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Mar 9 kylecheez commented on Would Someone Please Explain to Paul Ryan How This "Insurance" Stuff Works?.
@1 Weak analogy. Casino games of chance follow very defined rules of probability, and the payouts are skewed to reflect that. It is impossible for a casino *not* to make money, unless it's extremely badly managed and/or being skimmed.

Insurance actuaries make more or less highly educated guesses on risk. Some are better than others, and it also depends on how available and reliable the data they use so make an assessment. They can make very bad guesses or a sequence of events can occur, such as several years in a row of hurricanes, or an earthquake in a previously unknown fault line. Then the insurance company goes out of business and defaults on the claims.

The quote is from a captive service company, which can be oversimplified to a group of individuals forming their own insurance company. The group pays into a pool, then if there is a claim, then that individual draws from the pool.
Mar 8 kylecheez commented on Adventures in Microdosing.
It's certainly not for everyone. Still though, it sure seems like those tabs she obtained were *very* high quality and potent. Even at the "micro" doses of acid water she was ingesting sounded more like macro to me.
Mar 2 kylecheez commented on Bertha Stopped Because the Machine "May Be Several Inches Off" Tunnel Alignment, State Says.
@18 Far fewer traffic jams. Fewer accidents. Less pollution, noise, and grime. Improved biking and pedestrian access. Restaurants and shops that got a makeover and are now fun to go to, especially in the summer. Extremely cool.
Mar 2 kylecheez commented on Bertha Stopped Because the Machine "May Be Several Inches Off" Tunnel Alignment, State Says.
All whining aside, I really think Seattle is going to like the tunnel when it's all over at last. The Big Dig in Boston was a huge PITA, (my older brother lives there), but the end result has been pretty cool.
Mar 2 kylecheez commented on Jeff Sessions Lied Under Oath.
@1 and the extended warranty, with easy monthly payments, from the finance company who only knows the word YES... or is it "da?"
Feb 24 kylecheez commented on White House Bars NYT, CNN, BBC & Other "Fake News" Orgs From Press Briefing.
Not sure with the new-ish Google search rules, but might have some results by repeated searching for: trump dementia
Feb 23 kylecheez commented on White House: Yeah, We're Going To Go After Legal Pot.
@15 You think Corewahi could catch on?
Feb 17 kylecheez commented on The Week in Weed: Cheap Drugs and Candy Bars, Hot Models Deliver Weed, Marijuana Money Funds College Scholarships, CannaCon Hits Seattle.
Black market Rx opioids have been going for about $1-3 a milligram for some time, (at least in my neck of the woods), so a 5mg oxy would cost at least five bucks. Mr. Ingraham must have some sweet hookups.
Feb 11 kylecheez commented on Grateful Deed: Jerry Garcia Guitar Being Auctioned Off to Benefit Southern Poverty Law Center.
I thought Wandering Stars had done too many acid trips when I tried to place the timeframe around Edie Brickell. Then after a quick Wikipedia lookup that showed her as breaking out in 1988, apparently I'm the one who took too much blotter...

One show I was waltzing through the gate and a guard grabbed me. I wasn't holding anything, but I had eaten mushrooms with my high school bestie Alex in the lot with his college older brother. I was on the edge of feeling the effects and thought I was going to have a heart attack. The guard reached into my German Army cargo shorts pocket, and pulled out... my retainer case. Which was empty since I was wearing my retainers, having just had my braces taken off a few days prior. I pointed to the wires keeping my smile intact, he rolled his eyes, handed my case back, and sent me into the maw of the stadium.