Apr 24 matt commented on Bobby Jindal Seeks Corporate Support for Gay Jim Crow Law.
Your heart is in the right place, but this is basically like trying to invent the Beatles and ending up with the Monkees.
Apr 23 matt commented on Things Got Tense at Last Night’s Screening of the Cobain Documentary Montage of Heck.
@3 Totally true. All dead artists who changed the medium forever are no longer relevant after they've been dead for a while. Warhol, Hendrix, Shakespeare, Homer, Kahlo, Nijinsky, Mozart, Hemingway, et al = IRRELEVANT, and becoming less relevant each year.
Apr 13 matt commented on The Morning News: Shell Oil's ETA in Seattle, Hillary's Hate Crime Against Graphic Designers, and Rubio's Jumped In.
Holy shit, the logo? This is what we're talking about? The fuck. Please, get whoever writes your clever ad copy for Miracle Whip or whatever to vomit out a swear-laden chunk of text about how irrelevant this logo freakout is. Good Lord.
Apr 10 matt commented on Learning to Love (or at Least Not Hate) the Smooth, Sappy, Slow-Dance R&B of Keith Sweat.
unwarranted john & yoko reference = a surprisingly nice touch
Apr 9 matt commented on Five Things I Learned at Sakura-Con.
@5 and 6 - Savage also helps differentiate Slog from, say, SW. But it does feel increasingly bland. And while I do realize it's been happening for a while now, I still get pissed about the pop ups that didn't used to be here.
Mar 24 matt commented on Ted Cruz Only Listens to Country Music Because 9/11.
Dude looks wet all the time.
Mar 20 matt commented on The Complicated Relationships of Shannon Perry.
Mar 14 matt commented on New Column!.
seems legit
Mar 14 matt commented on Breaking! Egg-Shaped Easter Candy Slog Poll.
gross x2