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Jun 12 Eric from Boulder commented on Even 21 Years Later, This Building Is Still the Real Star of Chungking Express.
I stayed in Chungking Mansions, a couple weeks, in the early 80s, when I was kicking around Asia on the cheap. In what was otherwise an expensive city, you could rent a tiny tiny room, like 4 foot by 7 foot, in a "Guest House", (basically just a one-bedroom apartment that had been subdivided into like 7 or 8 mini-rooms like mine) for a few dollars a day. Three floors up, another tiny apartment had been converted into an Indian restaurant, surprisingly good and again, affordable. The "mansion" occupies a city block, and is pierced vertically by dark, dank, drippy air shafts which provide the only ventilation. All very atmospheric. Yes, there definitely was some illegal activity going down. Now I want to see the movie.
Apr 13 Eric from Boulder commented on Policing Has Apparently Become a Safari for the Rich in Tulsa County.
I disagree with the backhanded-compliment aspect of many of the comments above. Charles' work is one of the reasons I still read slog. He is consistently interesting. And occasionally, as with this column, he is transcendent.
Apr 7 Eric from Boulder commented on South Carolina: Cop Shoots Unarmed Black Man In the Back.
@25, re @24: What happens? It's a little incoherent, but if I understand correctly, Zok's point is that when a club officer (the treasurer? the vice president? Zok doesn't specify) has to deal with shitheads all day who are sometimes late, like even later than 7:10 a.m., well it's only reasonable that he gets to shoot some of them in the back. Zok has "no problem with it".
Apr 7 Eric from Boulder commented on South Carolina: Cop Shoots Unarmed Black Man In the Back.
It occurs to me, that if you ever should happen to video an incidence of police misconduct, you should not produce the video right away. Keep it to yourself for a day or two (although you might want to make a few copies and mail them to friends.) Give the bad apple in question, and his partner, a chance to cop-splain away their actions. Because the other thing that's going to hang this cop, and his partner, is that they lied about what happened. This is a situation where there will actually be some consequences for the partner who aided in the cover up. They won't give him immunity for his testimony -- they don't need it. Yes, convicting bad cops of murder is important, but convicting a few bad-cop enablers of obstruction of justice could really help change the culture.
Apr 7 Eric from Boulder commented on South Carolina: Cop Shoots Unarmed Black Man In the Back.
Dropping the stun gun by the body, that's the thing that's finally going to get a policeman convicted. Without that, the cop just says "in the instant before the video starts, I was locked in a life or death struggle with a violent felon", just like Mehlman's favorite cop said, "and the shots fired were just the tail end of that fight, which I was losing! I couldn't risk him coming back to finish me off." And, the fact is, he probably would have skated on the murder charge. Juries are just that friendly to police. But, dropping the stun gun, that's just a little too cool and collected to go with the "I was terrified!" narrative that worked so well on the Missouri grand jury, and on Mehlman.
Feb 23 Eric from Boulder commented on MacFarland, USA: After Kevin Costner Saved Black People in Black or White, He Sets His Sights on Improving the Lot of Latinos.
Who's going to be the anchor on the Stranger's speed eating relay team? Crap, Paul, I hate this. I've hugely enjoyed your work over the last, what, nearly a decade, now? Best of luck in whatever your next endeavor is. Saying "you'll be missed" doesn't begin to cover it.
Feb 23 Eric from Boulder commented on An Incomplete List of Things Scott Walker Isn't Sure He Believes.
Paul, rumor you've left The Stranger? Could you please quash this rumor immediately before I fall into a profound depression, and probably de-bookmark SLOG?
Feb 17 Eric from Boulder commented on RIP, '60s Pop-Music Icon Lesley Gore.
Wow. That's a version of Lesley Gore I never heard before. Fun!
Feb 11 Eric from Boulder commented on Breaking News! You Can Now Read The Stranger on Your Cell Phone.
@5: the ghost of Bob Fosse will haunt the developer who disabled jazz hands!
Feb 10 Eric from Boulder commented on From the Dept. of "No Shit": Obama Never Opposed Same-Sex Marriage.
"He pretended to oppose and we pretended to believe him."
That's terribly cynical and pretty much true.