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May 22 Cascadian commented on UW Resolution to Encourage Israel Divestment Fails.
Get over yourself, and try talking to Israelis that disagree with you, or even an actual Palestinian. You sound just like the apologists for South African apartheid, and I am old enough to see how similar their arguments are to yours. And just like you, they attacked others for being racist or not knowing history or supporting terrorists, while spouting propaganda that justifies their ill treatment of others. It's sickening.

I have great respect for Jewish traditions and the many Jews I know, so I'm incredibly upset when someone tries to appropriate that respect to support the illegal actions of Israel, and tries to rewrite history and present reality to silence what's going on. In the same thread, people are justifying actual anti-Semitism in our own country (the Macklemore thing). Get your priorities straight, acknowledge that Israel is a country like any other that is capable of (and has committed, and still commits) acts that are worthy of deep criticism, and focus on the hate spread by and within your own communities.
May 22 Cascadian commented on UW Resolution to Encourage Israel Divestment Fails.
Wow, the hardline Likud propagandists are working overtime today.

It is not anti-Semitic to criticize Israeli policies that are clearly against international law, no matter what you claim. A country that occupies territory has responsibilities to the residents there, either to free them from occupation or give them rights within the larger country. Israel has a choice to do either and has done neither. Instead it has inflicted collective punishment on the Palestinians by tearing down homes and cutting down trees for people who are not security threats (aside from their ethnicity and the racism of Israeli policy that equates that ethnicity with an inherent threat). It has built settlements that are in clear violation of UN resolutions. It has taken land for those settlements from other people without compensating them for it. Israeli is a rogue state in its dealings with Palestine. They are either occupiers or an apartheid state, and no amount of lies will make the truth anything else.

It is right-wing Israelis who make anti-Semitic claims by equating Israel with Jewish ethnicity and Judaism as a religion. Israel is not and has never been a Jewish state. It is a state of Jews and Arabs who live on unequal terms and have done so ever since Israel was a nation state. I'm sure there are many people who would like to ethnically cleanse Israel and its history to only include Jews (who were a minority even in most of what is now Israel 150 years ago), but the reality is a multi-ethnic state within Israeli borders. That Palestinians and their supporters don't want to sign on to the rhetoric of a state that privileges Jews over Arabs is not a sign of their racism, it's a sign that they are opposed to racism.

Israel has killed every chance for peace for decades, and since 1967 the US has taken the lead in facilitating their lawlessness. It's time we stopped funding them and let them alone. In the face of a US government that refuses to stop funding Israel's occupation, the obvious recourse is to apply economic pressure on Israel in every way possible to force them to change policy, or failing that, to force the US government to stop spending tax money on an immoral enterprise.
May 20 Cascadian commented on I Stopped by the Costume Shop Where Macklemore Says He Got That Costume, and That Is Not a Witch Nose.
This "I don't see race or racism, and people who do are the real racists" reaction coming from white people on this issue is deeply embarrassing (I say as a white person myself). Age is no excuse. Racist caricatures are real and have an effect even if you're ignorant of them, and even if you don't personally see what the deal is. The correct reaction isn't to plead ignorance and talk about what an enlightened person you are and how you meant well. It's to lead with an apology, acknowledge your ignorance, admit that you made a mistake, and determine not to do it again. And make amends if you can.

It's not about you, as the clueless racist. You are part of a society with a long history of racism and deep divisions on race that continue to the present day. Get over it, grow up, take responsibility for your actions, and stop making excuses. That's basic respect and human decency.
May 19 Cascadian commented on Why Didn't Anyone Notice Macklemore's Anti-Semitic Costume at EMP?.
The costume makes no sense as a costume. It's completely random, slapdash, not stylish, and has no apparent thematic relevance to his music or performance. I have a hard time understanding how someone couldn't parse this as a Jewish stereotype, because it's the only way the costume isn't completely pointless and random.

So he either did something pointless and unintentionally racist, or he was deliberately playing with racist imagery. Neither makes him look very good, and he needs to do better than the non-apology apology "I didn't mean it; sorry you were offended."
May 15 Cascadian commented on $15 an Hour in the City: But What About Suburban Workers?.
Poor people are not voting against their interests. They're more likely to vote for progressive economic policies than middle-income and rich people, when they bother to vote. But they don't bother to vote, because the process doesn't usually include their needs so change never seem to amount to anything.

The people who kill reform in the suburbs are the FYIGM crowd. Upper middle class. Detached home. Multiple cars. Never seen the inside of a bus. And no social conscience. To win you have to appeal to their jealousy. If the city gets better workers and less poverty, and the suburbs get poorer because of low pay, those people have two choices: most likely, a reverse white flight back into the cities OR raising suburban standards to match the city. Part of the solution really needs to be taxing the rich wherever they are, so they can't just run and hide from responsibility to their neighbors as is their way.
May 13 Cascadian commented on Mayor Murray Wants to Re-Run Proposition 1 in Seattle to Save Metro.
I don't like how this went down at all, but I can live with this outcome. Murray better follow through with his promises to use the property tax authority to pay for other things, though, or else this will reflect very poorly on his motives.
May 13 Cascadian commented on HAHAHAHA! Who Convinced Us the Deep-Bore Tunnel Was Only Way to "Move Forward"?.
@38 and 40. According to http://www.historylink.org/index.cfm?Dis…, construction of the Great Northern Tunnel took over 20 months. April 1903 to December 2004. And the tunnel wasn't open for service until May 1906. So over *three years* from first shovel to first service.
May 8 Cascadian commented on Mayor Murray Says He'll Fight Any Attempt to Save Metro by Using Property Taxes; Slams Founder of "Plan C".
@49, the Metro cuts were not an issue until the failure of Plans A (Legislature) and B (County funding). You can't fault McGinn for not finding a funding source for cuts that weren't happening yet.

As for pre-K, if the mayor had funding plans lined up how come none of the Seattle legislators who announced support for Initiative 118 know anything about it until Murray made calls to (at least some of) them to get them to rescind their support? Are legislators low-information, too? Or is it just that Murray hasn't communicated his plans? And if Murray did have property tax funding in mind, why didn't he realize that failure of Prop 1 would present a possible conflict, and thus come up with an immediate funding plan of his own for transit?

At some point, he has to stop blaming other people for what goes wrong and sabotaging people for getting stuff done without waiting for him to get his act together, and start working with other people to get stuff done. It sounds like Ben and McGinn are ready to work with him if he decides to stop pitting daycare against transit.
May 8 Cascadian commented on Mayor Murray Says He'll Fight Any Attempt to Save Metro by Using Property Taxes; Slams Founder of "Plan C".
I'm pretty sure that Schiendelman has been a long time associate of Mike McGinn, but in any event has been (rightfully) vocal about Murray's shortcomings on transit. Ed Murray is thin-skinned and reacts emotionally to criticism, plus he hates McGinn and sees Schiendelman as a McGinn proxy. It's the same petty bullshit that was the whole rationale for his mayoral campaign as far as I can tell. Murray was always the establishment guy annoyed at the grassroots (represented by Schiendelman and McGinn, among others). Really sad.
May 8 Cascadian commented on Mayor Murray Says He'll Fight Any Attempt to Save Metro by Using Property Taxes; Slams Founder of "Plan C".
Ed Murray is a bad mayor.

If he had designs on the property tax for other purposes, he needed to lay claim to it with his own proposals instead of getting upset when someone else did.

If he truly supported transit, he would have been more vocal about Prop 1, and would have worked with others to have a Plan C of his own ready to go. He still has no plan but "maybe I'll cut other important funding or maybe I'll ask people to vote for regressive taxes again."

If he truly supported police reform, he would have kept on the reformers in the department and enforced higher standards on officer conduct, instead of firing the chief reformer and enabling the police guild's misguided agenda.

If he really wanted universal pre-K, he's had months to start mobilizing a plan.

He could support Initiative 118 *and* also put forward funding for universal pre-K. But instead he's creating a false choice between them, hurting both those who use transit and the city's children.

He's just a bad mayor. Incompetent. Egotistical. Petty. Shortsighted. He should have stayed in Olympia where those traits are valued.

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