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Sep 25 matt commented on Lines Are Harder to Memorize Than to Snort.
As long as she is sincere in her attempts to get her shit together, I'm on Team Lohan. I want her to prove -- to herself, to her critics, and also to others who struggle with attempting to rebuild themselves after fucking up badly -- that this can be done. I mean, if Lindsay Lohan can, I'll have no excuse.
Sep 18 matt commented on More Billionaires Than Ever Before.
And here we have an example of Charles not trolling us - he's just fucking 100% right.

Sep 12 matt commented on Gimme Your F*cking Fair Hair: The Fashion of the Washington State Fair in Puyallup.
No, Ken has a baby in the stroller whose back is to the camera. He's probably a just plain old gay dad with an adorable adopted child.
Sep 1 matt commented on Reviews of (Pretty Much) Every Single Band That Played Bumbershoot Sunday.
@11 So... It sounds like the answer is no, then? I'm sorry. You must be kind of sad.
Sep 1 matt commented on Reviews of (Pretty Much) Every Single Band That Played Bumbershoot Sunday.
@3 and 9: You must have such a lonely life, making constant weird trolly comments, every fucking day, all fucking day, on this site. Do you have a full life? Outside of this place, I mean. I'm asking.
Aug 28 matt commented on Why Is Bumbershoot Better This Year Than Previous Years?.
Is Barbara Mitchell still a freelance writer for The Stranger? She has been for many years, so - maybe mention that.
Aug 27 matt commented on What Kind of Idiot Gives a Nine Year Old an Uzi?.
I just want to say I miss the days when
Dan posted frequently.
Aug 12 matt commented on Anna, This Is Lauren Bacall.
That's Charles, objectifying women even when they die.

BOTH are Lauren Bacall, man. People are still beautiful after they get old.
Aug 9 matt commented on My Philosophy.
I feel like you are focused solely on the influence of the Internet on hip-hop, as we as our day-to-day lives. Not once do you point out that Soulja Boy is fucking terrible, other than to mention Ice-T's grumpy-but-informed take on the kid. Yeah the Internet is relevant, and yeah this shitty hack was the first to blow up because of it, but... he's still a shitty hack.
Aug 6 matt commented on Hell Hath No Fury Like an Early-'80s Teenager Whose Father Recorded Over Her VHS Tape of Beloved MTV Videos.
This is outstanding, of course! Props to your 13-year-old self.

Anyone have a story like this, but in reverse? When I was about 10-11 I (unintentionally) taped over my mom's (unmarked) copy of Koyaaisquatsi with episodes of The Galaxy Rangers. That did not go over well.

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