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Sep 11, 2015 Cascadian commented on Forget It, Jake. It’s Seattle..
It was on their list. I voted for it.
Jun 22, 2015 Cascadian commented on Is Hillary Clinton In Trouble?.
Bernie has a lot of grassroots support in the Democratic Party, and not just in Seattle. I think he could win the caucus next year. The buzz among activists is much more on his side than it was with Obama eight years ago, in my experience.
Feb 10, 2015 Cascadian commented on Jonathan Grant of the Tenants Union Will Challenge Tim Burgess or Sally Clark for Council Seat.
I think the real answer is housing subsidies, paid for by taxes on high-value properties. Higher incomes for the middle class would also help.
Jan 26, 2015 Cascadian commented on Senate Republicans Float Bill to Kill Bertha.
Step 1: Stop the project.
Step 2: Build a massive new viaduct with bigger-than-ever ramps that screw up the waterfront more than ever.
Step 3: Blame liberals, Democrats, and Muslims for cost overruns and refuse to ever pay a penny to any major projects in the Seattle metro area, particularly transit projects.
Step 4: Blame the same people for the fact there are no projects in the area.
Step 5: Spend billions of Seattle's tax dollars in rural Eastern Washington counties, forever.

I'd add a step where they somehow use anger about this to win support in the city and turn it Republican, but that will never happen because the whole point is they hate Seattle, liberals, Democrats, and everything we stand for and would rather destroy us than rule us. That's an even bigger factor than most of the non-Dori Monson demographic of the city would never fall for their bullshit.
Jan 2, 2015 Cascadian commented on Wait. What? Mayor Murray Dreams of a Fourth Tunnel. (For Transit.).
There isn't enough capacity to put all north-south traffic through one downtown tunnel for all time. If you run East Link and Central Link trains north through Capitol Hill and the U District (and further north), you can run each line every 5 minutes and have trains going that way every 2 1/2 minutes. If you add another line, you'd have to increase headway. (Every line added means branching frequency at longer intervals.) In the short term, there's not enough overall ridership to need headway that short, so you could squeeze in another line. A Ballard spur could work on this concept, though Sound Transit would probably prefer to have a transfer rather than interline. But in the long run, you really want another tunnel through downtown close enough to quickly transfer between the two.
Dec 16, 2014 Cascadian commented on Jeb Bush Is Running for President, and He's Got a Very Good Shot at Winning.
Er, credulous, I mean. The electorate is NOT very credible, but it is credulous.
Dec 16, 2014 Cascadian commented on Jeb Bush Is Running for President, and He's Got a Very Good Shot at Winning.
If he can convince the (unfortunately way too credible) electorate that he's more like Poppy than W, he's got a good chance of winning against Hillary Clinton. As someone who thought the elder Bush was bad enough, I'm really depressed by that thought.
Dec 8, 2014 Cascadian commented on Seahawks Beat Eagles, Inspiring Levels of Insufferability That Can Only Be Described As "Nelly-Esque".
The Seahawks actually have a good shot at top seed in the NFC. If they win their final three games, they'll have 12 wins. The only other teams that could have 12 wins then would be Green Bay, Philadelphia, Arizona, Detroit, and Dallas. The Seahawks would win the tie-breakers against all of those teams except for the Cowboys.

Now, that depends on beating Arizona at home, which is tough. 11-5 is more realistic (and in their current form, with those other games at home, anything less than that seems highly unlikely). But they'd get past Atlanta no problem, and I doubt they'd lose in Arizona twice in one season. So the Packers really are the biggest worry, and that's only if they don't finish with 12 wins and the top seed, which would mean two home games on the way to the Super Bowl.
Nov 24, 2014 Cascadian commented on The Seahawks Won. I Told You So..
19 points? It would have been 26 if Russell Wilson hadn't put down his knee on the last play. It was the safe non-asshole move but for insufferability's sake I was hoping they just powered it in for the TD.
Nov 14, 2014 Cascadian commented on What Are the Parallels Between Birth Control and PrEP?.
The difference is that pregnancy did not in living memory kill hundreds of thousands of people in the prime of their lives in this country.

That HIV is no longer a death sentence does not change that it was. And while another future AIDS may be unlikely, some people will continue to exercise precautions that kept them alive until now. I think it's reasonable for some people to make a different risk assessment, but I don't think those that are more cautious should be attacked for that view unless they are calling people Truvada whores or otherwise being assholes.