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Mar 13 Luckier commented on A Celebration of Literature's Past, Present, and Future in Seattle.
Mayor Murray carries his library card in his wallet? Amateur. I memorized my library card number.
Mar 4 Luckier commented on $15 Minimum Wage: The Question Everyone Is Ducking.
Not sure I'm getting your point here, Dan.
Feb 28 Luckier commented on Who Do You Like To Close Out The Oscars' Dead Movie Stars Montage?.
Shirley Temple is the nostalgic bet, though I wouldn't be surprised if they did a special presentation for her, maybe as the lead-in to the "who died this year" montage.
Feb 27 Luckier commented on Is Having a Quiet Phone Conversation in a Cafe Okay?.
@23/Fnarf, twice this has happened - I'm sitting alone in a restaurant lounge, phone at nearby table rings, guy answers phone and raises his "just a minute" finger to his friends and walks away from the table to take the call . . . standing directly next to me. WTF, politely rude guy?
Feb 26 Luckier commented on Chatterbox: The Internet Is Talking About the Girls-Star Wars Connection.
Paul, serious question here - am I the only reader who hates dust jackets? I'd rather carry a book naked so I throw them out. I find them impossible to keep pristine - the edges always get torn and bent. When I borrow a hardcover, I set the dust jacket aside and put it back on when I return the book. Down with dust jackets!
Feb 10 Luckier commented on Terry Hosted and Impromptu Fundraiser for Planned Parenthood This Weekend.
I watched this all unfold on Twitter and "the @SarahMcLachlan of Gay men's assholes" made me spit out my wine. Good one, Dan.
Jan 31 Luckier commented on Here's Your Heart Melter for the Week.
Dang it, Danielle! Now I've got to redo my mascara.
Jan 29 Luckier commented on The Red Hot Chili Peppers Are Playing the Halftime Show.
Any excuse to link to Emily's amazeballs review of Anthony Kiedis's autobiography:

Jan 23 Luckier commented on We Have Our Third.
Aw, couldn't happen to a nicer D'ick.
Jan 22 Luckier commented on How Privilege Protects You.
Thoughtful & thought-provoking piece, Danielle. I'm so glad to have you here writing for Slog.

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