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Jan 12 DOUG. commented on Major Sports-Arena Corporation Considering Constructing a World-Class Facility At KeyArena Site.
Philip Anschutz, the owner of Anschutz Entertainment Group (aka AEG), is an anti-gay, right wing extremist. Why is the city of Seattle in business with him at all?
Jan 11 DOUG. commented on Josh Feit Is Leaving PubliCola to Write Speeches for Mayor Ed Murray.
Speechwriter or puppeteer?
Jan 8 DOUG. commented on Suddenly Awesome Seahawks Win Playoff Game For Fifth Straight Year Against the Detroit Lions.
The Packers are going to beat the Cowboys next weekend. We're 60 minutes away from hosting the NFC Championship Game. It's gonna happen. Go Hawks!
Jan 5 DOUG. commented on Link's Ridership Continues to Surge.
Good news, of course. But the year-to-year. comparison is silly since the Capitol Hill and Husky Stadium stations have only been open since March.
Jan 5 DOUG. commented on Richard Sherman Joins Marshawn Lynch in Boycott of Media.
I like Richard Sherman and enjoy his commentary, but as long as he plays well on Saturday (and Sunday) I couldn't give less of a shit who he talks to or when.
Jan 2 DOUG. commented on Grading the Seahawks' Season: Even with Win Over the 49ers and a Playoff Berth, the Hawks are Merely Average.
I'm predicting the Seahawks host the NFC Championship game against the Packers.
Dec 29, 2016 DOUG. commented on Trump Claims He Made a Foreign-Owned Corporation Return 5000 Jobs to the US.
Since February 2010, 15 million new jobs have been created in the US. That's 6,000 per day. Fuck Trump.
Dec 21, 2016 DOUG. commented on Just One Thing About Tom Douglas's Griping....
I've pretty much avoided Douglas' restaurants since he was such a prick about the minimum wage. Dave Meinert's too.