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Mar 30 Mahtli69 commented on Build It.
@18 - I doubt it. My alternative is for Seattle to go it alone and fund transit within the city on its own. We already did this last year to save some bus lines that Metro was going to cut (despite them being packed to the gills during commuting hours).

Sound Transit doesn't seem to be up to the task, and has too many constituencies to please. Some of those longer proposed suburban lines are just stupid, and are only there to get votes.
Mar 30 Mahtli69 commented on Build It.
@12 - I am willing to pay more for a reasonable timeline. What is proposed is a non-starter. It's not a matter of capability, but priorities. I shudder at the thought that I could move to north to the suburbs for a faster commute downtown than from many points within the city limits. How does that not encourage more sprawl? What about all of the density and urban villages that are being built within the city limits NOW?
Mar 30 Mahtli69 commented on Build It.
You will be hard-pressed to find someone who supports light-rail more than me, and I think ST3 is a big pile of shit.

Ballard, which is being rebuilt with more density and less parking NOW (hooray!), doesn't get anything for 22 years (say what?!?!?) ... What a fucking disaster.
Mar 25 Mahtli69 commented on Sound Transit Unveils $50 Billion Light Rail Package Including Lines to Ballard and West Seattle.
Ballard needs light rail yesterday. Fuck the suburbs.
Mar 23 Mahtli69 commented on New Column!.
Too soon
Feb 11 Mahtli69 commented on UPDATED: Oregon Standoff Ends As Final Occupier Surrenders.
Hopefully the occupiers had the decency to separate the used dildos from the unused ones.
Feb 11 Mahtli69 commented on Morning News: Seattle Is a City of Bad Drivers, Man Slashed in University District Starbucks.
@23 Further confusing this is the Seattle PD ... Per their spokesman, Sean Whitcomb:
"Here in Seattle, traffic circles are specifically for slowing people down in residential neighborhoods. They're not to regulate traffic. Otherwise, there would be signage directing you to stay to the right," he says.

Which is not what the state law says. Nor it it part of the Seattle municipal code.
Feb 11 Mahtli69 commented on Morning News: Seattle Is a City of Bad Drivers, Man Slashed in University District Starbucks.
@19 - I think there are some things particular to WA driving that I just haven't seen in other areas of the country ... Refusal to use turn signals, driving slow in the passing lane, not knowing the difference between a yield and a merge, and the whole 4-way stop ineptitude/passive-aggressiveness. If anything, I think the influx of other drivers has improved things somewhat (that is, when traffic is actually moving).
Feb 10 Mahtli69 commented on A "Proud" NIMBY Sent Us an Unhinged Letter About Heidi’s Homelessness Reporting.
I live in Ballard and confirm that Nextdoor is a reactionary cesspool. One recent poll there supported a recall of Mike O'Brian by a 3:1 margin (yes, 3 months after he won in a landslide), so that gives you an idea of the active demographic there compared to the population at large.

I haven't seen the racial stuff that is prevalent in other cities, but I suspect that is due to a lack of minorities to profile in N. Seattle. Not that some people there aren't self-congratulatory about but the apparent racial harmony, but this makes about as much sense as someone from Kansas being proud of the lack of shark attacks.
Jan 8 Mahtli69 commented on Last Night in Magnolia, Mike O'Brien Got Shouted at for Suggesting It's Wrong to Punish People for Being Homeless.
@85 The crime rate hasn't changed much here in 10-15 years. it's 2-3x lower than it was in the early 90's. If someone thinks the city has changed much in 8 years, the only explanation is that they were completely unaware of the crime around them at the time.