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Apr 12, 2013 alithea commented on Raffi Speaks Out About Rape Culture.
Mar 21, 2013 alithea commented on HOLY SHIT: Prince Playing Four Shows at the Showbox Next Month.
market already has shows booked, so this might be at sodo which would suck real bad? i mean, it would suck less than the tacoma dome. but. it aint the market.
Mar 20, 2013 alithea commented on Shock Value.
how hard is it to just ... not excuse racism? whether its intentional racism, or just a terrible excuse for shock, don't give it a pass. it's tired, boring, creatively desperate, and completely unnecessary.

see also: pork magazine!
Mar 9, 2013 alithea commented on Here's One of My Punk Stories, Now Share Yours.
i think my first memory of punk is from 1995ish, when i was 10 years old, living in olympia, and my family had just moved into this little white house on 20th ave. my mom told me that the landlords had two daughters, maggie and tobi, and that tobi was in a band called bikini kill (she played drums, thats why the garage had all these egg cartons stapled to the wall, my mom told me). my mom had a copy of "the cd version of the first two records", and i remember sitting down at the stereo and listening to it while reading the lyrics and just being totally scandalized because every. single. song. had a swear word in it.

a little while later, maybe when i was 11 or 12, a friend of my mom's started baby sitting my sister and i. her name was mary margaret, and she was a riot grrrl who gave me the doubles of all her zines. i learned about dental dams and feminism and masturbation and rape and maybe things i was too young to learn about, but i wasn't scandalized by them (i think maybe my baby sitter thought i was gay and wanted me to know that it was chill and there was a community for me if i decided i was). i started going to shows, and because this was olympia in the mid 90s, that meant sleater kinney, behead the prophet, karp, a million calvin projects, yo yo a go gos, ladyfests, etc.

by the time i was 14, i mostly wanted to listen to sublime and no doubt and the ataris (and SO MUCH SKA), but when i started rediscovering feminism in my early 20s, i realized it was a huge advantage that i had grown up in the gender-subversive culture of olympia, so these ideas were not foreign to me. so much of punk is still "white dudes thinkin' about girls and shit", and i really feel like growing up in a community that really WAS punk has given me the tools to think critically and actualize subversiveness in my life.
Feb 13, 2013 alithea commented on To Avoid Rape, "Try not to show fear.".
@100 -- I didn't misunderstand, I just have zero patience for giving MORE to men who have literally endless privilege.
Feb 13, 2013 alithea commented on To Avoid Rape, "Try not to show fear.".
@95 (AND GIFFY!!!! Don't think I didn't see your smart comments) Y'all are the best. When I put all the terrible men into a giant rocket ship headed for the sun, you can stay.
Feb 13, 2013 alithea commented on To Avoid Rape, "Try not to show fear.".
@91 Oh my god YOU'RE RIGHT. It's not only women are raped by men!!! You are a motherfucking genius, here is your GOLD STAR for totally debunking rape culture as a whole:
Feb 13, 2013 alithea commented on To Avoid Rape, "Try not to show fear.".
@84: Wahhh, won't someone think of the POOR MEN??? The poor men who just DON'T UNDERSTAND that women are human??? Let's gently hold their hand and spoon-feed them these extremely basic ideas that they would ALREADY GET if they weren't drowning in their own fucking privilege.

I am really embarrassed for most of the men participating in this thread. Like, CONGRATULATIONS, you probably know about A Thing!! But there is almost a 100% chance that you DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT LIVING IN CONSTANT FEAR ABOUT BEING SEXUALLY ASSAULTED. Seriously! You don't! So, instead of talking about a thing you really, REALLY have no clue about, shut up and listen? There are endless essays and articles and research, all available at your fingertips. No spoon feeding necessary!

I would love to school some of you assclowns (some of which I see in real life -- GOMEZ, HELLO!) but your heads are SO FAR UP YOUR OWN ASS, the muffling noise of your own paternalistic bloviating on what people who have an entirely different life experience than you should do would block out any reasoning on the subject, so it isn't worth my fucking time. Hope y'all are looking forward to a self-righteous middle finger the next time I see you in person, you idiot sacks of shit.
Feb 13, 2013 alithea commented on To Avoid Rape, "Try not to show fear.".
sexual assault is not about punishing those who wear short skirts or get drunk or walk home alone. sexual assault is about power and masculinity, and in order to deconstruct the rape culture we live in, we must address those issues.

men: this is YOUR problem. those tips? THEY ARE FOR YOU! drill them into your head as ive you've been socialized your whole fucking life to prevent sexual assaults. be aware of your surroundings. see something shady? a woman being followed? someone paying too much attention to a stranger? don’t fucking ignore it. im not encouraging some culture of paternalistic protection, im saying YOU are responsible for preventing sexual assault too. start here: Men Can Stop Rape --
Feb 5, 2013 alithea commented on One of These Things Is Not Like the Others.
there are always some a+ outliers for coachella (ie THE SELECTER). sasquatch just sticks to its thing.