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Mar 24 Rotten666 commented on Anti-Black Racial Slur Spray Painted in Greenwood Family's Driveway.
@5 and @6 I was going to say I used to do awful stuff as a kid and I grew up to be a good person, but then again even as a kid I knew writting nigger on a black persons property is pretty fucked up. So yeah, I guess I agree with you.
Mar 24 Rotten666 commented on Sound Transit Unveils Draft Plan for this Fall's Light Rail Ballot Measure.
I'm a big transit booster, but 22 years for Ballard? Come on, man. At least my grandkids will get a lot of use out of it.
Mar 16 Rotten666 commented on You Can Bring Your Bike on Light Rail, but Maybe Don't Bring Your Cargo Bike—For Now.
This a real problem for me. As it stands I dont bring my cargo bike on the train during peak hours (that's a real dick move). I sometimes take light rail from mt baker to Beacon hill when I dont want to slog up the hill. I would like very much to rail my cargo to UW and the ride the BG to my job in Ballard (and where my kid has preschool). If I want to pull off this commute with one kid I have to buy a new single rider bike. Boo. I'm also worried there wont even be room for me to commutte with just one kid on the new bike. We need some bike cars.
Mar 16 Rotten666 commented on How the Next Light Rail Expansion Could Bring Seattle More Affordable Housing.
The minute mart is a dump that is plagued by drug dealers and addicts all day and night. Many of the users hang out in the bushes just south of the station behind the bus stop on MLK. That is why no one goes there. Locals are looking forward to the day the building is bulldozed. My bet is it is gone within the next 18 months.
Feb 24 Rotten666 commented on The Morning News: Trump Wins Nevada, Seattle NAACP President Calls Police Shooting "Cold-Blooded Murder".
@5 what amazing insight you have into the mind of fellow Sloggers, Kreskin. Is it okay if I call you Kreskin?
Feb 13 Rotten666 commented on Justice Antonin Scalia Is Dead.
I don't like to tapdance on anyones grave but....this is pretty fucking great timing.
Jan 22 Rotten666 commented on The First Hill Streetcar, Connecting Capitol Hill to the International District, Will Launch Tomorrow!.
Can't wait to ride! Just like a bus but only much more expensive! Onwards and upwards!
Dec 30, 2015 Rotten666 commented on The Morning News: Earthquakes, Rat Poison in SLU, and Bill Cosby Faces Felony Sexual Assault Charges.
@4 Rat Zapper is the way to go, killed 12 in about a week a few years back. Rat poison is no good, the rats get sick and burrow into the walls to die and then they start to rot. Never use rat poison (Exterminator in my youth).
Dec 16, 2015 Rotten666 commented on The Slow Boat Tavern Is a Great Place to Pass a Slow Evening (or Afternoon).
@1 Get a grip. If anything it's a lowbrow spot for those of us that don't enjoy the crowd at Lotties or the Ale House. Gonna try it out on Sat night, Slow Boat and Union bar should make for a potent one-two punch.