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Juan Alfredo estudia para mi lección en español.
Jan 3, 2013 Juan Alfredo estudia para mi lección en español.
Jan 2, 2013 Juan Alfredo commented on Worn Out.
Well, maybe you should stroll through my house. I've been crocheting and embroidering my own designs since the early 1970s. I don't sell my stuff but I guess I could. I'm just a bit of a recluse, but you would always be welcome to see my stuff created over many decades. The other odd thing is that you might not find a guy (like me) that crochets and embroiders as frequently as a girl.
Follow your own design...in art and in life.
Jan 2, 2013 Juan Alfredo commented on Happy New Year.
Usually I like ABBA since it is music performed with some sense of artistry. But I found the lyrics somewhat depressing. This song felt more like it was following a bad year with cautious hope for the future. With that "might as well die" attitude in their lyrics, I wondered if ABBA was Lutheran. Anyway "thank you for the music".
Jan 2, 2013 Juan Alfredo commented on The Blue Danube.
Don't worry about skinny arms on dancers. I know that slender athletic people do not measure up to the normal US body which is overweight and covered in silly tattoos, then wrapped in clown clothes.
The male dancers did have a bit of a Beatles look. It was nice to see that the female dancers did not wear typical ballet shoes and were able to wear more normal shoes and still demonstrate the grace of ballet without pointe shoes.
I prefer "light classics" and classical or concert music to today's contemporary music. Under close objective analysis, you will discover that the classics are often at a faster tempo than contemporary popular music. They vary their rhythms and therefore are far more interesting than the canned beat of typical disco and therefore are far more danceable to one who allows creativity in his life.
Dec 30, 2012 Juan Alfredo commented on Congratulations, Maine.
During the Christmas season I was in my brother's trailer with his 2 wives and 7 children. We were watching lots of Jerry Springer and since I don't own a TV I wasn't familiar with this show. Everyone on his show was heterosexual and they were having screaming arguments about their infidelities. So I think this is proof that opposite genders cause opposing relationships. This cannot be good for the children. Therefore I think heterosexuality should become illegal. Let's do this for the children.
Dec 30, 2012 Juan Alfredo commented on Slog Bible Study: Job 3:2.
Excellent verse that much can be disclosed about spiritual truth. It is "he" that speaks and therefore "said" and is proof why only men can become true priests and ministers within any religion. It is vitally important to have the God approved vital organs to speak for God or disclose His wisdom. Therefore a priest or minister must have a penis and an intact pair of testicles appropriately enclosed within a scrotum. All parts must be healthy and capable of all blessed functions. They must be free of any neoplasms or other diseases. Therefore a man with a vasectomy or prostatectomy is a less preferred candidate for the clergy. During the annual physical exam of ministers and priests it is highly advised that genital health assessments be disclosed to elders or other clerical advisory boards for renewal or retirement of pastoral obligations. Marital fidelity is preferred but not required since it is also mandated to be "fruitful and multiply".
Dec 26, 2012 Juan Alfredo commented on Real Housewives of Canyon County.
For unto you is born this day, in the city of Seattle, 1,000 spiders, all of which are called Christ our Lord. And Melissa III was with eggsac. And she went into the jar to be counted. But there was no room for her in the Inn. So Melissa III and Joseph's DNA rested the eggsac in the manger. And the angels upon high sang "Glory to Melissa III in the Highest!"
Dec 26, 2012 Juan Alfredo commented on The War on Christmas Is a War of Attrition.
I thought the US of A was a Christian nation. Because Jesus was born in Bethlehem and Bethlehem is in Pennsylvania.
Dec 26, 2012 Juan Alfredo estoy pensando sobre mi trabajo para manana.
Dec 25, 2012 Juan Alfredo commented on White Wine In the Sun.
Very nice, but I can't find this in my Lutheran hymnal.