Aug 20, 2013 Justin commented on Why Did the British Government Detain Glenn Greenwald's Partner?.
Finally! I've been waiting 2 days for slog to report on this story. What took so long?
Jul 26, 2013 Justin commented on Ed Murray Says He's Not Opposed to Using "Street Vacations" After All. He's Just Opposed to the Way McGinn Is Using Them. Or Something..
@13, as a matter of fact, he did! I got a robo push poll from Murray's campaign last night that specifically asked about the Whole Foods debacle and if I supported McGinn's position or Murrary's.
Jul 12, 2013 Justin commented on Seattle Times Endorses Ed Murray.
Kiss of death?
Jun 19, 2013 Justin commented on Who’s the Boss?.
Does anyone else think McGinn's portrait looks sorta like Tim Eyman?
May 8, 2013 Justin commented on Seattle Times Struggles Not to Murder Children.
Geez, that rag can't disappear soon enough.
May 1, 2013 Justin commented on Some May Day Drama May Be Brewing Outside Seattle Central Right Now.
KING5 is having fun covering the drama. Silly string!
Apr 5, 2013 Justin commented on We Are the Awesomest Nation in the History of the World.
Remember when we used to actually invest in scientific research instead of constantly cutting science funding?
Apr 2, 2013 Justin commented on Alaska Says the GOP Has an Archie Bunker Problem.
Wiki seems to disagree with your assertion Charles:
Mar 26, 2013 Justin commented on Reinforce Your Passwords, People.
Mar 14, 2013 Justin commented on My Boss Does Some Really Cool Shit.
I grew up less than a mile from this place. Thank you, Dan, for bringing some much needed hope to a place where it's still really tough growing up LGBT.