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  • Why are people so afraid to learn the truth about building 7?: they can't count that high
  • Wildrose or Staying Home (Lesbians only)
  • Cowgirls, Inc. or Pony
  • Where's your hairiest square inch?: ummm.umm... no no..i just can't say
  • Elliott Bay or Amazon

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reverend dr dj riz is sittin here lookin at you.
Mar 20 reverend dr dj riz commented on Danielle Henderson Is The Stranger's New Arts & Culture Editor!.
well then.. go ahead with your bad self..
Mar 17 reverend dr dj riz commented on Fred Phelps: Excommunicated and Near Death.
well fuck all if this shit isn't ..ummmm... biblical.. or something. man of god, prophet if you will, starts out with intentions but becomes such an fervent enemy of the best parts of humanity - family , the ability to love and live in harmonious fellowship with community, affection and initmacy, AND the best parts of spirituality - grace, mercy, compassion etc. and fueled by greed, power, and self serving vengeance to be universally mocked and loathed by anyone who ever encountered him. it will be a wonder that the corpse doesn't rot, then wither all in the space of a final breath and not leave so much as a stain behind. THAT'S the kind of shit that happens to people in the bible.
Mar 14 reverend dr dj riz commented on Bartender Crush: Candice at Moe Bar.
@8 you prolly has it coming.
Mar 14 reverend dr dj riz commented on Sandra Jackson-Dumont's Going to Lead the Education Department at the Met.
...sandra nutherfunkin jackson faunkybottom dumont.
Mar 13 reverend dr dj riz commented on The Ronan Farrow Conundrum.
where have we seen this before ?..…
Mar 10 reverend dr dj riz commented on A Polite Request for Showgoers to SHUT THE FUCK UP.
you know this shit happening more and more in movie theaters too ?...
Mar 7 reverend dr dj riz commented on Farewell/Good Riddance to the Old Comet Tavern.
i drank beer by the pitcher after pitcher until i pissed clear. i met mudede when he first moved here there although he wouldn't remember. it and whasis name from the presidents and what's that band ummm love battry ?.. y'all know who i'm talking about.. the drummer.. yeah.. we used to have kfc from up the street and beer ever goddamn week. and i took my momma up in there once and some fool called her a 'bitch'. i was gonna fight him ( and i'm not a fighting man ) but alls i could do was chase him around and grab him by the collar and wrassle him to the ground before one of the bartenders said 'leave him alone, he's gay'.. and i said ' well so am i'. she let me go but gay dude had already left so i still haven't been in a fight bar fight or other..well except the time i got sucker punched by some rajneeshi asshole at the virginia inn.
and dag.. that memorial for stephanie of 7 year bitch who was a regular there.saddest thing i ever seen
oh.. and squirrels used to run through there from time to time. like get in somehow but forget how to leave and then just run around the joint until somebody would herd em out..
i stopped way before they started selling liquor, mostly because the cig smoke was thick and old and foul and if i ever succumb to second hand smoke disease, i will try to sue those unclefuckers. or haunt them.. of course since meinert's taking it over, i guess my spectre will have to do an innernet search of where to find them.
i loves you people'
Mar 5 reverend dr dj riz commented on Chatterbox: The Internet Is Talking About Spielberg's West Side Story.
spielberg oughta remake the wiz, keep the richard pryor and lena horne bits cgi stylie, and leave the west side story the frak alone.

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