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Apr 24 GermanSausage commented on The Morning News:Cliff Mass Says GOP Not Anti-Science, Seattle is the 9th-Most Expensive City in the World.
I wonder if he also sticks up for Creationists, anti-vaccers, and holocaust deniers.

I mean, those outside the Trump administration. He's technically already doing it for the ones in the Trump administration.
Apr 21 GermanSausage commented on The March for Science Shows How Bad Scientists Are At Politics.
Here's a clear message that all scientists can and should agree on.

Fuck Donald Trump, and his illiterate barbarian supporters.
Apr 20 GermanSausage commented on Live Updates: Two SPD Officers Shot After Downtown Seattle Robbery.
@8, maybe the police were standing aggressively.
Apr 19 GermanSausage commented on Old, Schooled: Fox News Fires Bill O'Reilly.
On the bright side, at least now he'll have more time to ghost write really horrible historical nonfiction books riddled front to back with historical inaccuracies.
Apr 19 GermanSausage commented on Letter to the Editor: Please Don't Come to Spokane.
"Please don't come to our shithole!"

Apr 18 GermanSausage commented on Ed Murray's Accuser Wants a New Judge for the Trial.
"That's not clear."

Sure it is. They want to drag it out as long as possible to do as much political damage as possible. They were never actually interested in a trial.
Apr 18 GermanSausage commented on Bellevue College Students Discover Neo-Nazi Posters on Campus, Demand Administrative Action.
@1, "I have a dream that one day my children will be judged not on the color of their skin, but on the content of their character."

Clearly Martin Luther King was a vicious hateful bigot against people with bad characters.
Apr 18 GermanSausage commented on Edmonds Police Backtrack Earlier Decision, Will Investigate Swastikas as "Possible Hate Crimes".
Maybe the police department was sympathetic towards the hate group(s) or one of their own did it.
Apr 17 GermanSausage commented on The Morning News: Why Cars Are Allowed in Pike Place Market, Andrew Sullivan to Black and Brown People: You're Poor Because You're Not As Hardworking As Asians.
Obama never bombed the Assad regime in a desperate attempt as a distraction, nor did he call them ahead of time to let them know he was about to do it. Obama was actually concerned about chemical weapons and the plight of the victims. Trump pretending to do so is a transparent joke.

Obama never dropped the MOAB on Afghanistan, that's also a transparent pointless joke. Obama used force when necessary, and with a clear result. E.g. killing Osama bin Laden.

Obama never threatened a pre-emptive strike on North Korea. The entire idea is ludicrous for what should be obvious reasons to anybody who knows anything.

Comparing Obama and Trump is stupid and absurd. And anybody doing so should be laughed at as the clowns that they are.