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Jan 16 eastcoastreader commented on Baby Terrorizes NYC.
I had to pause this it take a break from laughing so hard my ribs hurt
Jan 10 eastcoastreader commented on Beleaguered Corporate America Needs Your Help to Fight the Growing Power of Big Labor!.
*sigh* like "freedom" the word "prosperity" is all right wing code now
Jan 1 eastcoastreader commented on Resolutions?.
less facebook/internet, more sewing.
Dec 27, 2013 eastcoastreader commented on Hey, Charles: Remember Back When Drunk Driving Deaths Were Deemed "Accidents"...?.
I'm assuming that adult owners of guns that are left out in such a way that a child could get one and shoot another child would be held criminally liable instead of the child who did the shooting
Dec 23, 2013 eastcoastreader commented on Man Who Never Heard of The Stranger Is Upset that The Stranger Publishes Dan Savage.
"disdain" for the Jews? he was going to bring them cookies!
Dec 20, 2013 eastcoastreader commented on Christmas Cookies.
mine are more like little cubes, my kids were not so into doing the rolling part.
Dec 16, 2013 eastcoastreader commented on While You're Considering the BS of Post-Racialism.
I didn't change my name when I got married, my in-laws thought it was "cute." When our daughter got my last name, they stopped speaking to us.
Dec 10, 2013 eastcoastreader commented on If You Named Your Baby Sophia, You Are So Unoriginal.
*sigh* my husband was insistent on naming our girl "Sophie" after his beloved grandmother, now forever and ever she's going to have to say "No, it's *just* Sophie"
Nov 12, 2013 eastcoastreader commented on Here's What David Sedaris Has Been Reading.
I read it as well and it was impossible to put down. I talked about it so much at home that now my eight year old says this: "well X might be bad, but it's not as bad as North Korea, right mommy?"

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