Jul 10, 2014 randoma commented on Todd Akin Is Back, and He's Defending His "Legitimate Rape" Comments.
@8, You can keep telling yourself that conservatives/Tea partiers/Republicans will alienate all the votors, but the fact is that a very large part of the united states, particularly those in rural, Mid-West and Southern areas think those crazy people are what the country needs.

I currently live in a very rural area and the number of people who live around me who are convinced that A) Obama is the Antichrist, B) the liberal conspiracy has taken over all the media (and all that entails - only Fox News and Rush have the truth!) and C) all non-white, all poor (even though quite a few of them are poor themselves), all immigrants (although many of them quite proudly talk about how their parents/grandparents/etc came here with nothing..) and all "sexual deviants" are ruining this country, is absolutely terrifying.

While publicly Republicans are repudiating Todd Akin, I am sure that many of them are agreeing with him in private.

I spent almost my entire life in large metropolitan areas (Boston, NYC, LA..etc.) and I used to wonder where all the religious conservatives where - now that I live in a very rural area, things are the opposite.
Jul 8, 2014 randoma commented on Amazon Offers Hachette Authors One Hundred Percent of E-Book Sales.
Paul, it is my understanding that this dispute is because Hachette wants to charge more for eBooks than Amazon wants to. Is that incorrect? If that is correct, why exactly are "we" against it? Do you really think it is reasonable that eBooks should cost comparable prices to hardcovers/paperbacks?

Do you really think that eBooks are worth more than $3-5 when compared to paperbacks? (If you want to have a high initial price to prevent cannibalization of hardcovers, that's one thing, but the long term price of an eBook should not be as much, or higher, than a paperback!
Jul 7, 2014 randoma commented on Chicago Celebrates Independence Day with a Bloodbath.
@10, Oddly, Australia's murder rate did not suddenly plummet after their ban on firearms. In fact, their murder rate has been in pretty constant decline before and after the ban on firearms. On the other hand, other violent crimes have risen since then.

Here's a couple charts for you:

(You'll note, from the last chart, that homicides started declining in 1969..)

Jul 7, 2014 randoma commented on Chicago Celebrates Independence Day with a Bloodbath.
Paul, have you ever noticed how in areas that don't have severe income inequality, guns aren't a problem? Even when they have far laxer firearm laws than Chicago?

Maybe if you took your head out of your ass, you'd realize that the root cause of violence and crime in Chicago has little to do with the availability of guns and everything to do with factors that you dismiss: income inequality, drug laws and gangs. Do you really believe that these gangs wouldn't find other ways to kill each other, and bystanders, if firearms were unavailable?
Jun 24, 2014 randoma commented on Zaria Forman Draws Our Doom.
Those are *pastels*?? That is freaking insane!
Jun 20, 2014 randoma commented on King County Sheriff's Deputy Arrested on Charges of Theft, Selling Drugs, and Promoting Prostitution.
@10, That is quite a bit different than what was reported in the article.

@7 "30 grand in guns that have no records, no tracking and no accountability." Uhh. You say that you know the difference [between brass cases and ammunition], then you talk about scrap price of brass, which suddenly becomes guns that have no records?? Clearly there are records otherwise we wouldn't know all the details!

Nowhere in the article does it talk about live ammunition for weapons. If the reporter had done their work properly and actually read the entire charging document, the $15k in LIVE ammunition is a much more serious problem. At least in my mind.

Ansel apparently didn't read the charging document either.
Jun 20, 2014 randoma commented on King County Sheriff's Deputy Arrested on Charges of Theft, Selling Drugs, and Promoting Prostitution.
Err. Wait. He picked up the expended brass off the ground and "stole" them? While I appreciate your hyperventilating picture of loaded ammunition on top of dollars, that is not what the guy was selling.

Since SLOG editors probably have no idea how firearms actually work, ammunition is made of a case, a bullet, gunpowder and a primer. When you shoot a firearm, the primer is ignited (not reusuable), the gunpowder is burned up (not reusable), the bullet travels down the barrel (may be melted down and recast, assuming it is a lead bullet) and the empty brass (or steel, or aluminum) case is left over. At many ranges the brass is just left around until someone comes along and cleans them up. Expended brass can be reloaded or melted down for the value of brass.

Does the range have a policy on spent brass? Is it actually against range policy for users to pick up and retain brass? Unless there is an established protocol, it is kinda like saying that the homeless guy picking up cans left in the street is "stealing" them.
Jun 19, 2014 randoma commented on Police Say That the Florida Father Killed by a Stray Bullet Was Just Unlucky, The Odds Were ‘One-in-infinity’.
And yet, even though there are plenty of laws with which to prosecute Shisler, he will probably get nothing more than a stern talking to. If people thought they might spend life in prison, or even a decade or two, they might think better.. Reading the next story down, if you kill a cyclist, you at least get a $175 ticket - that's probably worse than Shisler will get for his "accident".

And who the F- picks up their firearm by the F-ing trigger???
Jun 14, 2014 randoma commented on Stephen Colbert: "Because of Amazon's Scorched-Earth Tactics, More People Are Getting Screwed Than in 50 Shades of Grey".
It has already been said, but where does Sedaris live that he thinks one of his books, or probably any book published by Little, Brown is regularly priced at $3 for an eBook?

Hell, if they were priced at $5, I would be all over Amazon for being unreasonable. But the fact is they're typically priced at as much or more than a paperback which is ridiculous.
Jun 12, 2014 randoma commented on Neil Gaiman Is "Obviously Pissed at Amazon".
@17, I can at least understand the "justification" of pricing a hardcover eBook at $10-15 - or, I could understand not releasing the eBook version until the paperback comes out.

Regardless, eBook pricing is broken pretty much any way you look at it. And I'm sure that if Amazon wasn't pissing off publishers, we'd be looking at $13+ for all eBooks.