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Pridge Wessea is glad he lives in Washington State.
Dec 14, 2016 Pridge Wessea commented on White Media Outlets Are Trying Not to Blame White Rural Voters For Shooting Themselves in the Foot.
@28 Wow, black support of GOP candidate went from 6 to 8%. Practically a landslide.
Dec 14, 2016 Pridge Wessea commented on The Typo that Killed America.
@16 - You're right, there are so many left leaning people out there who need to feel the warm fuzzies about a candidate, nevermind her (but preferably His!) qualifications. We clearly see it with the Republicans and we see it right here with our own Green Tea Party.

Obama, as moderate a moderate as moderates come and yet held up as some sort of progressive hero during his election of 2008 (even though it was clear he was a Hillary-esque moderate), was thankfully charismatic enough so that Dems could support him and therefore win the election. It's really just a bonus he was smart and scandal-free, all that matters is that he made people feel happy and shiny inside. Progressives just want the shiny happy feels and don't get scared enough by things like, say, the election of Donald Trump. I'm guessing that's because they're mostly white and privileged. I mean, right now we're watching Bernie turn into one of the bros we always suspected he was all along. But hey, he gave those leftist progressives the shiny happy feels and that's what they would've needed to vote apparently - I think the rest of us, those of us who are actually scared of a Donald Trump presidency rather than our own personal feelings of hope and change, would've gone along with it because we're not fucking idiots.

But even though the poeple overwhelmingly chose Hillary both in the primary and in the election itself, those lefties weren't scared enough to actually go out and vote, they just stayed home and whined how they weren't being courted enough. That Hillary just didn't inspire them. I mean, screw the untold thousands who are gonna get fucked over for their position, it's about their feelings.

May the next four years bless them with everything they've sown. Because feelings.
Dec 14, 2016 Pridge Wessea commented on White Media Outlets Are Trying Not to Blame White Rural Voters For Shooting Themselves in the Foot.
@23 - I'm not happy to see them die, but they keep choosing their own demise. They keep choosing it over and over and over and over again. I feel for the thousands of innocent people who are undoubtedly going to be harmed by those selfish and deplorable voters, but I have absolutely no sympathy for those who voted for their own hellish future. I'd rather spend my emotions and resources on the people who actually deserve it, not the ones who are fucking themselves over time and again.

Also - I grew up in Spokane as a poor Republican (we voted out the sitting Speaker of the House in the 90s because Rush Limbaugh!) and I understand the mindset because I grew up in it. Again, I have no sympathy for these assholes.
Dec 12, 2016 Pridge Wessea commented on Trump to Tap WA Congresswoman and Oil Drilling Advocate Cathy McMorris Rodgers for Interior Secretary.
@28 - Actually, it can be much much much worse, but thanks for playing.

I imagine that Flint will become ever more common and the haves will just switch to bottled water. And Trump voters will be fine with it, because at least the darkies have it worse and George Soros said he liked clean tap water.
Dec 12, 2016 Pridge Wessea commented on Intelligence Agencies: Russia Was Trying To Help Trump Win Election.
@72 - I understand completely.

@77 - Ugh, shut the fuck up. You're not helping. You're just annoying. I get you're trying to do the Devil's Advocate From The Middle thing, but you suck at it.

@78 - You are always welcome here. <3
Dec 12, 2016 Pridge Wessea commented on Epic Eric Garland Twitter Thread/Novella/Opus.
I read this yesterday and immediately retweeted the beginning (same handle if anyone wants to follow). Brilliant analysis.
Dec 9, 2016 Pridge Wessea commented on Just So We're Clear, Ohio, Banning Abortion at Six Weeks is Effectively Banning Abortion Completely.
And no more Obamacare so very soon! It wasn't perfect because there wasn't a public option, so people stayed home during the midterms, allowed Congress and State Goverments to change hands and gerrymander Republican districts, keeping Republicans in control throughout the Obama Presidency and preventing him from nominating a pro-choice Justice to the Supreme Court.

But hey, you get to feel good that you showed those Dems a lesson. And soon we no longer won't have a single payer option, we won't have any options.

And hand in hand comes a restriction in abortion rights. And a supression of anyone who's not a white conservative. All because we have petulant little bitches who want to send "a message."

You sent a message all right.
Nov 29, 2016 Pridge Wessea commented on I’m Not Giving Jill Stein a Single Dollar.
I have no hate for the third parties this election - at least they voted.

People who didn't vote in this election are not welcome at my house.
Nov 18, 2016 Pridge Wessea commented on Yes, There Is a Legislative Route to Eliminating the Electoral College. It Doesn't Involve Faithless Electors..
@12 - when is the last time that the Republican candidate for President lost the electoral college but win the majority of votes?

Oh right, like voter fraud it doesn't happen. The whatif scenario you're describing simply doesn't happen.
Nov 5, 2016 Pridge Wessea commented on Vote "Approved" on ST3 on November 8!.
Vote yes and wipe the smug grin off these small minded and short sighted "West Seattle doesn't deserve light rail cuz they've got a [constantly backed up] freeway!" multiple-comment unhinged elitist assholes.