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Jul 24 jack chandelier commented on Seattle Wants to Increase Affordable Housing, but Its Rules Are Hard on Tiny Houses Like This One.
What 6 and 13 said. Just build a foundation out of blocks, 4x4s, and sand/gravel. The owner could do it for less than one month of the income that tiny house is providing. I'm sure if he has the ability to build the house he can do the foundation work himself.
Jul 20 jack chandelier commented on Trainwreck Proves Amy Schumer’s Greatness and Rescues Judd Apatow from His Narce Spiral.
@1 Inside Amy Schumer season 3 was brilliant, clever, and hilarious. The Friday Night Lights sketch was not only one of the funniest bits I've ever scene, but also one of the most timely and well done critiques of a current major issue facing our society. Then there was the 12 Angry Men episode. Amazing. If you couldn't appreciate that then your sense of humor truly has no hope.
Jul 9 jack chandelier commented on A Totally Non-Comprehensive but Semi-Useful Guide to Wild Waves.
Almost none of this is true. We've never waited in line to get in. You don't need to pay for parking, just park on the street a block or two away. I've never seen any real "security", we always smuggle in booze with no problems. You don't need to rent a raft, just get a free one. We (adults) have always gone in Hooks Lagoon with no problems. We've never not gotten a locker deposit back either. We usually find tickets on Craigslist or elsewhere online for $10-15 each and maybe buy one large (refillable) slushy to poor some booze in and that's the total cost for the day!
Jul 7 jack chandelier commented on Savage Love.
Wow. It's blowing my mind that that sentence could be conceived, typed, printed, and mailed by a government official. Even in 1985. Interesting story:…
Jul 2 jack chandelier commented on If You Gave Money to Kshama Sawant, Expect a Handmade Mailing from Josh Farris.
Yeah this piece was terribly written and your biases seem to be all over the place, as after reading "District Date" it seemed like the only decent candidate in the race is Josh. It's unfortunate he has no chance of actually winning.
Jun 29 jack chandelier commented on Last Days: The Week in Review.
I still read it every week, as I have for nearly twenty years now. But it used to be so funny!! Now it's just mostly depressing.
Jun 24 jack chandelier commented on Dear Seattle, Why Do You Hate EMP?.
Nothing would make me happier than to get rid of the EMP, the Seahawks, the Sounders, AND trade KEXP back in for KCMU.
Jun 24 jack chandelier commented on My Whole Life I've Been Asked If I'm a Girl or a Boy.
This was really great and totally made my morning. Thank you.
Jun 21 jack chandelier commented on Dope Is a Movie for All, but Particularly for Black People Left Out (or Demonized) in Tyler Perry Films.
Really surprised The Stranger can't improve on their spam blocking, these comments are getting really annoying.

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