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Mar 16 TheMisanthrope commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Too Drunk To Swing.
Can we start at number 1? You go to a swingers party but you made rules about no oral or penetration? So, what...handies and fingerbanging for your partners who came to get laid? Maybe there was kink involved, after all this had a playroom, and you were allowing each other to whip and dominate or submit. That's the only way this letter makes any sense, but is glaringly left out of the Letter.

What LW might be mad about is a lack of care or respect on the part of her husband. Did her husband know she was shitfaced and puking in the bathroom while he was fucking the girl? Did he finish? Or did he go to the bathroom to care for his primary? Again, these details are conspicuously absent. If I got shitfaced and ended up in a toilet, I'd expect my boyfriend/husband to look after and care for me. Sorry, guy he's fucking, I come first.

Other than that possibility, LW sounds like she's trying to destroy her marriage by hitting the self-destruct button. Introducing new people but making rules that are bound to fail. Changing the rules on the fly and getting upset about the rule change. Putting all the responsibility on the man to act reasonably, while abdicating your own unreasonable participation in this fiasco (D/S again?). Figure out why you're upset and go from there.
Mar 15 TheMisanthrope commented on The Morning News: Maddow's Trump Reveal, Wallingford Protests Upzone.
@12 According to CNN, it was Nixon who first released his tax 1973. In case you didn't realize it, that's after having won a re-election and while he was under audit and in the midst of Watergate.

So, Jimmy Carter was the first president to do so pre-emptively, in 1976. That's only 40 years not 70+ years. But, what's 30 years between friends...?

Not saying that your argument is completely invalid, just that lying or exaggerating is unnecessary and weakens your argument.
Mar 13 TheMisanthrope commented on Reader E-Mailbag: Sugary Drink Tax is a Smart Investment in Kids, How to Fight the AIDS Epidemic.
@10 Fun fact: Bottled Water also used to be taxed here until 2004.

At least your arguments don't deny that you're supporting a regressive tax.

And, you're willing to admit that you're looking to impose your belief system on poor people whom you believe to be making far worse choices than you are and aren't able to pay their way out from your brand of authoritarianism. It's freedom for the rich, and water for the poor.

I wonder if there is a way to tax egomania.
Mar 13 TheMisanthrope commented on Reader E-Mailbag: Sugary Drink Tax is a Smart Investment in Kids, How to Fight the AIDS Epidemic.
@5 Sin taxes are regressive. You don't need cigarettes to survive, but cigarette taxes are, by their nature, disproportionately effect the poor more than the rich. A homeless guy buying a pack of cigarettes pays a higher percentage of their income to a sin tax than Jeff Bezos or Tom Douglas. That is the definition of regressive taxation, not by whether or not the product is a necessity.

Sin taxes also are different than luxury taxes, where taxes affect the wealthy. Why don't we increase the tax on diamond earrings or gold class rings? Or how about taxes on new furniture over $300? Or, car sales valued over $25k?

We here in Seattle are ADDICTED to regressive taxation. For over a decade, The Stranger and Charles Mudede have occasionally written a passive think piece or two about how upside-down our tax structure is - our state is the worst in the nation - but whenever another regressive tax is up for debate, everybody pulls out their wallets to engage in mutual self-satisfied fellatio that they're paying their fair share.

If you support the tax, fucking own it. Own up to the idea that you love regressive taxation and are willing to support yet another round of it for a pre-school. Don't try to say "it's not regressive" because that's a fucking lie.
Mar 12 TheMisanthrope commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Lonely Unicorn Looking for London Ladies.
@6 I thought that finding other people like yourself was a benefit to living in the Internet age. OK, 17, maybe you're limited to your choices of action. But, at 24, hopefully you've experienced much youthful indiscretion.
Mar 11 TheMisanthrope commented on Mayor Murray Interrupted by Youth Jail Protesters During Irish Week Kickoff Speech.
@38 I'm curious what the percentage of youth internees have committed violent offenses. Neither the report nor the article seems to have that info, and it seems to be very pertinent to the conversation.

Yes, only 16% of youth crime might be violent, but, without knowing the stats on youth crime, the violent offenders might still make up the vast majority of internees. Besides, violent crime is very select. Amongst other things, it doesn't include driving offenses (such as DWI or vehicular manslaughter), arson, or illegal weapons possession.
Mar 10 TheMisanthrope commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Man Goes Into A Capitol Hill Gay Bar.
Business Card!!!

*phew* I feel better.
Mar 8 TheMisanthrope commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Twenty-Something Ways for a Twenty-Something to Come Out.
@6 By "figure out you're gay" I meant "figure out how to be your brand of gay." I need to edit before I post.
Mar 8 TheMisanthrope commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Twenty-Something Ways for a Twenty-Something to Come Out.
#5, 8 and 13 can often go hand in hand. Though not necessarily even PFLAG, your university might have a GSA or LGBTQIAYRDDG group that also tends to function as hookup hot spots. Go there. Make out with a girl. Get self confident with your sexuality. Then, you can figure out you're gay.

And if a guy pressures you after you say No before you're comfortable in coming out, just lie. Tell him he's ugly or you don't date guys with eyebrows or whatever. You shouldn't have to date somebody out of social obligation because you didn't have a reason not to.