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May 24 jnonymous commented on Where Would I Get a Drink Tonight?.
Dan, What is your bike route from Capitol Hill to Ballard?
Such a slog.
May 24 jnonymous commented on SL Letter of the Day: Help!.
@2 has a great point. Kids have a hard time talking to parents.


Emphasize the part where she says to her parents - "its normal and healthy that someone in my position should want to deal with some shit - and it is your responsibility and hopefully your desire to provide me with help in doing so".

Maybe write them a letter.
May 12 jnonymous commented on Ciccone Youth - Sonic Youth Takin' the Piss.
I just picked up a vinyl copy of this last week. Love this album.

May 5 jnonymous commented on Never Point a Gun at Someone Unless You Plan to Shoot Them.
I like how, in the linked article, the Black father plays the "acting aggressive" card when shooting a black teenager.

Quote from father: "George Zimmerman knows what I'm talking about. Am I right?"
Apr 29 jnonymous commented on Little Feat Is Stanky: Slog Poll.
Jesus, what a waste of 6 hours.
Find something useful to do Mike.
Apr 23 jnonymous commented on The Seattle Rock Lottery is This Saturday!.
Jeppa Hall and Trey Gunn!
Apr 10 jnonymous commented on "Teenage girls and middle-aged men are the source of the best modern television.".
I love Emily Nussbaum. I look forward to the New Yorker every week because of her and Sacha Frere-Jones. For anyone who thinks of the New Yorker as snooty publication, don't think of it as the Stranger from New York.
Apr 6 jnonymous commented on Seattle Times Endorses Slashing Metro Buses.
I think I missed something but isn't this Goldy's beat?

Speaking of Goldy where did he go? No more bible study?

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