Oct 17, 2012 fixo commented on Only Obama Can Be Destroyed.
The impact of that cold "please proceed" was all the greater because of the lingering effects of the stern dressing-down the President gave Romney just before, about the puerile suggestion that Team Obama didn't take the Benghazi attack seriously. That was a transformational moment in the campaign and in his Presidency, in which, possibly for the first time, he found a way to express anger and to do it as the leader of the Nation rather than as an "angry black man."
Sep 6, 2012 fixo commented on "Thank god for bubbles.".
Thanks Jen, great stuff. I've been recommending that TNC piece all over the place. It's illuminating, exhilarating, and depressing all at once. Plus, a nice walk down memory lane--the foot of University Avenue in East PA. I am somewhat amazed to remember that, as callow, underage freshmen and sophomores, my buddies and I went down there (actually, East Palo Alto is neither "down" there, nor "East" of Palo Alto, but due north) for cheap drinks in the dives along Whiskey Gulch. I am surprised we made it back, over and over again. Refreshing my memories with a little research, I find out that East Palo Also was almost re-named Nairobi in 1968. Too bad that didn't happen!
Sep 2, 2012 fixo commented on The Marathon Man.
I think a truth-challenged guy like Ryan would be much more likely to lie about his marathon time by shaving, say, 15 minutes off of it, and boasting a much better 3:45 than a 4+. He could probably get away with that. But who knows?
Sep 2, 2012 fixo commented on The Marathon Man.
I ran a marathon a few years ago, also coming in just over 4 hours. I am no fan of Lying' Ryan, but I give him a pass here. First, i often have to do a little mental calculation to remember that 4 is the number of hours in my marathon time, and 2 is the number of hours in my half marathon time, and 3 is the number of hours in the marathon times of my friends who are amazing runners. If you have run lots of races of different lengths, you can have trouble keeping the numbers all straight in the front of your brain. Second, anyone who ran a marathon in 4+ hours in his 20s will NEVER get to sub-3 hours in his life, and knows that it would be a completely implausible thing to falsely boast about. It's just too good. It's like him saying he's a scratch golfer when in fact he's a 15. I'm already appalled enough by Ryan, and don't feel the need to include this story among the reasons why.
Aug 21, 2012 fixo commented on Republican Steve King Has Never Heard of a Girl Getting Pregnant from Statutory Rape or Incest.
@4 I think you have it backwards. Akin was saying if the rape was "legitimate," as in "bona fide" or "true-blue," as opposed, presumably, to just a little friendly matter within the family, or to where the woman had it coming because of what she wore, or (to be fair) to consensual sex after which the woman falsely claimed it was nonconsensual--that is, "non-legitimate" rape--, God's design would cause the lady parts not to allow conception and pregnancy. In all other cases, ipso facto, the woman should accept any pregnancy as a gift from God, as Santorum would have it, and the Constitution should be amended to prohibit terminating that pregnancy. In other words, it doesn't count as rape if she DOES get pregnant. Steve King, on the other hand, seemed to be saying something quite different, which is that we don't need exceptions for statutory rape and incest, because he's never known any victim of statutory rape or incest who got pregnant. He is fine with requiring a pregnant victim of, say, a completely coerced stranger rape to carry that baby. I admit that it is possible these characters have completely confused me. However, I believe the important point is how relentlessly, blissfully ignorant these guys are on a topic about which they presume to legislate for all of us.
Aug 14, 2012 fixo commented on Republicans Are Clearly Just Having Fun Now: Chris Christie to Deliver Keynote at Republican Convention.
@3 and @4 are right. Paul, what Republican could be trotted out as keynoter that wouldn't be a Teabagger in your view? (No fair saying "Alan Simpson," or "Jeb Bush," the latter of whom is also speaking, I believe.) I would think the Romney forces and convention planners (same thing, perhaps) consider Christie to be their play to the Center, not to the Right. Because he's so darn frank and refreshing! For example, I suspect he believes in Evolution. And I bet that, if and when pressed, he would say something about gun control that would piss off the NRA.
Jul 27, 2012 fixo commented on Introducing Rob McKenna.
@ 8 and 16. You are dating yourselves!
Jun 7, 2012 fixo commented on A New Yorker on Seattle.
Really? Lewis and Clark?
May 22, 2012 fixo commented on Watch Cory Booker Retreat Even Further on Maddow.
@13 Oh please. I am not a proponent of private equity. I think it's way too often abusive, visits harm and suffering on lots of people, and ruins perfectly fine companies. Fact is, though, that it ain't a simple topic and there are plenty of people engaging in analysis and debate about it, rather than name-calling. I am not referring to the Presidential campaign. I learned just yesterday (on the internet, of course, TPM, or Sullivan or some such place) about a study showing that private equity historically has led to a net gain of jobs. That doesn't mean ipso facto that it's a great thing, but it does indicate some complexity. No doubt, for example, there are plenty of people whose jobs have been saved by private equity. I think Booker has a lot of finance industry types in his bailiwick and decided to try to score some points objecting, like some sort of statesman, to broad-brush, across-the-board denunciations about a complicated topic. He botched it pretty good. But my point was that it is not the last we are going to hear from him, and that it is silly to pronounce him persona non grata because of this one boo-boo. In any event, I'll wager Cory Booker has done a lot more for the disadvantaged than everybody on this thread combined.
May 22, 2012 fixo commented on Watch Cory Booker Retreat Even Further on Maddow.
@3 has it right. This won't hurt him, especially if he shuts up for a bit like @4 says. And it won't hurt the President--does Romney really want to spend time debating the merits of private equity--as practiced by him--even if he does have some retracted sound bites from Cory Booker to use? There comes a point where one can listen a little too carefully to every note uttered among gajillions in a marathon campaign like this and seize a little too quickly upon evidence that someone lacks the required ideological purity. It seems a little, well, fundamentalist, not to mention a little hysterical. Booker's a star, this little flub notwithstanding. Paul, just play back for your listeners Booker's statement to the press a little while ago about Chris Christie's spinelessness on gay marriage. Then all will be well.