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Pridge Wessea is glad he lives in Washington State.
Feb 7 Pridge Wessea commented on Trump's Willing Executioners*.
Read #1's comment history, he's just itching to collaborate the first chance he gets.
Feb 7 Pridge Wessea commented on Guest Editorial: An Open Letter to My Mother, Who Voted for Trump.
If your family are racist, hateful pieces of shit (like this woman's mom) then they should be cut out - we make our own families. LGBTQ folks have known and done this for years.
Feb 1 Pridge Wessea commented on Confidential to the Democrats.
@17 - Your concern is truly touching, but you're wrong.

@18 - This.

@21 - You couldn't flatten play-doh.

Feb 1 Pridge Wessea commented on Trump Names Neil Gorsuch as His Supreme Court Nominee.
@14 - Of course you do; you're a collaborator.
Feb 1 Pridge Wessea commented on Trump Names Neil Gorsuch as His Supreme Court Nominee.
When Dems return to office and have control of the Presidency and the Congress, I think it's time to expand the Supreme Court by two memebers (this should be easy once the GOP pulls the nuclear option) and expand the House considerably to adjust for the population changes that have happened since 1913 (the last time the size of the House increased).
Jan 30 Pridge Wessea commented on Photos from the SeaTac Airport Muslim Ban Protests.
Teddy seems to think that all actions are universally bad and should be protested (regardless of intent or motive) and if you don't protest them, then any current protests are meaningless cuz you didn't protest it THEN. Even, no especially if though the scenario may have been different due to context and intent. That's because there's no difference between a Democrat and a Republican as this administration is clearly showing us. If you didn't protest when Obama did it, you can't protest when Trump does it. Or if you do, you should feel horrible you didn't protest when Obama did it. Because intent or motive doesn't matter. And Dems and Republicans are the same.

@17 - <3 <3 <3 <3
Jan 21 Pridge Wessea commented on We Watched the Trump Inauguration Speech So You Didn't Have To.
@11 - I wonder if the former Yugoslavia thought the same thing, especially so close after the winter olympics.

But you probably think this will lead us to some sort of bernie-led socialist paradise WHICH NEVER FUCKING HAPPENS when a conservative is elected. Only a bunch of hurt and pain.

@10,13 - What they said.
Jan 21 Pridge Wessea commented on White Nationalist Richard Spencer Punched In the Face During Inauguration Protest.
Fake America is learning what happens when they awaken the majority of Real America. I expect them to cry a lot.

Jan 17 Pridge Wessea commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Lifelong Straight Guy Wants To Recreate Magical Gay Sex He Once Had With Smooth Guy Whose Queeny Ways Appealed to Him.
@9 - I love you and your strength and your stories.

@13 - Exactly.

@26 - One could argue that, but when you deal with first impressions and assumptions of straight people and what they and society expect from "a man," a masculine guy will get a ton more leeway than a fem one.