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Aug 13, 2013 menace2society commented on The Inevitable Follow-Up to Take Your Gun to Starbucks Day.
Actually, Raw Story got it wrong - this shooting happened in May. I read about it in Seattle Weekly last month.…
Jul 8, 2013 menace2society commented on The Tech Industry's Meritocracy Has No Time for Unions.
Some of these are the comments of people who've obviously never lost a job. Lacy's one of them as well, I assume. Unions - despite flawed leadership in some cases - out-merit meritocracy by negotiating the terms under which workers work, what they have to do and what the boss also must do. Meritocracy is undefined - you can be 86'd simply because "it's just not working out." No real reason required. Just need a slot for the boss's son-in-law.
Jun 20, 2013 menace2society commented on Brett Hamil's Devastating Takedown of Hempfest.
"Your credibility is cached, bro."
That's what Dom thinks is "devastating" writing? Good lord.
Jun 14, 2013 menace2society commented on The Full Text of David Guterson's Controversial Commencement Speech.
Dreary and unenlightening - and a failure by raising more questions than answers. Worse, it's uninspired writing, but then you'd know that if you ever read his books.
May 30, 2013 menace2society commented on The Different Kinds of Secrets in Mundo Cruel.
Nicely done. Surprised this is the first comment, since the item's been up awhile. Lack of controversy, perhaps. Or maybe you've just done something right - left nothing to say by telling us all we need to know.
May 28, 2013 menace2society commented on KPLU Way Off on Pot Banking Story.
OK, who's lying? For one thing, Verity's senior veep says none of their execs "went down there" to Olympia. But the state DFI director says "They drove down here and met with the division director." That's something you should have asked both sides to reconcile. Further, why did the credit union refuse to explain or comment on that point when KPLU asked? You didn't resolve that.

Much of this sounds like word parsing and ass covering, and The Stranger, apparently upset because KPLU didn't pick up your story, appears to lean much too favorably towards Verity and away from the flow of facts - even though the CU admits to doing an about face in the wake of the KPLU expose (and the reporter is right, it not only isn't a sensational headline/story, it seems favorable to the CU).

The trouble with these pissing contests is that you can end up wetting yourself.
May 16, 2013 menace2society commented on Obama Has "No Apologies" for Spying on Reporters.
Your headline and conclusion are wrong. He said he has no apologies for going after the leakers, not reporters. He was careful to make a distinction you missed. He in fact yesterday asked for reintroduction of a federal shield law to protect reporters from just the sort of invasive inquiry his Justice Dept. made. Sen. Schumer will introduce it shortly.
May 6, 2013 menace2society commented on Democrats Are Racists, Too.
Thanks for being the nebbish nanny of petty political correctness Paul. "Nope! [It's] insincere bullshit...racist...shameful."

But how...?

Calling it a "racist thing" does not make it so; actually, the fact you didn't even try to define or explain what was racist about it likely mean it wasn't.

Don't fret. You still get your bi-partisan Brownie points.
Apr 18, 2013 menace2society commented on A Small Town in Idaho Debates LGBT Nondiscrimination Bill.
Right, population is 50,000, metro area 90,000; it's the county seat and home to Idaho State University. Likeable town, actually.
Mar 28, 2013 menace2society commented on Fiction.
You didn't pay Sherman for this did you? He paid you, right?