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Apr 9 CC-Rob commented on Bernie Sanders Asks to Speak at Homophobic Group's Conference.
Seriously, why has there been no update or correction to the misinformation in this story? WHat the hell happened to the Stranger's reporting?
Apr 6 CC-Rob commented on Woman Yells at Florida Governor in a Starbucks: "You're An Asshole".
Right on! Politicians need to be publicly shammed for their actions.
Apr 5 CC-Rob commented on What If More of Today's Bernie Sanders Supporters Had Voted in the 2014 Midterm Elections?.
By the way, Bernie won Wisconsin and Hilary's losing streak continues. Can't wait for the next Slog post quoting Hillary folks talking about Sanders' missteps.
Apr 5 CC-Rob commented on What If More of Today's Bernie Sanders Supporters Had Voted in the 2014 Midterm Elections?.
What if the Democratic politicians did things to actually motivate voters to come out and support them?
Apr 4 CC-Rob commented on Bernie Sanders Allies Criticize His Campaign's Failures, Including a Lack of Early Outreach to Black Voters.
More hacktacular regurgitation of conventional media wisdom by Slog. Please let's have some more commentary from mainstream Hillary supporters, like Krugman, to tell us how we need to accept our corrupt system and not hope for anything better.

Considering the obstacles that Bernie has faced, a relative unknown, battling the corrupt political machinery of the Clintons, DNC and corporate media, I think he's been doing alright. Even though these corrupt parties like to talk about his campaign in past tense, it still is actually happening. In fact, there's a very important primary tomorrow.
Mar 31 CC-Rob commented on Bernie or Hillary or Both.
I am a Bernie supporter, who if I need to,will hold my nose and vote for Hilary versus the crazy, batshit Republican candidate. The lesser of two evil conundrum of American politics sucks and it's the reason our country is going down the drain. I hope that Bernie pulls off an upset. (It is still possible.)

As to the post:

Please... Gore won Florida. The Democrats were too timid to fight it. You can continue blaming Nader and whomever voted for him, but that let's Republicans off the hook to continue their voting fraud/disenfranchisement of voters.

Secondly, Candidates need to earn votes. Candidates say a lot of stuff when they're trying to get elected. What would Hilary do to win the votes of people who are disillusioned with the failing centrist, corporate friendly (corrupt) crop of Democrats?

Finally, it's nice to talk about Susan Sarandon and "privilege," Will Hilary do much to help the unfortunate victims of our drone wars and our glorious neo-liberal empire building? (aka GWOT) ( Out of all the candidates, Sanders is by far the best for everybody - not just us fortunate and privileged Americans.)

Mar 31 CC-Rob commented on Morning News: Job Cuts at Boeing, What Should Be Done to Those Who Are Charged and Found Guilty of Illegally Chopping Trees in West Seattle.
Non Colonial Background here. I used to watch "The Two Ronnies" via my local Public Television (Pennsylvania) way back when.

RIP Ronnie Corbert!
Mar 30 CC-Rob commented on Monorail Deadender: Can We Build Light Rail Without Shitting On Elevated Transit?.
In Seattle, we put the trains underground, unless of course, it's the south end where the poor folk live.
Mar 30 CC-Rob commented on The Morning News: Lawmakers Pass Budget with More Mental Health Funding, Police Investigate Pioneer Square Shooting.
Boenig is cutting more jobs? Let's be sure to give them more tax breaks!
Mar 28 CC-Rob commented on One Hundred and Forty-Seven FBI Agents Are Investigating Hillary Clinton's E-mails.
She won't get in trouble. Only lower level people get in trouble for being sloppy with classified information. It's known as the Petraeus Rule.