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Mar 23 GermanSausage commented on There's a Mumps Outbreak at UW (Stay Home If You're Sick, People).
Reminder that they recommend adults get an MMR vaccine. I suspect that there are a lot of students at UW who remember getting shots as a kid and think they're still immune. It's likely that they are, but better safe than sorry. When I went to college in the 90s they used to enforce this shit. Get vaccinated if you want to register for classes. Wouldn't be surprised if that vanishes somewhere in some sort sighted budget cut.
Mar 23 GermanSausage commented on Trumpcare Vote Will Be Delayed.
And the fucked up part is they're delaying it because Trump's plan doesn't kill enough people to satisfy the hard line conservatives.
Mar 23 GermanSausage commented on Black New Yorker Minding His Own Business Gets Stabbed to Death By a White Guy.
A racist that admits it? Wow, that is news.
Mar 23 GermanSausage commented on Morning News: GOP Still Searching for Trumpcare Deal, Police Scoop Up Burglary Suspect in a Kayak.
It's amazing that the have satellites now that can knock over gravestones on different continents.
Mar 22 GermanSausage commented on FBI: Trump "Associates" Communicated With Russian Operatives.
"Oh no let's not impeach Trump for high treason, that would give us president pence. Let's support our glorious leader instead! Forgive and forget!"

This has always been, and always will be, a stupid, juvenile argument.
Mar 22 GermanSausage commented on London's Muslim Mayor Wants to Ban Cars From Schools.
@2, when black people murder black people they go to prison. When white people murder black people, they get away with it, thanks to racists such as yourself. Hence the protests.

The DOJ and FBI again and again show racist bias in law enforcement agencies all over the country. Again, because of racist pigfuckers like you.
Mar 22 GermanSausage commented on What Seattle Voters Can Learn From the Racism of Washington's Pro-Trump Rural Voters.
@2, oh I don't troll them. They come here mad and stupid. I didn't have anything to do with that.