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Feb 26 John Scott Tynes commented on Guide to AWP for People Who Don't Know What an AWP Is.
There's no such thing as a $5 Mojito in Seattle. Too labor-intensive. But premixed $5 Martinis and Manhattans? Sure.
Feb 22 John Scott Tynes commented on City May Cap the Popular Rideshares That Compete with Cabs.
"Add to that the sudden flood of unregulated (i.e., illegal) TNC vehicles into the market . . ."

Because a new thing can't possibly be legal if it isn't regulated? I'd love to see you make that argument to Brendan Kiley.
Feb 10 John Scott Tynes commented on Two Quick Notes About This Morning's Microsoft Bus Protest.
San Francisco union drivers are angry because Google uses bus stops for their system, complicating and delaying their work.

Microsoft's buses do not use Metro stops. They arrange with property owners to use their spaces instead. In my neighborhood there's a Microsoft park-and-ride operated from a church parking lot, which is presumably underutilized on weekdays during business hours. Good for the church and good for commuting.

I doubt Metro's union drivers have a dog in this alleged fight, but that's a nice try there Brendan.
Feb 3 John Scott Tynes commented on Hey Seattle, Love That Championship Feeling? Then Build a New Arena!.
I love that Goldy not only ignores the Sounders, but the Storm as well. I guess women's sports aren't real sports for Goldy.

And I would argue that the quality of life for Mariners fans has been shitty for a very long time.
Nov 28, 2013 John Scott Tynes commented on Primordial Horror Meets Cold Victorian Logic.
I love your theatre reviews, Charles. Thank you for this.
Nov 23, 2013 John Scott Tynes commented on Shooting from the Hip.
In other words, you're bored when they mine obscure cultural references you don't care about and you're engaged when they mine obscure cultural references you do care about. That would be an awesome pull quote: "I love the Habit when they make jokes about things I think are funny!"
Nov 14, 2013 John Scott Tynes commented on Where Should I Buy a New Mattress?.
Bedrooms & More in Wallingford are great and theirs are flippable.
Nov 13, 2013 John Scott Tynes commented on Happy 50th Birthday, Seattle Rep—We've Had Some Nutty Times Together.
Also, way to dismiss Once without even seeing it. But then, the last time I went to a show because you loved it I walked out during the first act. I guess I should be used to this by now.
Nov 7, 2013 John Scott Tynes commented on The Country Music Awards Featured a Skit Slamming Obamacare.
This is nothing more than a Jay Leno monologue or a Mark Russell "comedy special". It's totally legit current-events material. The only reason to cast it as partisan for the sake of scoring outrage points, Paul, is that the context is country music.
Oct 7, 2013 John Scott Tynes commented on City Council Votes to Effectively Ban Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.
The Feds have been very clear that they'll let the legal pot stores happen under very strict guidelines. They didn't say "and MM stores can do anything they damn well please."

The city is just trying to align both store types under the one clear umbrella the feds are holding out. It's not a goddamn conspiracy.

Except for the stadium thing. That's bullshit.

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