May 18, 2016 smade commented on Watch Robin Wright Talk About How She Got Equal Pay on House of Cards: "I Want to Be Paid the Same as Kevin".
Expecting employers to pay even a nickel more than they absolutely have to is a pipe dream and they will find any excuse not to, including gender. If employers gave a rat's ass about taking care of the people whose labor provides them a living, we wouldn't need unions and labor regulations (fuck you, Paul Ryan) and equal pay legislation, but they don't and we do. Keep the pressure on the fuckers until there is justice.
Jan 19, 2016 smade commented on Distracted Pedestrians Are Not the Same As Distracted Drivers.
You can argue all day that drivers are irresponsible assholes and idiots and you may be right. But if you're a pedestrian and want to stay alive. Pay fucking attention to the irresponsible assholes and idiots around you. No one wants to read "he was in the right" on your tombstone.
Jan 12, 2016 smade commented on Tom Douglas Announces He'll Eliminate Tipping and Raise Wages to $15 an Hour on February 1.
I happily tip 20% because I know it's hard work and involves being nice to lots of shitty people with outsized senses of entitlement, just like any other public service job that deals with drunks and the socially impaired. But the sooner the restaurant industry climbs out of the sordid demi-monde described by the Bourdains and Dublenicas, the sooner we can get a handle on the true market value of food and drink and the hard-working folk who make and serve it. Right now, it's a capitalist America writ small wherein a few ambitious cut-throats get rich while almost everyone else struggles to get within viewing distance of a living wage. If workers can't predict their next paycheck, it's pretty fucking hard to plan ahead.
Dec 31, 2015 smade commented on I, Anonymous.
This is not about the driver. This is about you. Sanctimony is useless to a dead man. Wise up.
Dec 17, 2015 smade commented on In 2015, I Released Two Albums and Spent 161 Days on the Road—It Was Boring, Disgusting, Lonely, Dreamy, and Great.
Was it better than working in a factory, selling retail, or cleaning toilets?
Oct 17, 2015 smade commented on Bridge of Spies' Cold War Skullduggery.
Spielberg makes kids movies. With the possible exception of Schindler, every movie he's ever made is crafted for an audience of eight-year-olds. Every plot "twist" is telegraphed like a Jimmy Snuka leap from the turnbuckle and the dialogue would hardly be out of place if you changed all the characters' names to Dick, Jane, Puff, and Spot. He's neither artist nor genius, but there's no question he can really squeeze the nickels out of the incurious masses. Ugh.
Jul 14, 2015 smade commented on The Five Scariest Takeaways From the New Yorker Article About the Earthquake That Will "Devastate" Seattle.
The west coast sliding into the ocean? Think of the tectonic shift in electoral politics that will cause. Somewhere Reince Priebus is on the shoreline jumping up and down as hard as he can, trying to break the fucker loose.
Jul 8, 2015 smade commented on City Council President Tim Burgess Proposes a Gun Tax to Fund Hospital Program for Victims of Gun Violence.
@13 Yes, we've lost several battles recently, but we'll win the war. We always have. In the long annals of human history, the trend line is always in the direction of progressive ideals. Have there been setbacks? Most certainly. Bitter defeats, to be sure. Sometimes lasting generations. Those of us alive today may not see the end of the fetishization of guns as an impotent tool against unreasoning fear, but our kids will, or their kids will and we will finally put this scourge behind us. And humanity will have achieved another victory.
Jun 29, 2015 smade commented on Teaching Tribal History Is Finally Required in Washington Public Schools.
@6 I have never once heard a chicken say the word "fuck". And language prudes can talk about laziness all they want, but expletives are an endlessly valuable part of our language. Just to give one tiny example, they serve to identify the language prudes in our midst so effortlessly.
May 28, 2015 smade commented on My Picnic Was Interrupted by Drones.
Take a fishing net with you next time.