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Mar 14 matt commented on Breaking! Egg-Shaped Easter Candy Slog Poll.
gross x2
Feb 28 matt commented on New Doc Revisits the Salad Days of DC Punk, Through the Eyes of a Fan.
@3 Sounds like a salad daze.
Feb 17 matt commented on New Chop Suey Owners Face Pressure to Change Venue Name.
The name Chop Suey has always been lame, just because it is. The cultural appropriation aspect doesn't help either. Just go back to The Breakroom, an unimaginative but not-sucky historic name.

Neumos was ARO.space was Moe's; only one of those names sucks.

El Corazon was Graceland was the Off Ramp; only one of those names sucks.

Now seems like an ideal time, even if it sorta looks like the new ownership has decided to stick with Chop Suey, I say do it, because the name sucks, and it's more right than wrong.
Feb 13 matt commented on Nice Try, Steely Dan.
A) Sean won't go spend money on Steely Dan to see Elvis Costello.

B) Sean won't travel all the way to Auburn to see Elvis Costello.

C) "Elvis, I don't love you anymore."

D) Even though Elvis' band is actually called The Imposters, Sean is suspicious some kind of ruse is afoot.

E) Sean thinks the headliner should be the opener, and vice-versa.

F) All of the above.

G) None of the above.

Feb 13 matt commented on The Morning News: Israeli Supreme Court Dismisses Appeal in Rachel Corrie Case.
Is every post going to be mostly behind a jump now? I think the Morning News should be exempt.
Feb 9 matt commented on The Replacements Announce Non-Festival Tour.
Hey now. She's down with Patti Smith. Also I'm not sure she's wrong.

If anything, this is just more reader-trolling. "You're Wrong About That", anyone?
Feb 7 matt commented on Chief Kathleen O'Toole Places Seattle Police Officer Sam Byrd on Leave.
The only real solution to systemic bias against the very citizens you are sworn to serve and protect is to weed out the bigots and thugs, and instead recruit well-rounded, empathetic people for the job. This will take a generation to fix, which is more than a memo that says "if you're a hateful piece of shit, don't broadcast it online" can ever accomplish. A band aid on a hemorrhage.

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