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Jun 10 CC-Rob commented on ICYMI: Sen. Elizabeth Warren Endorses Hillary Clinton.
Seriously, what is the value of showing some whack job reactions? Are you trying to equate some people's opinions with all Sanders' supporters? Every candidate, including Hillary, has fanatical supporters who say stupid shit on the internet.
Jun 9 CC-Rob commented on Morning News: Portland Man Falls Into Hot Spring in Yellowstone National Park, Obama to Have a Word With Sanders.
@20 There was and still remains a lot of controversy over that 537 number. "Spoiled" ballots, so called "undervotes" voter suppression, etc... The point is that Gore and the Democrats didn't fight the Republicans.
Jun 9 CC-Rob commented on Morning News: Portland Man Falls Into Hot Spring in Yellowstone National Park, Obama to Have a Word With Sanders.
@4 Nader didn't lose the election for Gore. Gore had more votes than Bush in Florida. The Republicans stole the election. (Remember the "Brooks Brothers' Riot"?) The weasel Democrats refused to fight and Bush and the Republicans took the office. The rest is history. It is so much easier for the Democrats to blame someone like Nader rather then looking in the mirror.

There is an entire generation of Democrats who are afraid to fight for what is right and worry that the Republicans will say mean things about them. (Ironically, several of the writers for "The Stranger" fit this profile.) This is why we can't have good things in this country. On the bright side, we have a younger generation who are not buying this type of bullshit.

In the meantime, we have a Democratic candidate whose motto seems to be "No We Cant" in a tight race with an avowed racist clown like Donald Trump. If Hillary manages to blow this election, the same "blame Nader" crowd will blame Sanders without examining their own complicity in this mess we call American Politics.

Jun 8 CC-Rob commented on Never Trump.
I don't know if Hillary believes in American democracy. I sincerely hope she does. The current state of our democracy is distressed. Money's influence in politics has created some very undemocratic situations. An excellent example of this is the TPP. According to Obama, it's a great trade deal that will benefit America. However, we are not allowed to read the text of this wonderful deal. Hillary was a big booster of the TPP, until her polling and focus groups told her it was not popular. Obama is now covering for her by blocking the release of her emails relating to TPP until after the election in November. That is one example of our distressed democracy. There are many others, such as lobbyists literally writing bills, pharmaceutical money keeping our prescription drug prices the highest in the world. I know lots of people like to simply blame Republicans for this. But it's more complex and many Democrats are on the receiving end of big money.

The question that needs to be resolved is what does the Democratic party stand for? Are we the party that supports ordinary people or do we support big business and big money? We can't do both. Big money has been eroding our democracy for decades. My fear is in the coming months, when people bring up the topic of money's influence on the Democratic party, the only reply will be "Donald Trump!"
Jun 2 CC-Rob commented on "Rock the Vote" Slowly Morphing into "Ugh the Vote".
Yes.. Please Viacom... Help the young ones to vote!
May 27 CC-Rob commented on Sound Transit 3 Changes: Light Rail Projects Could Open Faster.
Just wondering... Did it take this long to do the MAX expansions down in Portland?
May 25 CC-Rob commented on Clinton Winning Washington State Democratic Primary.
It's good to know that according to pundits, people who participated in democracy by spending a Saturday at a caucus, counts for zero votes. Yet, a vote, which counted for no delegates was truly the important part of the process.
May 19 CC-Rob commented on Bernie Sanders Supporter Robert Reich: "Work Like Hell" for Hillary Clinton if She Gets the Nomination.
A history lesson:

2008 Clinton Supporters say they won't support Obama:

Remember "Obama Boys"?…

2008 Krugman piece "Hate Springs Eternal" about Obama's "Cult of Personality"…

How about Hillary's Race baiting Reverend Wright during the Pennsylvania Primary of 2008:…

I guess you get the point.
May 18 CC-Rob commented on Everyone Walks Out of the Nevada Democratic Convention a Loser.
We've now reached the "both sides" - false equivalency phase.

On the bright side, we've gone from "chair throwing" to "possible chair throwing." Even though, we have zero evidence. But if the New York Times insinuates it, it must be true.

Here's a hint to the DNC and Democrats who want to unite the party. Do things on the up and up. Follow the rules and be transparent so people can unite. The backroom deaings and scorched earth attack of Sanders and his supporters as "thugs" and "Bernie Bros," won't help the Democrats take the White House.