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May 5 kylecheez commented on Clinton Campaign Accidentally Makes Pro-Trump Ad.
@22 @24, I wouldn't call Adams an arch-conservative, but he does make some pretty annoying remarks from his lofty estate in uber-left San Francisco. I feel that over time he's lost a bunch of perspective on how life is in a ass-backwards red state. That being said, replace "manipulator" which "bullshitter" and you can get a better sense of where he's coming from.
Apr 28 kylecheez commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Bonus Reader Advice for Kids Who've Lost Parents to Fox News.
Extra props for The Economist, well worth reading.
Apr 24 kylecheez commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: London Calling.
Somehow missed this one and now it's two days old and all the good lines are taken... Extra props to the "fapping" references!
Apr 14 kylecheez commented on The Word "Marijuana" Versus the Word "Cannabis".
Awesomeness @shane...
Apr 6 kylecheez commented on Under the Needle.
@2 I think being alive should carry with it a risk of death.
Apr 4 kylecheez commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Thrilla In Vanilla.
Spicy meth trolling?
Mar 21 kylecheez commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Mated and Checkmated.
OP get as far away as possible. Also read In Sheep's Clothing, by Dr. George Simon.
Mar 14 kylecheez commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Off the Couch, Onto the Sheets.
I could not help remembering this old chestnut:

A gay guy falls in love with a proctologist. He goes to the proctologist's office and says that he has an obstruction.

So the proctologist sticks his hand up the guy's ass but can't find anything. However, he notices that the man has an erection, so the proctologist cuts short the examination and orders the gay guy out of his office.

The next day, the gay guy calls the proctologist and claims he has another obstruction. The proctologist doesn't believe him but the guy claims he is in great pain, so the doctor relents. When the guy arrives, the doctor sticks his hand up the guy's ass again but this time he finds something.

"Good God!" the doctor exclaims, "No wonder you're in pain. There are two dozen roses shoved up your ass."

The gay guy turns around excitedly and says, "Read the card! Read the Card!"
Mar 9 kylecheez commented on So Why Are LGBT People Are Moving To Red States?.
I would move to Tennessee or Kentucky in an instant, it's cheap, beautiful, with mild weather and relatively easy going people once you get to know them. But my BS filter for religious zealot rednecks had gotten pretty clogged in recent years. I wish my 20 something gay brothers/sisters the best of luck in the new gentrification of redstate rural America.
Feb 23 kylecheez commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Dog's Life.
Sounds a kinda bullshitty... mostly from the impractical standpoint. Seems like it would start out as kinky fun and get *really* old after a few weeks. In any case, if the LW wanted to wellness check in some way, keep (gently) pushing the IT angle. So as @7 was asking it depends on the email account/provider/server/connection, some you can trace pretty easily, some are tricky. A decent tech friendly PI would be able to steer the LW into having his friend make contact through the "easy" routes and then they could take it from there. If it was fake/punked, whatever, if real then good luck.