Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Apr 8 randoma commented on Tom Douglas Explains Why He Thinks "$15 Now with No Acknowledgement of Total Compensation Is a Hollow Slogan" that "Makes No Sense".
Why exactly is a tipout, or lower wage for employees who make a majority of their pay from tips (Starbucks baristas with a tip jar do not count) a bad thing? Are waiters really worth more than dishwashers? I've done both. I'd rather be a waiter - dishwashing is backbreaking, monotonous terrible labor. As a waiter, with a $2 minimum wage, I made significantly more than non-tipped minimum wage positions.
Apr 3 randoma commented on Sawant to Murray: Want to Address Women's Pay Equity? Then Don't Institute a Tip Credit.
@13, In your earlier post you said that at your current job, you get an average 18% tip and make about $19/hr, where roughly 50% of your wage comes from tips. Are you saying that on the East coast, with a $2 minimum wage, people tip 30-40%? Because I'm pretty sure that is not the experience of any other waiters on the East coast and certainly was not my experience when I was a waiter on the East coast.
Apr 2 randoma commented on Seattle Can Take a Stand on the Misuse of Antibiotics in Factory Farms, and You Can Help.
I run a small farm - we raise mostly poultry and pigs. It costs us just under $4/lb to 'grow' a packaged pork chop. That figure is based on feed, processing fees, packaging fees and depreciation of capital costs - fencing, housing..etc. It does not include the cost of labor. We sell our pork from $5-9/lb depending on cut and quantity. In comparison, you can buy pork at the supermarket for $1-3/lb for similar cuts (not similar quality).

When the majority of people are able to pay 3-5x the current prices for food (How about raising the minimum wage to $25-30?), then you can take a genuine stand against factory farming.
Mar 19 randoma commented on Rich Man Writes Bullshit "Apology" for Saying Liberals Are Like Hitler.
Isn't he all about pitting one group (Billionaire CEO's) against another group (wage slaves)? Or is it that it is only okay when the 'other group' takes it up the a** in silence?
Mar 18 randoma commented on You Know Who Else Was For Boosting the Minimum Wage? Hitler!.
@24, But you could be! You just have to work hard. Just ask most of the billionaires! They just worked hard, you know.
Mar 18 randoma commented on You Know Who Else Was For Boosting the Minimum Wage? Hitler!.
@14, So you're for socialism? Because, allowing businesses to pay a non-living wage is ultimately socialistic. (At least in the sense that the word is being used here, which is not really accurate.) All of us have to support the people that currently earn minimum wage. Shouldn't that cost be borne by their employers who directly benefit from their labor?

Somehow, paying a living wage works for Costco:…

If your local small business can't afford to pay their employees a living wage and stay in business, maybe their owners should hang a tin cup on the door and ask for donations because that is exactly what they are doing when they pay their employees less than a living wage.
Mar 17 randoma commented on Sawant Proposes Three-Year Minimum Wage Phase-In for Small Businesses, Starting at $11/Hour in 2015.
@45: "Certainly, no one is living high off the hog at $11/hour, and anyone who is actually stuck trying to raise a family on a single income at that level should be receiving aid - in particular, free healthcare, childcare, job skills training, and treatment for any mental health issue or substance abuse problem that might have landed them in that spot."

Why exactly should society support capitalist businesses by allowing them to pay a wage that requires welfare, free healthcare..etc? The benefits of requiring employers to pay a living wage - less social spending required, lower crime, better neighborhoods..etc..etc are so high that they far outweigh any costs to the consumer (and businesses) that might be had from the increase in wage.
Mar 11 randoma commented on Tom Douglas Talks About How a $15 Minimum Wage Would Affect His Restaurants.
Could someone explain to me why there can't be a tiered minimum wage for tipped employees/non-tipped? You know, like the Federal minimum wage?

Many many years ago when I worked as a waiter, waiters made $2/hour, 'makers' and cooks made $10/hour, the waiters still made more at the end of the day.. While I'm 100% for a $15 (or higher) minimum wage, it does seem perfectly reasonable for employees whose majority of earnings comes from tips to receive a lower wage.
Mar 5 randoma commented on The Democracy of American Walking.
@21, well that's twice what is allowed, on average, for a person on welfare.

We cook about 5 out of 7 days a week (dinner/lunch, breakfast is 7/7). I'd estimate that we spend about 2-3 man hours a day on food prep and cleanup, and that doesn't include grocery shopping..etc. Our food expense is also roughly $7-800/month for 4, so approximately $6/per person/day.

For $24 at McDonalds (or similar) I could get 6 dollar menu sandwiches per person per day (say 1 sausage mcmuffin for breakfast, 2 cheeseburgers for lunch and 3 mcchickens for dinner) and gain several hours a day in food related activity. Would that be healthy? No, not really. But it would be significantly more time efficient. However, if I was able to work two more hours a day because of it, I'd have an extra $18/day..
Mar 5 randoma commented on The Democracy of American Walking.
@5, That is sort of my point though. Pretty much everywhere I've lived that had decent public transportation, the total time for using public transportation was still significantly longer than driving.

So, yes, I might get an extra 30 minutes of walking a day, but I lose 2-4 hours a day where I'm sitting on the bus, subway..etc. That time could be spent exercising (30 minutes of actual exercise is a hell of a lot better than 30 minutes walking. Albeit, 30 minutes of walking is better than nothing) or making healthier food, or making more money..etc.

Don't get me wrong - I think public transportation is a great, and needed service. However, I also believe that cars should not be restricted to the wealthy.

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