Nov 19, 2014 screed commented on In Which I Try to Explain Our Disastrous Midterms to Canadians.
The problem is that on economic issues I really don't know what the democrats stand for. I mean, we all know what the republican stand for (lower taxes, less regulation), but the democrats? I challenge anyone to identify a unifying democratic economic platform - one on which the party consistently supports and works to implement with laws, etc. It doesn't exist.
Nov 17, 2014 screed commented on Obamacare Still Can't Catch a Break.
Methinks the primary sin of Mr. Gruber is to speak the truth of the administration's strategy for passing the ACA. Passing the ACA was all back-room deals, with the pharmaceutical industry, the health insurance industry, the hospitals, the doctors' associations, and the rest. So yea, lack of transparency was hugely important. And if the American people knew at the time what those deals were, well, yea, it probably wouldn't have passed. And so the American people needed to be stupid, and the administration made every effort to keep the American people stupid with mis-directions (no, the public option is still on the table ... ha ha ha) and outright lies (you can keep your insurance ... ha ha ha). Selling the ACA was a snow job and kabuki theater and Mr. Gruber should be thanked for actually finally saying what many of us having been saying all along.
Oct 17, 2014 screed commented on Left Behind: Here's a Movie That Will Make You Feel Bad for Nicolas Cage.
@6 More likely you don't have a corporal body. You become a floating orb of luminescence, like a soft glowing ping-pong ball floating lazily in some celestial cavern with all the other soft, glowing ping-pong balls. GOD is in there somewhere too, maybe a bigger glowing ball, like a basketball, or something.
Oct 13, 2014 screed commented on Republicans Are Responsible for the Ebola Crisis.
A bit tangential, but I think a good response to Reagan's quip about being from the government is; "I'm from a corporation and you have nothing to worry about."
Oct 9, 2014 screed commented on Here's Why Democrats Are Bumbling the Midterms.
The problem is that too many Dems have a fundamental conflict between their voting base (i.e. progressives/liberals) and their donor base (i.e. Wall Street/Corporate CEOs, etc). They can't really pursue the agenda of either constituency without pissing off the other. So they try to communicate in such a way as that appeases both but that is a tough needle to thread in more often than not their message comes out muddled. Republicans on the other hand don't have this conflict nearly as much (their voting base seems to care more about 'value' issues which generally don't conflict with the anti-regulatory/low tax corporate agenda). And I think in general, republican are a lot more comfortable brazenly lying when their corporate agenda conflicts with any populist message they want to use.
Jul 28, 2014 screed commented on Executive Director of Gun Owners of America to a Congresswoman: "You Should Do Your Job in Constant Trepidation".
@8 I think the whole NRA organized gun nut culture is based not so much on fantasies of overthrowing the govmint. Instead I think it is based primarily on racism, in fear of non-whites, particularly African-Americans, coming to get you and yours. The animosity these people feel towards the government, I suspect, is directly proportional to the extent they think the government helps minorities through government programs, especially welfare programs.

This fear, unfortunately, is only gonna get worse as right-wing politicians and other snake oil salesmen find it easier to exploit and inflame that fear as we become a demographically pluralistic society.
Jul 28, 2014 screed commented on Executive Director of Gun Owners of America to a Congresswoman: "You Should Do Your Job in Constant Trepidation".
@5 feeling a bit defensive, are we? Maybe it is possible to get through to 'these' people. Thank you Seattleblues for revealing your fears, even if just a little bit. This is an important first step. Build on it!
Jul 28, 2014 screed commented on Executive Director of Gun Owners of America to a Congresswoman: "You should do your job in constant trepidation".
yep, typical right wing thuggery. This is how they roll. They can't win on ideas so instead win through violence. Fear and ignorance based sociopathy, a kind of insanity which unfortunately is damaging to us all. I don't know how to cut through all their hate and anger - I'm not sure it is possible at this point. Let's hope their children grow up with a less nightmarish worldview.
Jul 23, 2014 screed commented on On the Future of Work.
@25 takes this all with a grain of salt because I've never worked for an employee-owned business but... There is more than one way to structure business' management. The framework you described fits with a popular conception - that decision-making at employee-owned businesses is through a consensus/communal process. Instead you could have a conventional hierarchical management structure but where management doesn't answer to Wall Street investors or to the financial needs of a limited number of owners. I was recently talking with a cashier at WinCo, which is an employee-owned company, and she said that when she retires in a few years the amount of 'shares' she's earned over her time at WinCo will cover her retirement, no problem. This is just one observation/example, I have no idea how WinCo works or if other employees are as satisfied as she seemed to be. But to me it is nonetheless suggestive of a more sane way to go about providing jobs and livelihoods in our economy.