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Editorial Designer at The Stranger and freelance Illustrator.

Feb 25 Mike Force commented on City May Cap the Popular Rideshares That Compete with Cabs.
Currently we have widespread consumer complaints about the old-school regulated taxi industry because it didn't have motivation to improve until now. So expanded, updated pro-flexibility regulation reflecting new technologies seems to make sense for both drivers and consumers.
Feb 18 Mike Force commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Goats Rule, All Other Animals Drool.
We need a 24 hour camera feed.
Jan 29 Mike Force commented on Cathy McMorris Rogers Thinks You Should Free To Make Your Own Health-Care Choices....
I kept waiting for her rebuttal to turn into a children's book reading. I wanted to see the drawings!
Jan 16 Mike Force commented on Large UK Study Finds That Gay Couples Are Happier Than Straight Couples.
Doesn't it just come down to the higher likelihood of having threesomes? Breeders aren't able to arrange that scenario as often. Not having a kid walk in makes it even easier!
Jan 13 Mike Force commented on Machinists Union Rescinds Endorsement in Response to Congressman Rick Larsen's Comments on Boeing Contract.
Unfortunately Boeing can simply send work to various other work-sites around the country. It can influence any local politician in any region I'm guessing.
Jan 9 Mike Force commented on Never Heard of 'Em.
It's Dave Segal dressed as the guy from Holy Mountain.
Dec 12, 2013 Mike Force commented on Never Heard of 'Em.
I think you've successfully coined their genre "zizzle zoozle"
Dec 5, 2013 Mike Force commented on He Was Never Afraid.
He will be missed. Great piece. I always loved his projects.
Nov 25, 2013 Mike Force commented on Slog Poll: Leaf Blowers, Yay or Nay?.
the electric, quieter blowers are a big improvement but I still want to kill myself every time I hear one.
Nov 22, 2013 Mike Force commented on Good-Bye, Seattle.
Reading this made me a little weepy. I hope you continue to write about bands for us.

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