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Mar 23 jack chandelier commented on .
Yeah wow, a high school! And Sanders is going to pack Safeco Field this Friday.
Mar 21 jack chandelier commented on Do Our Light Rail Fare Enforcers Look Like the Communities They Serve?.
@10 Exactly. You're talking about two employees. Out of fifteen. Are you going to complain about all the coffee shops that only hire cute female baristas? How about the fact that half of the employees at Home Depot aren't female?

So the next time someone has a vacancy and they're choosing who to hire, do they need to count up all the percentages of employees they currently have, by race and gender, and then hire the person who's race and gender makes their total most equal to the last census data?

This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen you write, Ansel.
Mar 21 jack chandelier commented on We Went To The UW Light Rail Opening And Asked 11 People What They Think Of The New Stations.
"who could give a shit less" ? That doesn't make sense. "Couldn't give less of a shit" would work. I mean, at least get it right if you're going to take the time to come here and shit on the beginning of our first MUCH needed decent public transit.
Mar 16 jack chandelier commented on The Making of the Capitol Hill Light Rail Station.
Twenty minutes to drive to the U district from the hill in the best of circumstances? You must drive incredibly slowly. According to Google it's a seven minute drive without traffic. Takes about ten with.
Mar 16 jack chandelier commented on Now That Light Rail Has Come to Capitol Hill, It's Time to Sell My Car.
Ride your bike everywhere and for the occasions you do need a motorized vehicle just use car2go. Way cheaper than buying an Orca pass or owning a car.
Feb 9 jack chandelier commented on I, Anonymous.
Statistically speaking there are way more people that use drugs than people with mental illness. Just sayin.. If I had to place a bet.. Much more likely that it was drugs.
Feb 6 jack chandelier commented on Google Shuts Down Amazon Unionization Website.
Why the fuck were they using Google to host it? There are dozens of super cheap off shore web hosts that don't care what you post. I don't see why they didn't have it back up within a few hours.
Jan 19 jack chandelier commented on Why It's Misleading to Say the 62 Richest People Have the Same Wealth As Half the World.
@12, Exactly! I couldn't quite tell if Zok was being sarcastic or not. It's a good thing we have these smart rich people who take all the money and put it into banks so I can borrow some of it to buy a house or so that someone else can give me a job! How ever would we survive without our rich financial overlords that make everything possible for the rest of us?

@10 Do you realize absolutely none of what you said is true? Charles certainly didn't "make the rich." The system that did has been in place much longer. Sure we are typing on devices made by rich people. Do we have any other choice? There aren't any small companies to buy said devices from. They are all immediately engulfed by the big ones.
Jan 16 jack chandelier commented on The Delta 5 Verdict Is In: Guilty and Not Guilty, But In the End No Jail Time for Blocking Oil Train.
@2 Have you ever, even once, not completely missed the point?
Jan 13 jack chandelier commented on Seattle's Next Big "Sharing Economy" Challenge Is Regulating Airbnb.
As a property manager I'd just like to say to all renters: If your lease says your rent is due on the 1st, and you have a grace period (meaning no late fee) til say, the 5th, your rent is still late if you pay it on the 2nd!

If you don't want your landlord to be able to evict you for something that petty, pay your rent on time! Pay it early!

I can't count the number of times my tenants have asked me if I could waive the late fee because their rent will be "just one day late" on the 6th. That's not one day late, that's five days late.

Of course your landlord can still just raise your rent by a million dollars with 60 days notice and get you out that way. But that's another issue...