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@8 According to a Pew Research Center study, this so-called "golden age" of information is not making anyone better informed.

There may be diverse sources of knowledge. Do people use those diverse sources to form a nuanced and informed point of view or do they only seek out those sources they already agree with?

What about the credibility of these sources? For example, a "source of knowledge" once posited that vaccines cause autism--and because that was easily accessed and easily linked, that thought is now widely spread...even if it is totally incorrect and based on a fraud.

I'm with you in doubting there can be a regulatory/curatorial mechanism for social media. I'm not even sure who can be considered a "trusted agent" in a time when the government, media and science are all significantly mistrusted (and often for good reason.)

I just can't agree with you about this being a golden age for anything other than confusion.
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@5 Not only is it ratings, but it's also cutting costs.

It costs money to find out the truth...or for science to determine facts...and, in the end, people seem quite capable of ignoring or disbelieving the truth or facts if they happen to be inconvenient to their beliefs.

You know what is cheap? Instead of sending reporters, investigators or scientists after the have people argue about what they've heard. And not only is it cheap...anybody can watch those kind of shows because no one is ever proven wrong--nobody ever has to change their mind, no matter how much they argue.

People are used to, they're not terribly surprised when government seems to be exactly the same--two sides yelling at each other with no effort to come to a consensus.
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We live in a world where people can pick and choose their own facts that match their opinions and there are no unimpeachable sources of truth...and people can choose to live in an echo-chamber that can constantly reflect their own worldview back at them.

...and boy are they angry about people who don't agree with them.

Good luck cultivating a culture of fact and substance.

Social media isn't the is merely a terribly efficient conduit.
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@30 Escalator injuries in the United States are significant and growing (from 4,900 injuries and deaths in 1990 to 12,260 injuries and deaths in 2013.) Over 3/4ths of those injuries and deaths are due to falls.


You joke about life not being safe--but escalators are not designed to be unsafe. Neither are they designed for people to walk on them.

And most people don't. Again, studies show that only 10-25% (depending on the study) of the populace walk on escalators. I think it is patently unfair to describe 75-90% of the public as simply "lazy". Perhaps they're better informed? Perhaps they're more concerned about their safety and the safety of others? Perhaps they don't microwave their Pop-Tarts instead of toasting them just to save a couple of seconds?

One last piece of the puzzle. The Washington State Department of Labor and Industry produces a pamphlet on escalator and elevator safety with answers to supposedly frequently asked questions and handy tips for how to properly ride both escalators and elevators as well as moving walkways.

That pamphlet instructs people to "stand in the center and hold on to a hand rail" of an escalator. While clearly proven, standing abreast is the most efficient way to utilize escalators...the State of Washington is willing to put efficiency aside for the sake of safety.

When you demand that people stand on the right so you can walk--you're not only ignoring the inherent design of the're not only endangering yourself and others by your actions, you're also expecting people to endanger themselves...just for your temporary personal convenience.

Ehh, I'll stand.
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terrible (not terribly)
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@22 I don't think you get to play the victim card when you've called anyone who doesn't agree with your choices a "lazy slob."

And your anecdotal percentages (nearly everyone already and automatically stands on the right) seems to fly in the face of the arguments made by others on this thread...and in threads on many articles about escalator etiquette, which makes it seem like it is a terribly problem caused by supposedly terrible people.

Again, all I'm pointing out is that science is proving that commonly held beliefs about escalator etiquette are incorrect and inefficient...and injurious.

Japan, in response significant and increasing numbers of escalator injuries, is actively working to stop people from walking on escalators:…


@21 That escalator wasn't built just for me. That escalator was built to efficiently and safely move large numbers of people...and the best way for it to do that is for people to ride, standing, side-by-side...rather than leaving half of it empty for the minority of people who might want to ignore the inherent design of the machine by walking on it.

Expecting that half of the escalator not to be used just for your personal preference is selfish and makes things demonstrably worse for the majority. And your question about what choice might move me--just me, not everyone--faster is further proof of self-involved thinking.

Maybe that's the American way...or the capitalist way. It's certainly not a civilized way of thinking.

To humor you, though...if I was in such a rush that the efficiency of an escalator isn't enough, I'd take the stairs--which are meant to be walked on, compared to escalators which are not.
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@19 "it frees up the other side so everyone who isn't a lazy slob can walk"

You can say this over and over to yourself if it makes you feel better about your choices and your attitude towards other people.

Just know that science and design both prove that you're wrong.
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@12 An escalator is NOT simply a set of stairs.

From discussing the walk/ride escalators in Washington DC:
--WMATA Spokesperson Ron Holzer says that Metro recommends that all “riders stand and hold the hand rail as the safest way to go up and down and enjoy the ride”, as this is what escalators were meant to do. Escalator steps weren’t intended for walking, and they are taller than typical stairs, which increases the risk of tripping or being injured. Mr. Holzer says simply, “People shouldn’t walk on moving escalators.” That gives us Reason #1: It’s safer to stand still on escalators.--

And again, studies show that the percentage of people who walk while on escalators to be somewhere between 25% (at the highest) and 10% (at the low end), in a busy situation, it is HORRIBLY inefficient to expect that 50% of the escalators capacity to be unused. In a high volume situation, that means that vast majority of people must be moved slower simply because you want the unfettered opportunity to move yourself slightly faster.

That's the exploitative capitalism of transport, right there. If you're talking about it being "the principle of the matter"--you are doing it wrong, the people you slander as being lazy are doing it correctly.

You have a choice. Be smart, efficient, safe, concerned about others and correct OR be a self-entitled asshole and wrong.

That's the principle of the matter.
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The news footage of the opening weekend of the Seattle light rail showed very efficient passenger traffic flow--with people standing abreast on the has been proven they should...rather than wasting half the escalator's capacity by leaving it empty for the few who might decide to walk.

The idea that people save significant time by walking on an escalator is an illusion. You're actually making it worse for everyone by demanding people leave room for your foolishness.
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But, I don't want to clear out my cookies just to see what the young people and the paranoid people get to see!