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Jan 23, 2013 Jin Seattle commented on Recently in the Worst Ideas Ever: Donald Trump Wants to Buy the New York Times.
Can't wait to see Paul Krugman on The Apprentice!
Oct 23, 2012 Jin Seattle commented on Unintended Consequences: Secretary of State Voter Outreach Postcards End Up Spurring Duplicate Registrations.
Ballots to King County students who changed address to campus haven't arrived yet. Anybody else have this problem?
Oct 9, 2012 Jin Seattle commented on Rob McKenna Has Not Endorsed Sue Parisien Either (Though He Doesn't Mind Her Using an Old Quote from Him In Her Voters' Guide Statement).
Why does Chris Washington receive uniformly low ratings from King Co Bar Assn? No other judge receives such low ratings in so many categories. Explain.
Oct 8, 2012 Jin Seattle commented on Hello, I'm Calling to Argue for My Rights.
I'll be phonebanking on Wednesday.
Sep 25, 2012 Jin Seattle commented on Sierra Club Slams Gael Tarleton on Port Pollution.
Haven't been following the back and forth, but this criticism has a desperate feel.

I live in the 36th and keep getting invited to climb aboard the Frame Train. What's on it? I thought trains were bad because they had coal?
Sep 20, 2012 Jin Seattle commented on 36th District Democrats Offer Dual Endorsement In Frame-Tarleton Race.
My favorite part was the conspiracy theory presented by a Frame supporter about how the Board cleverly rescheduled a meeting so as to prevent Noel from getting an endorsement recommendation.

Good thing the actual voters of the district will get the last word.
Sep 14, 2012 Jin Seattle commented on Noel Frame Is a Tougher Foe of Coal Trains, Says Sierra Club Leader.
I think that Sue Evans is providing some thorough background for Eli and the rest of us.
Aug 28, 2012 Jin Seattle commented on The Republican Guide to Female Anatomy.
I'm stunned that they left out Newt Gingrich's timeless description of women's monthly infections, "If combat means living in a ditch, females have biological problems staying in a ditch for thirty days because they get infections and they don't have upper body strength."
Aug 17, 2012 Jin Seattle commented on "Sharpie Parties".
@8 It's a jobs program!

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