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Sep 1 CC-Rob commented on The Morning News: Washington State Ferries Seeing More Forgotten Cars, Bill Nye Gets Science Show on Netflix.
Still waiting for The Stranger to cover the leaked Democratic documents from the DCCC in regards how to deal with Black Lives Matter.
Aug 25 CC-Rob commented on Money Buys Happiness in the Brilliant Equity.
Sounds like a cool movie. Only in fiction are the Feds investigating and prosecuting anyone from Wall Street.
Aug 25 CC-Rob commented on Hey Bernie Bros, "Revolution" Is Not the Best Way to Structure a Political Movement.
The "Bernie Bros" meme is bullshit and a creation of the Clinton campaign. Look back to the primaries and see the high percentage of women under 35 supported Sanders. The writer of this post is either lazy or knowingly spouting Clinton propaganda.

Aug 16 CC-Rob commented on Let Us Welcome Our New Hillary Clinton Style Instagram Overlords.
@2 I vote "Just that dumb."
Aug 16 CC-Rob commented on EOD: And Now Here's the Story of How Donald Trump Tried to Crash Chelsea Clinton's Wedding.
What do you get when you have an elite hedge funder marrying the daughter of President? One hell of a shindig for the 1% Is it any wonder the Donald wanted to attend?
Aug 10 CC-Rob commented on Meet Seattle's #1 Billionaire Trump Fan, Martin Selig.
He is the one who is most responsible for killing the monorail.
Aug 5 CC-Rob commented on Melania Trump Denies She Broke US Immigration Laws.
We need to ban all immigration from Slovenia until we can figure this all out.
Aug 2 CC-Rob commented on Following a Suicide Attempt, Chelsea Manning Reportedly Faces the Possibility of "Indefinite Solitary Confinement".
It seems like a lot of people on this thread have selective amnesia. Manning was kept in horrible conditions and tortured.…

So someone who got tortured and likely suffers from PTSD attempts suicide and the idea is to punish her more?
Aug 2 CC-Rob commented on Which Is Better: Jill Stein's '90s Folk Band or Her Chance of Being Elected President?.
I don't think it's a good idea to review candidates missteps from the 1990s. Hillary has quite a few of more serious consequence.
Aug 2 CC-Rob commented on Bumbershoot Helpfully Announces Daily Schedule for 2016 Fest.
Brilliant move getting rid of Monday from the festival lineup! Sad to see that Bumbershoot continues its rapid decline.