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Sep 13 Cato the Younger Younger commented on Seattle City Council Demands That North Dakota Drop All Charges Against Activists and Journalists at Standing Rock.
@1 @2, how DARE you point out the obvious failures of virtue signalling !!! It's a microagression !!
Sep 12 Cato the Younger Younger commented on ICYMI: Anti-Obama Stickers Removed From SPD North Precinct.
I wonder if The Stranger would have been find with anti-Bush stickers? Hmmm the mind really wonders.
Sep 12 Cato the Younger Younger commented on City Council Will Consider New Rules to Cap Move-In Fees.
My bet is the credit screening is simply going to become even tighter than it already is. Stretching out the entry fees to 6 months? A landlord is going to review the credit report; have a pretty good idea what the prospective tenant can pay for and if they don't look like they can come up with it.."Sorry we had to offer the apartment to another applicant with slightly better credit than you have".

Road to hell..paved and so forth...
Sep 12 Cato the Younger Younger commented on Seahawks Stand Arm-in-Arm For Anthem, Will Visit Police Departments.
And on September 11 2016 we all rested knowing that our virtue signally ended all bad things.
Sep 8 Cato the Younger Younger commented on "It's Crazy"—Pacific Northwest College of Art Suspends a Master's Program, Leaves Teachers and Students Stranded.
Ahhhh most of these "art schools" that seem to come in a variety of types seem to be just a half step shy of being a total scam. Think Trump University except with less credibility.
Sep 8 Cato the Younger Younger commented on For the Love of Spock Is a Heartfelt Tribute to Leonard Nimoy.
I love how you mentioned the lesser movies as the good ones. Everyone knows that the ranking starts with Wrath of Khan, First Contact or Undiscovered Country, the 2009 reboot (Oh JJ you showed a brief moment of promise then fucked it all up) and then the rest. Typically Star Trek V is the worse with ST:TMP only beating that movie by that Jerry Goldsmith's amazing soundtrack.
Sep 8 Cato the Younger Younger commented on "Come On, Man!" Gary Johnson, Gun Nut, On Guns (He's Nuts).
Remember Dave Rubin who used to be on The Young Turks? He endorsed this idiot. Because, you know, freedom and fiscal conservatism. Though, that probably says less about Dave Rubin and more about the stupid that lead Cenk Uygur to hire Dave in the first place and introduce people to his unique form of smart idea discussion.
Sep 8 Cato the Younger Younger commented on Everett's War on Poor Alcoholics Escalates.
Poor alcoholics? Isn't that like 65% of the population in Everett? That's one hell of a war..