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Feb 8 CC-Rob commented on Jill Stein Is a Rightwing Tool.
Although the statement made by Stein in regards to the senate vote seems wrong, there is some truth to the statement that we are in this current situation because Democrats serve corporate interests.

This goes back to the 1990s, with Clinton triangulating the party to the center by cynically using "welfare reform" to appeal to the Dixiecrats, and jumping on the corporate cash train. This continued during the GW Bush years, voting for the Patriot Act and the Iraq War, while often being fearful to stand up to the Republican bullies. Don't forget, Obama failed to prosecute both Wall Street and Bush Administration War criminals. In the early part of his term, when he had majorities in both the house and senate, he was tepid in his policies. Behind the scenes, he did everything in his power to keep the "public option" out of his healthcare reform. All of these things he let slide, including the sophisticated surveillance state, is now at the disposal of President Trump.

So while it's easy to bash and red bait people like Stein, Democrats are still failing to do any real soul searching about how and why we are in this horrible predicament.
Jan 21 CC-Rob commented on Live from the Occupy the Inauguration Protest at Westlake.
The trolls are off their meds.
Jan 19 CC-Rob commented on Welcome, You're New to Seattle, Now What?.
@2 - Correct. Rudy's is not cheap. There are many places in the city that do better for less.
Jan 16 CC-Rob commented on Wait, Why Did Washington Senators Vote Against Buying Cheaper Drugs from Canada?.
It's quite a tapestry of bullshit being weaved around here to justify our money beholden Senators nay votes. My favorite one is questioning the standards of our neighbors to the north. By the way, the Canadians also have a single payer system - Which is of course is not as good as the best health care system in the world. You know, the one we have here. (Except for those 20 or so million unfortunate people who don't have coverage.)
Jan 12 CC-Rob commented on Watch Cory Booker Reprimand Jeff Sessions for Years of Voting Against Marginalized Americans.
@15 Yes, politics may be hard. Integrity and doing what's right for your constituents shouldn't be that difficult.

@16 I bet if you follow the money, you will find your answer.
Jan 12 CC-Rob commented on Watch Cory Booker Reprimand Jeff Sessions for Years of Voting Against Marginalized Americans.
@9, @10 - Here's the complete list of Democrats who voted against lowering drug prices:

1) Bennet D-CO
2) Booker D-NJ
3) Carper D-DE
4) Cantwell D-WA
5) Casey D-PA
6) Coons D-DE
7) Donnelly D-IN
8) Heinrich D-NM
9) Heitkamp D-ND
10) Menendez D-NJ
11) Murray D-WA
12) Tester D-MT
13) Warner D-VA

In the meantime, let's continue blaming the Green Party, the Russians, and Libertarians for Democratic party election losses.
Jan 6 CC-Rob commented on Right Now: Seattle Activists Are Protesting Outside Wells Fargo For Supporting the Dakota Access Pipeline.
@2 Whatever you want to call it, it's bad publicity for Wells Fargo. If other cities and institutions follow what Seattle is doing, it will damage Wells Fargo's bottom line.
Jan 4 CC-Rob commented on Megyn Kelly Leaves Fox News for NBC.
@14 Just curious. How many times has Maddow or her colleagues on Comcast owned MSNBC discussed Net Neutrality?
Jan 3 CC-Rob commented on Megyn Kelly Leaves Fox News for NBC.
Fox NBC - It's still shit. Why do people still tune in to corporate media?
Jan 3 CC-Rob commented on Public Scorn Works! House Republicans Reverse Shady Ethics Vote.
It was shame. Cockroaches always scurry for cover when light shines on them.