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Feb 27, 2013 B^2 commented on The Future of Gun Control.
@16: Yes, because the one thing we need to solve gun violence is people with guns having less training and experience, and getting less regular practice.
Feb 20, 2013 B^2 commented on Gun Nuts on Mass Transit.
I'm honestly starting to believe that Chicago Fan is just a troll at this point. "Activist Judges" aren't a thing, they're a conservative bogeyman. Ruling on the validity of laws is what the judicial branch does - that is their purpose. And, as others have said, it's not (necessarily) that you need to be armed on the bus, it's while at the bus stop, wherever you're going, etc., and if you're banned from carrying on the bus that prevents you from being such elsewhere. Banning CCW on transit is in a similar vein of thought of requiring expensive procedures and zoning laws for abortion clinics - throwing a tantrum and trying to make something prohibitively difficult and expensive once you've been told that it's legal and you can't ban it.
Feb 7, 2013 B^2 commented on Gun Nuts Just Getting Nuttier.
@18: Regulated like a clock, not like a law, was the common 18th century use of the word. All of which is entirely academic, because in context, "well-regulated" is just part of a justification for why the amendment is necessary, while the actual substance of that sentence ("shall not be infringed") is utterly unambiguous.
Jan 29, 2013 B^2 commented on Well-Regulated Militia Accidentally Shoots Fiancé at Gun Range.
@18: That, for better or worse, requires constitutional changes. Tests to get access to rights, such as poll taxes, have been (rightly) declared unconstitutional because all too often they're used in a discriminatory manner.
Jan 28, 2013 B^2 commented on Well-Regulated Militia Accidentally Shoots Fiancé at Gun Range.
@10: We do. With the exception of a few exact replicas of historical models, every pistol (most every firearm, really) made in the last 50 years has an internal safety that makes it drop safe. Guns don't "go off randomly". They go off if and only if the trigger is pulled. If someone is carrying one without a holster that protects the trigger or someone leaves their finger on the trigger when not intending to shoot it (breaking one of the four cardinal rules of firearm safety in the process), then that PERSON is a moron who deserves the full consequences for their actions.
Jan 28, 2013 B^2 commented on Gunman Opens Fire Inside the Twilight Exit.
If only we had laws against bringing guns into bars.....oh, wait, we do? Clearly, the solution is more laws.
Jan 18, 2013 B^2 commented on Josh Marshall Speaks For His Tribe: Non-Gun Owners.
I mean, SERIOUSLY? Read the following block and try to tell me that it's not an exact paraphrase of arguments used against homosexuals that the slog (rightly) decried as nonsense?

"I wrote back at more length. But at this point I was already starting to see red. I don’t pretend that AA is representative. But it captured a mentality that does seem pervasive among many more determined gun rights advocates — basically that us non-gun people need to be held down as it were and made to learn that it’s okay being around people carrying loaded weapons.

Well, I don’t want to learn. That doesn’t work where I live — geographically or metaphorically."
Jan 18, 2013 B^2 commented on Josh Marshall Speaks For His Tribe: Non-Gun Owners.
So, is "I don't want to have to be around people like that" now a valid argument? Given that we're talking about something constitutionally and legally protected, why is that OK, but "I don't feel comfortable around homosexuals and shouldn't have to see them in public" or "I don't feel comfortable around black people and shouldn't have to see them in my neighborhood" wrong?
Jan 16, 2013 B^2 commented on The American Horror.
My favorite part of the whole article is ""Those changes are likely due to the passage of time, as the initial shock of the Newtown tragedy has begun to wear off, and may indicate why the White House has put the gun issue on a fast track," says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland."

Because using a tragedy to rush through legislation quick before people have the time to sit back, think about it a bit, and realize that it's an overreaction is a great strategy. After all, it got us the PATRIOT act, so why not try it again?
Jan 16, 2013 B^2 commented on The American Horror.
Americans have strong opinions on things they don't understand, news at 11.

Banning semi-automatic weapons? We've had semi-automatic weapons since 1885. They're not the problem here.

"Clips"? Do these people even do basic research into vocabulary before writing articles?

Or my favorite, the "gun show loophole". Guess what: Sellers at gun shows are FFLs. They are required to do (and do) background checks.

Or, my favorite, "assault weapons". Assault weapons are banned/highly regulated. They have been since 1934. Those scary things you see on the wall?" Those are rifles that, short of cosmetics, function no differently from a semi-automatic "hunting rifle". The primary difference is the black vs brown color.

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