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Oct 17 JenV commented on Ron Paul Believes the Free Market Will Save Us from Ebola.
The free market could eventually save some people from Ebola, sure. But not until it seriously threatened rich people, meaning it would take far longer and many millions of (mostly poor) people would die. I doubt that would keep Ron Paul (or the free market) up at night, though. What an ass.
Oct 1 JenV commented on Internal Memo About Mars Hill's "Global Fund" Shows the Church Intended to Use Some of the Money to "Deflect Criticism" and Quietly Keep the Rest.
Goddamn. Either Throckmorton has a well-placed mole inside Mars Hill, or some of the pissed-off higher-ups who've been forced out brought a LOT of documentation with them.
Sep 24 JenV commented on The Dowager Duchess of Devonshire Is Dead.
I'm sure it also helps if you have a fuck-ton of money and a giant estate, so you barely have to see your spouse if you don't like them. I bet in an 800 sq ft apartment she'd have been singing a different tune.
Sep 22 JenV commented on Seahawks Win Super Bowl Again, This Time In Dramatic Fashion.
I enjoy these posts. 5 out of 5 Hauschkas.
Sep 18 JenV commented on Bobby Jindal, Rand Paul, and the Calamity of Believing That God Is the Only True Thing.
Paul, I enjoy your writing about politics very much, and this was no exception. Excellent.
Sep 8 JenV commented on Pastor Mark Driscoll Taught That Women Were Primarily Created to Be a "Home" for the Penis.
Aww, look, it’s a man whose entire worldview is built on the juvenile mindset of “but… but… my boner!” We probably don’t have a billion or two of those already.

It’s almost precious how he thinks his ideas are novel. Almost.
Sep 5 JenV commented on If the Seahawks Keep Playing Like They Did Last Night, We're All Going to Become Insufferable.
@13, I just read yesterday that this off-season Russell Wilson filmed commercials for AmFam Insurance, Alaska Airlines, Bose, Braun, Duracell, and Microsoft, among others. Those are all classier than Carl's Jr., sure, but most of them are national.
Sep 5 JenV commented on Gay Family Asks For Help.
Err, shit. Obviously in the case of adoption or whatever, they wouldn't be dual citizens. Derp, sorry.
Sep 5 JenV commented on Gay Family Asks For Help.
Wouldn't the kids be dual US/Canadian citizens, then? If so, it seems like the alternate route would be to get their US passports so that visas would not be required.
Aug 21 JenV commented on Stanford Student Compares Rape to Bicycle Theft.
Not all bicycle thieves.

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