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Sep 16 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
I nominate Alison Cummins @69 & @70 winner of the comment thread regarding PHOTO.
Well said, and I second nocutename's (@74) thank you.

I have had to question [my own, and often unknowingly at the time] going beyond others' boundaries at times. However shy my nature, I do like hugging and especially being hugged back. Not everyone is into that.
Sep 14 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
@2 saxfanatic: I'm with you. Donald Dick 's prehistoric cave brain is too microscopic for that butt ugly mastodon, much less his bragged about penis. Small Hands--please don't feed Donzilla's already oversized ego!

@42 nocutename: I agree with you, too, regarding PHOTO---ew. I'd be beyond skeeved out, too, if a total stranger emailed me about my panties. That's just too creepy for me.
Sep 12 auntie grizelda commented on Whatcom County to Vote on Banning All Unrefined Fossil Fuel Export Projects for the Next Six Months.
As a taxpaying resident of Whatcom County I am indeed voting to ban all fossil fuel transporting.
Big Oil and Big Coal are long overdue to get hit in the balls and in their gluttonous wallets, and
I hope for them it hurts. We, the people have spoken, protested, and the tribal nations are suing to get these exploitative barbarians off their lands. Enough is enough!
Sep 9 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
@50 iseult: I'm still going with my previous guess-timate @35: that a well paid nanny thrown in somewhere within a gated, gilded lifestyle enables SPOUSE's much-humblebragged-about sex life when she and hubby aren't home with their 3 kids.
@72 nocutename: "mommy wars"-----? Brrrrr! I haven't and don't want to look any further into that Google subject. I have enough trouble with my oldest sister who claims that she (NOT our own mother!) gave birth to auntie griz at would have been the tender age of 10 1/2 years---not to mention an incestuous relationship if that had been the case, and that I need to "check in" with her, because that's "what our parents would want". I don't even want to start in on my older sister who claims she rules the universe, which revolves allegedly around her, so the rest of us are supposed to be at her 24/7-with-a-white-glove-inspection disposal. They're both on Call Block, and I live in a separate county for good reason.
One question though, about your Google site: does this have anything to do with "helicopter parenting"?
Sep 7 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
@36: One more clarification, folks: I am not a parent, myself (being an auntie seems to fit me best). Nor am I preaching anti-parenting--Moms and Dads--more power to you! I only chose not to reproduce--for too many reasons I won't go into. However, SPOUSE's mention of having 3 kids caught my attention.
Back in the nifty '50s my own beloved mother, with four months yet to go before she turned 21 had her first 3 of 4 kids within two years, nine months, and one week. Although I'm sure she didn't want to admit it back then, doing so had taken its toll on her.
By the time I came along 7 years and 9 1/2 months later after my brother was born, Mom had three grade schoolers' extra-curricular schedules to juggle, was down to her last nerve, and quite often I felt like I was standing on it, something akin to a scenario from Calvin & Hobbes. The daily routine really got interesting once I entered grade school and my siblings were adolescents all enrolled in another school out of district.
By the time I entered the 5th grade, my sibs were out of high school and gone. After I had graduated from high school and was in college, they were married and having kids of their own. I felt like any daughter or son I may have brought into the world would have struggled with having much older cousins, going through a similar generation gap as I have had with my sisters and brother.
And I was a surprise to boot: my father had had a vasectomy by 1962. They should have named me Houdini.
Sep 7 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
@25 idreamofhorses: Wow--again! Both your story and nocutename's (@15) are truly inspirational; hers for offering benefit and yours relating as a parent whose own child was so much in need. Bless you both.

@35: And no, I'm not jealous of SPOUSE at all. I just don't see what she could possibly have to complain about other than the 24/7 parental responsibility of raising 3 kids. But she obviously has sufficient help.
Sep 7 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
@24 DonnyKlicious: This is pure speculation, but I'm guessing SPOUSE also has a well-paid nanny in addition to enjoying great sex 5 nights a week, and is therefore able to take those naps ("Honey, I have a headache").
My stance on humblebrag: Aak-oop! Phhhhhbbbbt!
Sep 7 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
@15 nocutename: Wow--that is indeed, a highly commendable story. Bless you and others for contributing to the health and well-being of the 16 year old mother, her newborn, and others in need.

@18 DonnyKlicious: I'm amazed that SPOUSE is bitching at all about a devoted husband, great sex 5 times week, 3 kids, and they can still nap! I second your call on humblebrag.
Sep 5 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
Happy Labor Day holiday to everybody celebrating it.
The return of cooler weather and rain has griz back to
her composing, computer entries, and music playing.
September is to be a month of soul searching, continued
therapy, and peace for griz, her beloved and quirky family.
Sep 4 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
@92 CMDwannabe @103 Ricardo,@115 RE, and @116 Hunter, et. al: I have said it before, and I'll say it again, regarding circumcision: Ouch, guys--especially those of you who remember the procedure!
@115 RE: So, if our world population is almost 8 billion people, provided the number of men and women is equal, approximately 1 billion men and boys are circumcised?