upon an accusation of domestic violence?

you're wrong.

Mar 6, 2014 espato commented on Domestic Violence Gun Bill Passes Washington State Senate.
uh really whats the big deal. every time a court issues a no contact order the court has the authority to order surrender of firearms.…

In fact, every person subject to a DV NCO is prohibited from owning firearms under federal law. 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(8)(9)

and guess what? every "DV" case includes a NCO.

don't call police unless you honestly, seriously, think you are in danger. and then it won't help.

this sounds like more of what we have come to expect from our politicians- a feel good law that accomplishes little, if anything.
Mar 6, 2014 espato commented on Let's Not Build Something in the Middle of West Seattle Because TRAFFIC!.
The traffic is pretty bad in West Seattle already. Getting out of West Seattle, specifically, is a chore…it's no fun sitting in stopped traffic in a packed-full bus! Lucky for me, I can ride my bike some of the time. Fuck the west seattle urban village until there is an alternative to surface street transportation.
Feb 17, 2014 espato commented on The City Council Should Not Cap Rideshares, Flat-Rate Cars, or Taxi Cabs.
fuck taxi companies and especially fuck "for hire" taxis that pick up unsuspecting ride-needers on the side of the road and then tell them halfway to their $10 destination that it will be $40 (when the drunk passenger realizes there's no meter…?)
Feb 4, 2014 espato commented on Who Should Pay For the Pergola Damage?.
@12 yes
Feb 4, 2014 espato commented on An Image Toward a Philosophy for Being in a World of Accidents.
too bad the 13 year-old he was with didn't get enough turtles and fish...