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Mar 10, 2016 Velvetbabe commented on White Trump Supporter Punches Black Trump Protester In the Face.

I don't know about this being "staged" - that seems a fairly far fetched notion. I just know it was disheartening and disgusting thing to watch, particularly with people cheering.

Is this not supposed to be "America", where freedom of speech is protected and people have a right to protest/heckle, if that is what this guy was doing? It doesn't mean you can disrupt an event, at least in an ongoing fashion, but whatever the guy was doing at the rally, even if he was yelling and flipping people off as he was being escorted out, the dude that sucker punched him needs to be charged with assault. Period. Surely the security should have grabbed him the moment he did this, right?

Feb 25, 2016 Velvetbabe commented on Kink On the Homepage of the New York Times.

On second reading of the article, it's disappointing to see that, unlike the video, or how Mollena came off on Dan's podcast, it doesn't at all give the reader a sense as to her strength as a person - that she's opinionated, that she's funny and loud and not shy - a strong, modern woman. In fact, was I not already aware of her, the article would have given me the impression she was deluding herself and that this was a pretty sad recreation of the pathetic wife finding 'fulfillment' in serving her older, more powerful and implicitly more important husband, rather than being a strong person in her own right, making a life for herself, having an identity apart from him. ("While the terms they negotiated at the start of their relationship do not prevent her from pursuing her own professional and personal life" - geez, thanks!) I don't think it's helped by pulling out quotes such as her defining the situation as her "personal psychodrama". (Why do I think in the probably hour or 2 that the writer spent with the couple, that Mollena said a lot of things about their situation that were put better than this.)

My point is, if this article is being viewed by those in the kink community as a mainstream breakthrough, surely a negative term such as 'psychodrama', combined with the lack of any real fleshing out of the sub's perspective, makes this a failure, or at least a missed opportunity. The average/non-kinky NYT reader is hearing all about how this arrangement has and is benefiting the husband, but comparatively little about it from the wife's perspective. How many of them will dismiss it and consider Mollena a weak, delusional throwback?

And calling it 'feminist' simply because the woman enjoys it reminds me of the Spice Girls middle aged male marketing team having them laughably tout 'girl power'.

Not only the composer, but the Times is 'coming out' regarding kink, here - talking about it out loud in a non-snide, non-judgemental way, which I agree is great ... which is exactly why it's a shame they did such a half assed job, here.

Feb 24, 2016 Velvetbabe commented on Kink On the Homepage of the New York Times.

What a beautiful story. I loved Mollena from when Dan had her on the podcast a while back - who doesn't love the title 'The Perverted Negress'? - but I had no idea she was such a great storyteller, nor that the story of meeting her man had such awesome and just-fucking-go-with-it origins. I'm jealous actually - European artist living in NYC who travels 6-7 times a year and needs to take you with him? Does he guy have a brother?

Feb 24, 2016 Velvetbabe commented on Savage Love.

Simple. And even better than 'clitzpah': All you have to say to replace "he/she's got balls" is

"he/she's got CLIT"


Feb 23, 2016 Velvetbabe commented on Bus Ad in Los Angeles.

Are you kidding? I would be TICKLED to revisit the Civil War, or at least, to divide up the country and put a 50 foot perhaps electrified wall around the south/flyover states. Think about it. They torture us with candidates and presidents like Reagan and W for 8 years each, and in their minds, we have ruined the country by electing and reelecting the likes of the black dude. Why should we make them miserable if Hillary wins? Or her? Think she won't face even worse obstruction than Obama ever did? And why should I have to withstand President (gasp) Trump? Watch *that* guy give an inaugural address even for 5 seconds??

Let them have their Southland - where they can hand out guns to every 3 year old, outlaw any and all government regulation - goodbye clean air and water! Where they can make being an immigrant or trans or a homo or trying to obtain an abortion (which will be illegal in all circumstances) punishable by death. (Oh wait, what am I saying? No female in Southland will be pro-choice - until she gets pregnant, by her rapist or otherwise, and doesn't want to be.) Watch them do away with science, mandate the teaching of the bible in all schools, and the reading from it in all workplaces to start and close the day. Watch for the return of the Promise Keepers and men as the "Head of Household" and women as meek, quiet beings, without any opinions (or power) of their own. (What a dilemma it'd all be for the Log Cabin repubs!)

They would be happier and WE would all be MUCH, much happier and healthier, surely? Guns outlawed/nonexistent (as much as possible) up here? School and mall and workplace shootings a weekly event down there? Universal single payer healthcare up here? Only those with enough $$ in their "health savings accounts" able to see a doctor down there?

Feb 20, 2016 Velvetbabe commented on Another Foreclosure Suicide in Washington State.

@36/Banjax - You make excellent points.. And the two people mentioned in this article are ages 65, and 66. And as was recently reported, this is the age group with an increasing suicide rate. I'm 50, and my salary, for doing the exact same job I have for the last 20+ years, has already dropped about $13,000 a year, I repeat, for doing the exact same job (but for a difference company). So I'm down over a thousand bucks a month, yet with the same bills. Did my mortgage lessen? Nope. My property taxes? No - they shot up in fact. My homeowner's insurance? Nope - ditto - also increased about 20%. And I imagine my salary will continue to lessen as I get older.

I have a friend who inherited a house from her mother in Boston - scott free. No mortgage! She quickly sold it for $500k, swapped it out for a beautiful house in the burbs for the same price. That was 2008. Her property tax is now $8k. Think about it. Instead of having worked all her life (35 years so far, just like me) and being able to enjoy having no mortgage, because of the property tax, she is essentially still paying a mortgage ($666 a month) which will continue to increase as she ages. If it's at $8k now, what will it be in 10 years when she's 60? In 15 when she's 65 and hoping to finally stop working?

What was the POINT of buying/paying for/maintaining a home all your life if not for older people to no longer have a mortgage - or the equivalent of same to pay - once they are done working?

This, right here, is the disappearing middle class. It's real. It's happening all around us and right in front of us.

Feb 20, 2016 Velvetbabe commented on Tim Minchin Goes Where No American Artist Would Go.

As far as the pedophile priests, I grew up in Boston, home of the notorious Cardinal Law, who was whisked away to Rome, never to be made to face hundreds of child molestation allegations. My cousin was married by one of the most notorious of the pedophile priests in the late 80s before all of the pedophile stories began to break. Another cousin, who wasn't molested himself, remembers hearing warnings about going on camping trips with certain priests. Back then it was treated as unsubstantiated rumor by most people - no one wanted to believe something so unthinkable and heinous could possibly be true.

It makes me think of what I heard someone say once - that the church is a giant corporation and behaves like one - and that we expect any different when corporations are spin experts with PR machines, have politicians in their pocket, and have hugely great power and influence, is naïve at best. But then you realize, that's wrong, because if Microsoft or Apple or Facebook had a child rapist in their midst, let alone dozens, they would fire him/them instantly lest the stain of pedophilia hurt their market share or stock price. The Church behaved exactly as it had/has been treated and thought of since the Church existed - omnipotent - in thinking/believing that certainly they were above the law - any law - and could get away with shit no one else/no other org on earth could - to have gotten away with pedophilia of all things for eons - generations - is the ultimate example. It's worse even than getting away with murder, in a way - the usual litmus test for how evil a person or org can be, right?
Feb 20, 2016 Velvetbabe commented on Tim Minchin Goes Where No American Artist Would Go.

Longtime Minchin fan here - seen him live 3 times, including at tiny Second City up in Toronto. He is one of those artists that is so jaw droppingly brilliant it makes ya happy you exist. As far as scathing, genius religious/social commentary, his song "Ten Foot Cock and a Few Hundred Virgins" is better even than the "Pope Song", and "The Good Book" is equally scary-brilliant. His piano playing alone in those 2 songs, especially the latter, is truly jaw dropping.……
Feb 17, 2016 Velvetbabe commented on Savage Love.

Not to mention us wearing and being expected to wear exactly what turns our boyfriends and husbands on. I mean, holy shit.

Feb 17, 2016 Velvetbabe commented on Savage Love.

Umm, long hair is a pain in the ass, blows in your face, requires a ton of shampoo and conditioner, gets tangled much more easily, takes a lot more time to comb out and to blow dry every day, etc etc etc... ?

Well guys, hello?? WOMEN deal with this every day because almost universally, guys wants us to have long hair. How about if we kept our hair cropped short like most guys keep theirs? Would guys put up with buzz cutted women everywhere? How much of our mornings spent fussing over our long hair would we get back if we could step out of the shower, shake out our crew cut, and head out the door? And how about if we agreed to grow it out after months of being asked/begged to by our bfs or husbands, only to retaliate by never washing or combing it so that it became disgusting?

Her husband is being an asshole about the hair thing. No question.